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February Birthstone Color and Meaning

Were you born in February? Then you’ll want to read today’s article as we talk about how you can harness the energies of the February birthstone color!

Birthstones are a collection of gemstones that each represent a month. Each birthstone has individual characteristics and strengths that directly impact the person born under it.

That’s why surrounding yourself with your birthstone can help you experience additional advantages in many aspects of your life.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the birthstone of February, how it relates to the personality of a person born on this month, the February birthstone color and meaning, and how to use it to channel positive energies into your life. Ready? Let’s go!

Purple is the February birthstone color
Purple is the February birthstone color

February Birthstone

Birthstones are naturally occurring gems associated with the month a person was born. As such, the gemstone of February is the amethyst, a gorgeous variety of quartz with rich colors admired by royalties.

Although amethyst is commonly recognized as purple, the gemstone can come in a variety of colors, ranging from lilac to deep reddish-purple.

This gemstone, especially the purple shade, is associated with many things, including royalty, love, protection, healing, and mental clarity.

Amethyst comes from a Greek word, ‘methustos,’ which means intoxicated. Because of its purplish-wine color, amethyst was associated with the God of Wine. Therefore, one of the amethyst’s most known protective powers is protection against drunkenness.

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, has an interesting history. According to legends, the Greek God of Wine was infuriated by a mortal named Diana.

For this reason, he sent off his tigers to pounce on any mortal they came across. Sadly, it was a beautiful lady called Amethyst.

She was on her way to pay tribute to Goddess Diana when she came across the angry god and his tigers. Seeing that her life was in danger, she called upon Goddess Diana, who transformed her into crystalline quartz, imitating her image as a way to preserve her life. 

On seeing this statue, the God of Wine was full of regret and sobbed tears of wine over Amethyst. That’s why the stone Amethyst has a purplish wine hue and was believed to protect the wearer from drunkenness and temper. In other words, to keep the wearer wise.

Amethyst stone

Meanwhile, the gemstone amethyst, which belongs to the quartz family, doesn’t only protect the wearer from physical drunkenness but also emotional and spiritual intoxication.

According to history, St Valentine wore an amethyst ring carved with the image of Cupid hence the gemstone’s association with pure love. Valentine’s Day is also observed in February.

Also, this purple stone is said to ground the overwhelming passion of a person in love and soothe the restless mind of a person intoxicated by worldly things.

The stunning color purple of the February stone is believed to attract wealth, success, serenity, peace, and humility. 

Amethyst was used to protect the wearer against bad dreams and sorcery in the Middle Ages. It was also used to sharpen the intellect and as medication to aid healing.

February Personality

Amethyst makes the perfect birthstone for people with February birthdays. February is often cold and short, and amethyst is associated with stability and warmth. Also, like February borns, amethyst is a stone immersed in love, peace, and creativity.

February borns have calm personalities, prioritize self-control, and are creative people. This makes Amethyst the perfect stone to complement their character. 

By surrounding themselves with their gemstone, February-borns can dispel negativity, stabilize their emotions, and awaken their hidden creativity.

February is the month of love, and people born at this time tend to have calm personalities. They are free spirits, daydreamers, and deep thinkers. 

In addition, people born this month are ambitious, strong-willed, and they spend a lot of time thinking about the goals they want to achieve. They use their thoughts to think about impacting the world and the lives of other people.

Purple amethyst is the February birthstone

People born in the second month of the year also tend to be very loving, kind, and compassionate. They can be very spiritual, too; they care less about worldly things and prioritize bettering others’ lives.

February borns are also a force to be reckoned with; they are daring yet quiet and humble. Furthermore, they stand for what’s right and do not back off easily from an argument if they know they are right. 

People of February also love fun and entertainment. So they go out often to enjoy life and remain sober-minded at all times, even after enjoying a few drinks.

Those with February birthstone color are also sexy, seductive, and attractive. They also behave sexily; they walk into a room with an aura that is hard to miss.

However, February borns can be obsessed with being desired by others and impressing people. They crave to be loved by everyone and be the center of attraction everywhere.  

Also, their character changes easily. They can be quiet yet rebellious, shy yet confident, idealistic yet clever. People born in this month also tend to be vague and mysterious.

For a stone representing strength, love, royalty, peace, and other things February stands for, it’s no surprise amethyst is the February gemstone.

This stone is a rich representation of those born in February. It not only perfectly mirrors their characteristics but also accentuates these traits.

February Birthstone Color Meaning

The February birthstone color is purple, but this gemstone can be found in a range of colors: shades of pale lilac, purple, and mauve. 

One of the most important meanings of purple is to inspire self-awareness and instill a clear mind in the wearer. That’s why purple, such a distinct color, represents the crown chakra.

Female hand holding purple amethyst

For many years, the purple color of the birthstone of February was connected to royalty and power due to this color’s dye’s high cost of production and rarity, making it a pretty fancy color. (Together with the blue color, purple things are rare in nature.)

That’s why amethyst was a popular gemstone among royal families. Even now, this stone with rich color adorns the crowns and other royal jewelry of the ruling class across Europe and Asia.

This purple birthstone color exudes wealth, power, and self-awareness. It’s also a spiritual color. The purplish and reddish hues of amethyst also signify the purifying effects of sufferings and, as such, were used for healing wounds. 

How to Enhance the February Birthstone Color Energies

If your birthday is in February, wearing amethyst can symbolize strength and spiritual empowerment. It will complement your personality, and may it shine through. 

Also, having your birthstone February on you can help concentrate your energies. 

You can wear it as a form of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Because of its healing properties, it is recommended to wear your birthstone jewelry (which makes excellent birthday gifts) in the parts of the body that needs the most healing, like near the heart.

Purple amethyst necklace

This purple quartz complements many colors, making it the perfect jewelry to enhance different colors in your wardrobe. Wear it to a party to keep a balanced and sober mind even after a glass or two of wine.

Also, wear it to your workplace to harness your energies, awaken your imagination, and stay productive.

In addition, amethyst is said to quicken the intelligence. So if you have an interview, wearing amethyst can help you stay quick-witted and clear-headed. 

Finally, wear amethyst to your nuptial celebrations or anniversary to exude the magnetic energies of royalties.

Besides clothing, amethyst can also be used as an accent color in your home decor to scatter positive and peaceful energies around the atmosphere.

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