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May Birthstone Color and Meaning

Hey May borns, today’s post is for you! We’ll discuss your birthstone and everything the May birthstone color means to you!

As you might know, birthstones are a group of gemstones where each precious stone represents a month. Each birthstone has individual qualities and energies that directly influence the person born under it.

That’s why wearing this healing gemstone can help you experience additional benefits in many aspects of your life.

Besides, the beautiful emeralds make meaningful gifts and are among the top favorite gemstones around the world, and rightly so because they are stunning!

We’ll talk about the birthstone of May, how it relates to the personality of a May born, what the May birthstone color means, and how to use it to channel good energies into your life. Let’s get to it!

Emerald is green, the May birthstone color in watercolor
Green is the May birthstone color

May Birthstone

Birthstones are rare and unique gemstones that are connected to your birth month. If you are born in May, your birthstone is the green emerald, one of the rarest gemstones on earth. 

The May gemstone is considered part of the prominent four precious gemstones in addition to sapphire (a deep blue color), ruby (a deep red), and diamond (available in a range of colors, from transparent to colored diamonds).

Emerald comes from the Greek word ‘smaragdus,’ which means green stone. The May birthstone color is a fine, vivid green, unlike other stones found in a variety of colors. This birthstone also often comes with blue undertones and is suitable for any type of jewelry.

One of the most famous historical figures associated with emeralds is Cleopatra. According to history, she cherished these valuable gemstones so much that she claimed ownership of the emerald mines in Egypt.

Legend also believes that emeralds heighten intelligence and allow the wearer to think objectively and even predict the future. 

Some tales from ancient times say that wearing emerald makes one eloquent, and when placed under the tongue, it reveals the truth. Furthermore, the gemstone of May is used to aid the healing of ailments like cholera and malaria.

Emerald is green, the May birthstone color

The wealthy and famous often wear emeralds for special occasions, a stone prized for its natural beauty and rich color.

Egyptians used to bury the emerald stones with monarchs and royalty as a symbol of protection. 

These stones are also thought to improve eye health and treat the lungs, heart, and muscular system ailments. In addition, the emerald gemstone is believed to grant the wearer fortune and foresight.

Emerald is associated with the heart chakra and is thought to have a healing effect on the physical as well as the emotional heart.

May is the heart of spring infused with life, growth, and flashes of green. The May birthstone, emerald, is undoubtedly a perfect stone to celebrate this time of the year. 

Like May-borns, emerald symbolizes peace, loyalty, and friendship, thus making it a beautiful gem to wear if you’re born this month. Wearing this stone can help you stay grounded spiritually, keep a balanced mindset, and attract favorable luck.

May Personality

If you’re May born, consider yourself lucky as you have emerald as your birthstone. May people are very loving, faithful, and loyal, thus making them great friends and partners. 

They bring happiness and joy into people’s lives, and they tend to understand people’s feelings as much as they do theirs.

Those with emerald as their birthstone are also quite creative, intelligent, and adventurous. They are hard workers, eloquent and imaginative, and sometimes they tend to be workaholics. 

Green emerald gemstone, the May birthstone in watercolor

May people are sharp, smart, quick-witted, and logical most of the time. Also, because the Birthstone May is dedicated to Venus, this stone bestows the powerful traits of the goddess of love and beauty upon those born in the month. 

If you are born in May, you have a lot of love in you to give out.

Whether Taurus or Gemini, people of this month are fun and love to receive attention from others. May babies can also be stubborn, hard-hearted, and incredibly sharp words when angry. 

Also, they get bored quickly, and they are always looking out for fun and adventurous activities.

The birthstone color for May, emerald, is a meaningful gemstone for this month. Emerald complements the personality of those born in May. 

Its distinct color and symbolism make it an excellent choice for this time of the year.

May Birthstone Color Meaning

The May birthstone is emerald, thus making green the official May birthstone color. The finest emeralds have a vibrant green color, with a touch of a bluish hue. 

Meanwhile, the May Birthstone color may vary in hues and green shades like other stones. However, the deeper the green, the more valuable the emerald. 

Most emeralds are heat treated to deepen their green color, as high-quality emeralds are rare.

Green emerald gemstone

Green symbolizes fertility, rebirth, growth, love, and patience. As for the gemstone, it signifies the beginning of spring, which also happens to start in May.

Green is a beautiful color and one of the most abundant on earth. In fact, the human eye sees the color green more than any other color. It’s all around us: the leaves, the plants, the trees.

Emerald green is a color of hope and regeneration, making it the perfect gemstone for May. 

The magnificent green color of emerald is also believed to rest the eye and protect the wearer from panic. 

In addition, emerald was associated with the goddess Venus because its green color symbolizes fertility and reproductive forces. The radiant green of the emerald is also related to the blossoming of spring.

As a green-colored stone, emeralds are so delightful to look at. The stones are a symbol of rebirth and love, of a fresh start, renewal, and it’s said to give youth and foresight to the wearer.

How to Enhance the May Birthstone Color Energies

Many people feel connected to their birthstone jewelry, and emeralds make precious and meaningful jewelry for those born in May. After all, they are the perfect birthstones.

You can wear these gorgeous green stones as a May born to strengthen your memory and enhance your personality. Still, if you know someone born in May, a bracelet with this popular gemstone is the perfect gift anyone could give.

Blond woman holding necklace with green emerald pendant

Emeralds are available as bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings. This makes it easy to wear your birthstone as jewelry to enhance your love, friendship, and partnership balance. 

Emerald makes excellent colored gemstones to wear during interviews for eloquence and heightened intelligence. 

You can also wear it to special occasions and make the crowd green with envy. Wear emeralds if you have a May Birthday to feel relaxed and ward off panic energies.

With its rich symbolism and fascinating history, the birthstone for May is a remarkable gem to hold onto.

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