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Birthstone Colors by Month Plus Chart

Wondering what your birthstone color is? We have a birthstone chart and explanation for all stones!

In today’s article, you will learn what a birthstone is, its origins, and what each birthstone color symbolizes.

Ready to learn more about these popular gemstones? Read on!

What Is a Birthstone?

Birthstones are unique gemstones connected to your birth month, each stone with its own meanings and symbolism. Besides, birthstones are a widely accepted tradition, and it is believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of health and good fortune. 

What Is the Origin of Birthstones?

In the 5th century, Christian scholars made the association between the twelve stones in the Breastplate of Aaron as described in Exodus, the twelve months, and the twelve zodiac signs. 

Still, gemstones were assigned to the birth month only in the 18th century in Poland.

Birthstone Chart

Birthstone colors by month chart
Birthstone colors by month chart

Birthstone Colors by Month

Here are the birthstone colors and meanings by month.

January Birthstone Color and Meanings

Red almandine garnet crystal
Red garnet
  • January Birthstone: Garnet
  • January Birthstone Color: Deep red
  • Red Garnet Meaning: Protection
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This red gemstone is known for its protective nature, keeping the wearer safe and warning them of danger.

Red garnet is also believed to help the wearer to synchronize their energies and boost their stamina. The stone exists in a wide range of colors, including green, black, and brown.

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February Birthstone Color and Meanings

Amethyst stone

This pale lilac to deep purple gemstone has been used since ancient times to grant the wearer wisdom by avoiding falling into traps of drunkenness and losing their temper.

This precious stone is also used to protect against bad dreams and sorcery. In addition, amethyst is the Valentine’s Day stone, which also symbolizes pure love.

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March Birthstone Color and Meanings

An aquamarine gemstone

This blue gemstone is a reflection of the serenity and calmness the sea brings to us. It symbolizes relaxation and healing, and it is connected with clear speech and inner peace.

Besides, seafarers used to wear aquamarine amulets for protection and safe voyages in a serene sea. Aquamarine is mostly found in Sri Lanka and Brazil.

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April Birthstone Color and Meanings

White diamond is the April birthstone
  • April Birthstone: Diamond
  • April Birthstone Color: White/colorless
  • White/Colorless Diamond Meaning: Strength
  • Shop for birthstone jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Although this white gemstone is usually colorless, it may express a full rainbow of colors because when you mix all the colors of light, you get white light.

The white diamond is extremely hard and durable, ranking 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, translating into its meaning. These gemstones are associated with long-lasting relationships and protection, which is why it is a popular choice for engagement rings.

In addition, the diamond is available in a range of colors, but the red variety is the most valuable color. Colored diamonds are the most expensive ones in general.

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May Birthstone Color and Meanings

Green emerald gemstone

This green gemstone heightens intelligence and allows the wearer to think objectively. Some people claim it grants the wearer fortune and foresight.

Infused with life and flashes of green color, this gemstone is a symbol of growth and wisdom and guides the wearer toward a balanced life.

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June Birthstone Color and Meanings

  • June Birthstone: Pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite
  • June Birthstone Color: White, red, and green
  • White Pearl Meaning: Honesty
  • White Moonstone Meaning: Love
  • Color-Changing Alexandrite Meaning: Intellect
  • Shop for pearl jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

June borns are lucky to have three birthstones as the color variety of their birthstones gives them plenty of options. 

The first birthstone of June is pearl. Known as hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the pearl symbolizes honesty and purity. 

Moonstone, the second birthstone of June, is associated with fertility, love, and passion. 

The third and last birthstone of June is alexandrite. Named after Czar Alexander II, alexandrite is such a rare gemstone that few people have seen a natural alexandrite. However, lab-created alexandrite can be found in many jewelry stores. 

This stone may exhibit a bluish-green color reminiscent of emeralds under sunlight and a purplish-red color akin to ruby under incandescent light (artificial light). It represents intellect and helps focus, especially when learning new things.

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July Birthstone Color and Meanings

Red ruby

This red gemstone is associated with courage, vitality, and the human body. It helps the wearer calm anger, increases strength, and boosts stamina.

Besides, rubies are specimens of the mineral corundum with a dominant red hue and are considered the king of gems. This color is the one that can best summarize the physicality and incredible power of this gemstone.

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August Birthstone Color and Meanings

Green peridot stone
  • August Birthstone: Peridot
  • August Birthstone Color: Olive Green
  • Peridot Meaning: Strength
  • Shop for peridot jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

This green gemstone is said to ward off night evil, protecting the wearer, especially during dark hours.

Peridot is also known as a stone that promotes healing, wealth, and good luck, making it one of the most diverse birthstones by month.

The gemstone is referred to as the “gem of the sun” because of its dazzling shine and gorgeous natural color.

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September Birthstone Color and Meanings

Blue sapphire gemstone
  • September Birthstone: Sapphire
  • September Birthstone Color: Deep blue
  • Sapphire Meaning: Truth
  • Shop for birthstone jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

This deep blue gemstone exists in a variety of colors, not only in the blue variety as many people think.

Many ancient cultures, including the biblical meaning of the colors, consider the sapphire to be representative of the sea, the starless sky, and peace because of its blue color.

It is also associated with truth, faithfulness, and sincerity and protects against harm and envy.

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October Birthstone Color and Meanings

  • October Birthstone: Opal and tourmaline
  • October Birthstone Color: White and pink
  • Opal Meaning: Healing
  • Pink Tourmaline Meaning: Creativity
  • Shop for tourmaline jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

October borns have two birthstones! The first, opal, is associated with light because it reflects a rainbow of colors. Because of these incredible color combinations, people believe the opal has healing and magical properties. 

The second birthstone is the pink tourmaline, a dazzling array of colors that inspire artistic expression and boost creativity.

This pink gemstone also represents healing, protects against evil, and attracts positive energies. Sometimes, tourmaline is cut from color-zoned crystals creating a bicolor stone (pink and green). These stones are called watermelon tourmaline.

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November Birthstone Color and Meanings

November borns have two birthstones, yellow topaz and citrine. The yellow topaz brings harmony and warmth and calms anger.

Although blue topaz (London blue and Swiss blue) is the most sought-after variety because of its beautiful color, the yellow stone has a beautiful and eye-catching glow. Still, most of the blue topaz seen today results from irradiation and heat treatment on colorless topaz.

The second birthstone of November, Citrine, is part of the quartz family and is associated with happiness, health, prosperity, and healing. Besides, this modern birthstone is a variety of quartz with a yellow to orange color.

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December Birthstone Color and Meanings

  • December Birthstone: Turquoise, tanzanite, and zircon
  • December Birthstone Color: Turquoise and blue
  • Turquoise Meaning: Protection
  • Tanzanite Meaning: Illumination
  • Blue Zircon Meaning: Purity
  • Shop for tanzanite jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

December borns have three birthstones, turquoise, tanzanite, and blue zircon. The greenish-blue turquoise is regarded as a love charm and a protective amulet against evil spirits.

This traditional birthstone also has calming properties, and it is inexpensive in the United States.

The purplish-blue of tanzanite facilitates a higher consciousness and stimulates intuition. It’s a gemstone that provides illumination and calmness to the wearer.

Blue zircon, which replaced lapis lazuli as a modern gemstone, is considered a symbol of dignity, virtue, chastity, and purity. The colorless variety is less valuable, but it is a popular alternative stone for a diamond due to its brilliance.

Zircon is available in a variety of colors, and its major sources are Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

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Birthstone Colors FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the birthstone colors. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below.

What Are the Birthstones by Month? 

January is garnet, February is amethyst, March is aquamarine, April is diamond, May is emerald, June is alexandrite, pearl, and moonstone, July is ruby, August is peridot, September is sapphire, October is tourmaline and opal, November is yellow topaz and citrine, December is turquoise, tanzanite, and zircon. This birthstone color by month list illustrates the modern birthstone list.[1]

Birthstones by month spread on a desk

What Are the Birthstone Colors by Month?

January is red, February is purple, March is aquamarine, April is white, May is green, June is white, red, and green, July is red, August is green, September is blue, October is white and pink, November is yellow and orange, December is blue and turquoise. 

May I Give Birthstone as a Gift?

Yes! If you have a special person in your life, know that a piece of jewelry is the perfect birthstone gift as they are packed with personal significance. 

Besides, it is a very thoughtful thing to present because of its symbolism and healing powers. You don’t need to become a birthstone expert to find the perfect gift. We hope this article will make a choice much easier for you.

Final Thoughts on Birthstone Colors

Use your birthstones of the month whenever you need that extra boost or simply to balance your life.

Our birthstone color offers support and protection, and there is no reason not to make good use of it, right?

What are your favorite gemstones? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!