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April Birthstone Color and Meaning

Calling all April borns! In today’s blog post, you will discover more about your birthstone and everything the April birthstone color means to you!

Unlike a few months with alternative birthstones, you, April born, only have one, but it isn’t any stone.

Oh no. It is the diamond, one of the most wanted gemstones on the planet. (And many girls’ best friends.)

Birthstones are a collection of gemstones that each represent a month. Each birthstone has unique qualities and energies that directly impact the person born under it.

That’s why wearing it can help you experience additional benefits in many aspects of your life.

We’ll talk about the birthstone of April, how it relates to the personality of an April born, what the April birthstone color means, and how to use it to channel good energies into your life. 

White diamond is the April birthstone color
White/colorless is the April birthstone color, which translates into a full rainbow of colors

April Birthstone

Whether you’re an Aries or Taurus born in April, the birthstone that represents your month is a diamond. 

Birthstone April, diamond, is the strongest, most durable, and most revered gemstone. The traditional and modern birthstone color for April is more commonly found in white/clear color.

Beyond that, the April birthstone is the most prized gem and has captured the hearts of humans for centuries. It represents strength and courage, and they bring fortitude to those born in this month.

The April stone was first discovered in India in 400 BC and has been mainly used as an adornment. 

Diamond was derived from the Greek word, ‘Adamas,’ which means unbreakable or invincible. 

Clearly, this name stuck because diamond is the hardest natural substance on Earth. To give you an idea, the April birthstone is so hard that it can only be cut by another diamond, so a cutter’s tools usually consist of diamond-bladed edges or discs that are lined in diamond dust. 

In other words, a diamond is 58 times harder than the next hardest mineral on Earth, the mineral corundum.

White diamond is the April birthstone color

Beyond that, April birthstone is associated with long-lasting love, protection, and happiness, which is why it is a popular choice for engagement rings and the perfect gift for a dear one. 

In Folklore, people wore diamonds as an amulet to protect them against plague, evil, and death.

This stone forms under extreme pressure only to become a sparkling stone coveted by humans. 

Like diamonds, people born in April often have the strength and ambition to overcome the greatest challenges. They come out, sparking, barely looking like the troubles they’ve gone through.

Diamond is also identified as cupid’s stone as the tips of his arrows are made of diamond, and due to its hardness, it can pierce the hardest of hearts. 

The birthstone also reflects and splits white light into the ROYGBIV colors, mostly known as the rainbow colors. Likewise, April-born people can be unpredictable, dynamic, and have different sides to them.

The luster, transparency, and hardness of diamonds make it one of the most coveted gemstones. 

April borns can wear this stone to drive away bad energy and channel their strength even when they think they have none left. 

Diamond also represents beauty, royalty, and an everlasting shimmer. It brings clarity and balance to the wearer, especially for an April born.

April Personality

April borns are known for their tenacity, courage, and strength. So it isn’t surprising that their birthstone is a stone known for being solid and hard. 

They are very ambitious, and they go through whatever they set their hearts to. April persons are independent, dream big, and tend to be at the top of whatever career they choose.

People born in April can also be stubborn. They follow their heart, their thoughts and rarely try to see things from others’ views. 

White diamond in watercolor

It’s hard to persuade or convince them when they’ve set their minds to something. However, they make great leaders. They have a positive nature and leadership spirit that makes it easy to influence and convince people.

Despite being stubborn, April borns have clear minds, are trustworthy, and make loving partners. 

Like diamonds, April babies can be pretty alluring, full of life, and have a bubbly personality that makes them stand out whenever they are. They are also funny, optimistic, strong, and do not fall sick easily.

People born in April have very soft and sensitive hearts; they are caring, loyal, and empathetic towards others. 

They prioritize friendships and make good friends and lovers. The more you know about April people, the more you will realize that the most valuable gemstone, diamonds, is perfect for their personality.

April Birthstone Color Meaning

The April birthstone color is known to be colorless or white. Meanwhile, colored diamonds aren’t uncommon as they can exist in a variety of colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, brown, gray, and black

These fancy diamonds available in a range of colors are more expensive than the traditional diamond color because of their rarity.

Sometimes, these colors are introduced in the laboratory—the more intense the hue, the more precious the stone.

White diamond is the April birthstone

The traditional colorless diamond is identified as the harbinger of love and strength. April birthstone color has healing powers that uplift the wearer’s emotional state.

It symbolizes romance, innocence, and faith. Since clear diamonds are the most popular, the official April birthstone color is crystal clear/white.

Diamond is a popular gemstone used for engagement and wedding rings as it bestows fulfilling relationships to the wearer. 

Also, diamonds were highly revered for their healing properties. People used diamonds to achieve mental clarity in the Middle Ages, cure ailments, and antidotes for poisoning.

How to Enhance the April Birthstone Color Energies

Being the hardest birthstone, a diamond helps to increase one’s strength and perseverance against all things. The April birthstone is perfect for whoever treasures the power of their month’s birthstone.

You can wear your birthstone as an adornment for good luck, love, romance, and purity of emotions. 

Your April gemstone is the star of the show; wear it to stand out in the crowd for special occasions. 

White diamond on golden engagement ring

Also, wearing your birthstone can bring a sense of peace and balance that dispels negative energies and allows you to tackle whatever goal at hand. 

You can wear the traditional colorless diamond or even one of the fancy colored diamonds in a piece of birthstone jewelry.

Also, during work projects, consider wearing your gemstone for April to channel your inner strength. 

Have a dream job, or waiting for good news? Wear a diamond around you and hope for the best. You can also wear diamond jewelry during romantic dates or choose it as your preferred engagement ring for eternal love.

However you choose to wear your gemstone, you will feel love, balance, and all the good things associated with your April birthstone color.

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