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November Birthstone Color and Meaning

November borns, you’re about to deepen your understanding of the history and meaning of the November birthstone color!

Birthstones are gems associated with a birth month, each stone has a unique meaning and significance.

This knowledge started with Christian scholars in the 5th century, who made the connection between the twelve gems in the Breastplate of Aaron, twelve months of the year, and twelve signs of the zodiac.

Nowadays, it’s widely known that surrounding yourself with your gemstone can help you experience many benefits in different aspects of your life—emotional and physical.

We’ll talk about the birthstone of November, how it relates to the personality of someone born in November, what the November birthstone color means to you, and how you can use it to get the best vibes in your life.

November Birthstone

Those born in November have two options of birthstones; the gorgeous gemstone, topaz, and the lovely citrine. 

Topaz is the yellow birthstone of November
Yellow is one of the November birthstone colors

Some believe that yellow topaz originates from a Sanskrit word that means ‘fire.’ However, others trace the origin of this yellow stone to the Greek word, ‘topazos.’

Still, this November gemstone exists in a wide range of colors, including orange, pink, yellow, and blue topaz. Meanwhile, colorless topaz is a pure gem, but impurities during mining give it a color.

The gem of the 23rd wedding anniversary, Imperial Topaz, is the most valuable variation of this gemstone, and it exhibits a reddish-orange color with pink undertones.

This exquisite stone is highly sought-after jewelry because of its eye-catching color and glow. 

It is commonly believed that the name originated with a visit by Brazilian Emperor Pedro II to Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais in Brazil, in the 19th century.

As the gem of harmony and hospitality, it represents fully the month of giving thanks. For ages this gorgeous yellow stone inspired, comforted, and protected those who wore it.

Topaz brings strength to its wearer, disarms magical spells, and calms anger. Ancient Indians believed that this yellow gemstone brings long life and intelligence when worn over the heart.

Also, topaz was used to adorn the rings and crowns of rulers, dignitaries, and other royalties.

Citrine is the yellow orange birthstone of November

Citrine comes from the Latin word, ‘Citrin,’ which means lemon. This golden stone has a warm color which is believed to be a gift from the sun. It has beautiful yellow and orange hues that remind one of autumn. 

It is said that citrine has healing properties. In fact, this birthstone for November is also known as the healing quartz. People also called citrine the money stone because it’s believed to bring prosperity to the wearer.

This November gemstone has shared a history of mistaken identities with topaz. For this reason, it’s believed that citrine has similar powers as topaz.  

Citrine is mainly associated with healing, health, and happiness. It brings relief to different ailments like insomnia, aches, and stress. For centuries, citrine was thought to dispel negativity and is excellent for those who want calmness and good vibes.

November Personality

Yellow topaz watercolor drawing

November borns are confident and bold people; it’s one of the first things you notice about them. 

People born this month are brilliant, creative, and love to think outside the box. They are also hardworking, loyal, and very emotional. 

However, it’s sometimes hard for them to control their emotions when things don’t go their way. This is why it’s recommended to keep their gemstone of November close to them to dispel strong feelings.

November people make very great friends; they are fantastic people who are great to be around. 

Yellow orange citrine watercolor drawing

They are also quite intelligent, and wearing topaz can help expand their intelligence and strength. 

In addition, since most November born are Scorpios, it’s common to see them assume the characteristics of this zodiac sign, including great intuition, creativity, charisma, and a dominating personality.

November Birthstone Color Meaning

Although the precious gemstones of November may display different colors, the November birthstone colors are yellow and orange.

Citrine is a yellow to a brownish-orange variety of quartz. These colors are believed to radiate positive energy and healing properties. 

Yellow topaz gemstone

Also, this November birthstone color is considered to bring clarity, emotional balance, and increased self-awareness. The color of citrine is said to be the sun’s power, thus symbolizing warmth, hope, and happiness.

Generally, the traditional November birthstone color ranges between golden yellow and orange. In color psychology, these shades of color symbolize transformation because of their association with autumn and the change of seasons.

The November birthstone color also represents wisdom, extravagance, wealth, and prosperity. This is mainly because the color is associated with gold. 

How to Enhance the November Birthstone Color Energies

As a November born, you’re lucky because your birthstones come in rich colors that symbolize joy and happiness.

Yellow topaz ring

Wearing topaz jewelry will help you control your ego and anger, promote your happiness, and boost self-confidence. After all, the yellow topaz is linked to the solar plexus chakra.

You can also wear your citrine birthstone to improve your creativity, intuition, and self-worth.

Wearing a citrine gemstone will also enhance the wearer’s intelligence, mental clarity, and healing. Citrine also releases negative energy and improves mood. Citrine is a gemstone connected to the sacral chakra.

All in all, you can wear your gemstone jewelry on the wrist, neck, and ears–for the best color combination, pair them with white gold.

As a November born, you will want to wear your birthstones to harness your positive traits for any occasion or event.

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Which of November’s birthstones is your favorite gemstone? Let us know in the comments!