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Aquarius Color Palette and Meanings (Plus Colors You Should Avoid)

The Aquarius color will energize you, help you do great things, and make better decisions. Well, that’s if you are born under this zodiac sign, of course.

While your favorite color can say a lot about your personality, your zodiac color helps you live your true essence.

What you may not know is that each astrological sign has a power color. This complementary color can lead you to make better choices, guide you, and brighten your mood.

In this article, we focus on the relationship between Aquarius and its power color, blue.

Read on to identify the colors you ought to wear and not wear for your inner peace as an Aquarian. Also, you will learn how blue energizes your zodiac sign and tips to surround yourself with your Aquarius color.

Pssst: If your favorite color is blue, you might want to learn how that can influence your personality.

Aquarius color blue chart

Aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign and covers people between January 20 and February 18.

As an Aquarius-born, you are known for being a deep thinker with high intellectual capacities.

The ‘aqua’ in Aquarius stands for water, and many people think you’re a water sign; however, your elemental sign is air.

Your air element makes it hard to fit you in a box. You are unpredictable, an active flowing piece full of possibilities.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer symbol, which is a powerful healer that bestows life and water on the land according to mythology.

Because of this, one of your most visible traits as an Aquarian is your humanitarian nature. You want to empower people, save the world, and with your higher thinking capabilities, that isn’t impossible.

Although many may find you aloof or even dull, you surprisingly know how to engage others and make new friends easily.

People may also see you as cold, insensitive, and critical. This may be because you don’t mince words and tell people the exact thing you feel.

Aquarius is associated with the blue gas planet Uranus, which makes blue one of your zodiac colors.

Your zodiac sign is connected to the circulatory system, ankles, and calves. 

Aquarius color blue symbol

Aquarius color

The color of Aquarius is blue, and with your personality traits, it’s easy to guess why. For one, blue is universally accepted, and Aquarius loves to be in the good books of others.

The blue color also charges Uranus’ energies and will offer powerful yet soothing energy that calms your soul and drives you with purpose.

The best way to surround yourself with your blue things is through your wardrobe. Put on your denim, sapphire stones, and different shades of blue outfits.

You can also tap into the energies of your Aquarius lucky color by highlighting your personal space with light blues.

It will calm your thoughts, stimulate creativity and perhaps, discover the next best innovative idea. Doing this also allows you to open your blue chakra.

Your zodiac color palette is also made up of white, purple, and turquoise—these are ideal colors for Aquarius.

Aquarius color blue sign
Blue is the Aquarius color

Colors you should avoid

As an Aquarian, you need to avoid neutral colors as well as formal color schemes and murky colors like brown, earthy green, and dark blue.

Interestingly, only some shades of blue are suitable for your Aquarius nature. Dark blue, for instance, may dampen your energies which will make you come across as cold and uncaring.

Furthermore, dark blue is associated with seriousness in the meanings of the colors, suggesting you are conservative with your views. Light variations of blue indicate a more open and less traditional view.

Natural brown sometimes suggests blandness and can deter your freedom of expression evoking feelings of dullness, sadness, and isolation, bringing down your creative energy.

Although green is the color of growth, it also represents envy, selfishness, and inexperience. That’s nowhere near your Aquarius traits.

These are the worst colors a free spirit like yours could surround yourself with.

Uranus, the blue-green planet

Other zodiac colors

Planning on buying a friend a gift, say clothing, accessories, or gemstones, but have no idea what color to choose? Well, if you know their zodiac sign, you might want to check their power color below.

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