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October Birthstone Color and Meaning

Were you born in October? Then you will want to learn more about the history and use of the October birthstone color.

It’s well-known that a birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s birth month or zodiac sign.

But what is not so deeply understood is what these gemstones can actually help you with.

For that reason, we’ll talk about the birthstones for October, how they relate to the personality of someone born in this month, what the October birthstone colors mean to you, and how you can use them to channel positive energies.

October Birthstone

Opal is the white birthstone of October

Those born in October enjoy not one but two birthstones. The birthstones for October are opal and tourmaline; these two stones share a lot in common, especially with their shimmering beauty, variety of colors, and soothing properties. 

The common opal is the traditional birthstone of October, and it’s famous for its one-of-a-kind color combination.

The word opal comes from the Sanskrit word, ‘Upala,’ which means jewel or shade of colors.

Opal reflects light in a rainbow of colors, which is one of the things that make this gemstone popular.

According to Roman legends, opals are bringers of good fortunes, the Arabs believed the stones fall to earth with lightning strikes, and Greek legend said these stones grant the wearer the gift of prophecy.

In addition, it’s believed that opal holds and embodies the power of all gemstones because it reflects a wide range of colors.

Opals rate 5 to 6.5 in the Mohs scale of hardness and are very soft compared to other precious stones, and each opal has a distinct color and individuality. However, black opals are the most valuable of the October gemstones. 

Another thing about opal is that some people believe this gemstone is for October borns alone and may be unlucky for those born outside this month. However, this is just a myth. 

Opals are associated with light, and some believe they have healing and magical properties. 

Europeans believed that this precious gemstone symbolizes hope and purity, as such, opal is also the stone given to celebrate the 14th wedding anniversary.

Interestingly, NASA uncovered opal deposits on Mars in 2008.

Tourmaline is the pink birthstone of October
Pink is one of the October birthstone colors

Tourmaline is the modern gemstone of October, and it’s pretty popular because it’s available in a rainbow of colors. 

This October birthstone name comes from the word “tōramalli” which translates to “mixed colors” in Sinhalese.

Egyptian legend says that the tourmaline received its colors as it passed through a rainbow on its way up from the earth’s core. The gem symbolizes inspiration and once was believed to protect against evil.

It is a gemstone with many colors, and because of this, people often mistook it for other gems like rubies and emeralds until scientists recognized tourmaline as a distinct mineral species in the 1800s.

It’s believed that the pink tourmaline is the best October gemstone. Pink tourmaline represents healing and empathy; it also helps the wearer ground themself. 

Tourmaline gemstone is also believed to help quiet the mind, think clearly, and attract positive energies. Ancient mystics believed this birthstone’s dazzling array of color could also inspire artistic expression in the wearer.

October Personality

Opal is a stone that represents calmness, gentleness, and compassion—having opal as your birthstone is an indication that you are calm yet adventurous. You are creative, full of hope and beauty, just like opal.

October born are also known to command attention and give fair judgment in every situation. Also, people born this month are loving, kind, and generous.

White opal watercolor drawing

What distinguishes October birthstones from other birthstones is their unique play of color, which makes them very attractive. 

This is also why they are associated with October-borns because, just like the gemstones, people born in this month are known for their creativity, positivity, and joviality.

Although they are emotional, it’s rare to see their emotions affect their decisions; they are logical, optimistic, and confident. In addition, October borns are very decisive, idealistic, and action-packed.

October borns attract friends easily, they are very likable, and it doesn’t take long before they settle down wherever they find themselves. 

Pink tourmaline watercolor drawing

They have magnetic personalities and are very jovial, charismatic, and romantic. Those born in this month have decent souls, are kind, hurt easily and at the same time, get over things quickly.

People with tourmaline and opal as their birthstones are also stubborn and see the best in everything. 

They also love luxurious things and don’t be surprised when they spoil themselves and people they love with high-end personalized gifts. 

You are fortunate to have two colorful stones as your October birthstone color. These two gemstones complement your traits and help you attract luck and positive energies.

October Birthstone Color Meaning

The two October birthstones have beautiful color characteristics. Due to the vast array of colors associated with them, it’s hard to pinpoint just one birthstone color for October. 

This means there is a multitude of colors that represent this month; the October birthstone color is a rainbow of colors with different pigments and a multitude of hues. 

However, the generally accepted October birthstone color is multicolor, pink (as in pink tourmaline), and white.

White opal gemstone on white background

Precious opals are of five main types classified by their background color: white, yellow, black, gray, brown, or orange color.

Opal’s shifting play of colors is unique and unlike any other gem. This stone is worn as protection from evil eye and disease. 

In addition, opal is said to calm temper and anger, so you can wear it to prevent situations from getting volatile. 

Pink tourmaline rubellite crystal

As for the tourmaline, this gem comes in a rainbow of hues, and each of the different colors of tourmaline represents its own healing properties. 

Black tourmaline protects the wearer, green tourmaline promotes courage, and pink tourmaline represents compassion. 

How to Enhance the October Birthstone Color Energies

Wearing a piece of opal jewelry (or tourmaline jewelry, of course) may make you feel calm and attract positive energies. Wear it to an interview, an exam hall, or anywhere you think you need good luck.

White opal ring

Tourmaline promotes peace, calmness, and healing in the wearer. Also, this pink stone aids understanding of oneself and helps balance the heart chakra.

Glitters, beauty, and hope are just some of the few things that come to mind when you see the October birthstones. 

As an October born, you can rock any of your birthstones to inspire artistic expression and ground yourself. 

Pink tourmaline bracelet on wooden table

Opals and tourmalines are popular as jewelry, and both possess a beauty that makes the wearer look charming. 

Your gemstones can be worn with different ensembles, which makes you lucky when it comes to pairing your birthstone October with an outfit. Your duo birthstones are the perfect way to seek inspiration and tap into your artistic talent. 

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