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September Birthstone Color and Meaning

Hey September borns, today’s article is all about the history and practical use of the September birthstone color.

If you found this article on Google, chances are you know that a birthstone is a gemstone that symbolizes a person’s birth period, which can be the month or zodiac sign.

You probably know that wearing your healing gemstone can help you experience many advantages in multiple aspects of your life.

That’s why we’ll discuss the birthstone for September, how it relates to the personality of someone born in this month, what the September birthstone color means to you, and how you can use it to channel positive energies.

Sapphire is the blue birthstone of September
Blue is the September birthstone color

September Birthstone

The birthstone for September is sapphire, a favorite gemstone for many because of its attractive blue color. Sapphire, like ruby, is a form of Corundum, the second hardest mineral. 

However, sapphire is the blue variety of the mineral corundum, while ruby, July Birthstone is the red-hued form of this mineral.

Still, sapphire doesn’t exist as just blue. It is found on a full rainbow variety of colors, but blue is the most popular September birthstone color. 

In addition, sapphires are marketed according to their color, i.e., yellow sapphire, black sapphire, or purple sapphire, called fancy sapphires.

Many ancient cultures, including the biblical meaning of the colors, consider the Birthstone color for September to be representative of the sea, the starless sky, and peace.

The deep blue sapphire was once thought to dispel evil, harm, and poisoning. Also, this stone is associated nowadays with romance, sincerity, faithfulness, and truth, which is why these precious gemstones are traditionally given to those celebrating a 45th wedding anniversary.

Perhaps the most famous sapphire of modern times is the brilliant blue gem surrounded by diamonds in the engagement ring that once belonged to Princess Diana of the British Royal Family and now belongs to Kate Middleton.

Blue sapphire gemstone

Sapphire is a durable and beautiful stone that has been cherished for thousands of years. In ancient times, royalty and clergymen adorned sapphire as it’s believed to protect against harm, envy, and negative thoughts. 

Clerics wore these stones for rings and brooches because it’s said to symbolize heaven. 

Furthermore, some believe that King Solomon and King Abraham wore sapphire as Talisman. Also, Moses was said to write the ten commandments on a sapphire tablet.

Sapphire comes from Latin’ sapphirus’ and Ancient Greek’ sappheiros,’ which means precious stone and blue. 

This September gemstone is said to have healing powers, and because of its association with the water element, sapphire offers confidence and serenity to the wearer. 

The official birthstone for September is also called the Stone of Wisdom. It is connected to learning and psychic awakening and worn to improve knowledge and seek spiritual truth. 

Also, the gem is considered as a third eye; people who want to see into the future or consult oracles would often wear sapphire.

Sapphire is the primary gemstone of September, and it can bring luck, balance, and happiness to those born in this month. 

It is believed that wearing your September birthstone will complement your energy and help you attain peace and happiness.

September Personality

September is the beginning of fall, and as per astrology, people born this month love perfecting everything around them. They are open-minded, focused, and tend to accomplish great things.

Those with sapphire as their birthstones are very cool, intelligent, and sharp. Also, they are excellent at giving advice or proffering solutions to problems. 

Meanwhile, September borns tend to keep things to themselves. They find it hard to open up or trust others, and it takes time to get through them. 

However, when you get to know people born in this month, you will find them kind, caring, and loyal. 

Blue sapphire watercolor drawing

September people are warm to be around, have a great sense of humor, and are always fun to be around.

If you were born in this month, you might enjoy being a leader or managing a large number of people. 

You are hardworking, wise, and sensitive to insincerity and bad energies. It’s best not to get on the bad side of people born in September. 

When you break their trust, it will be hard to regain it, and when you cross them, they will remind you of all the times you’ve done something wrong.

Birthstone September, sapphire, represents purity, sincerity, loyalty, serenity, and wisdom. 

People born under this stone complement all these traits, including confidence, wise judgment, and inner strength. 

September borns are advised to wear their gemstones to accomplish great things, attract luck and invoke their inner powers.

September Birthstone Color Meaning

The September birthstone color is blue, the color of the ocean, sea, and sky. 

Although sapphire exists in different colors and shades, including pink and yellow, blue is its most popular form. Typically, sapphires range from pale blue to light blue and deep indigo.

Blue has deep spiritual meanings in the world of colors. It is associated with heaven, serenity, intuition, truth, and freedom. 

Blue sapphire gemstone on rock

People who wear the September birthstone color can tune into their confidence, intuition, and wisdom.

Blue is also said to represent the purity of the soul. During the Middle Ages, people wore sapphire as protection against impure thoughts, temptation, and sins of the flesh. 

In the 15th century, it was thought that holding a sapphire near a spider would kill it.

Also, warriors used to give their new wives sapphire necklaces, so they remained loyal and faithful. It was believed that the blue color of the stone would darken if the wearer were unfaithful or unworthy. 

Furthermore, ancient Persians considered these precious stones holy because of their blue color. It’s believed that blue is a symbol of heaven.

How to Enhance the September Birthstone Color Energies

Whether you seek spirituality, improve communication, or strengthen your love, your September birthstone is the way to go. 

Sapphire encourages clear thinking, wisdom, and loyalty, especially when worn by people born in September.

You can wear your birthstone as an engagement ring to strengthen your relationship. 

Also, sapphire enhances the motivation and self-discipline of the wearer so you can wear your birthstone to work or places you need inspiration. 

Blue sapphire ring

Wearing your birthstone jewelry can also help improve communication, mental clarity, and understanding, so adorn it for your interview or next board meeting.

The famous sapphires are symbols of love so if you want to express love, seek intimacy or want more romance in your relationship, go for this blue gemstone. 

Also, sapphire jewelry offers tranquility to the wearer, so it’s a suitable adornment for when the mind is troubling, going through challenges, or seeking peace. 

However you choose to wear your gemstone, the September birthstone color will compliment you, especially if you are born this month.

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