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Purple Things: 103 Things That Are Purple in Nature

Looking for naturally purple things in the world? You’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll talk about 103 purple things in nature!

As the color of spiritualism and the supernatural, purple leaves a lot to the imagination.

It’s a shy and mysterious color, but we will reveal most of its appearances in nature in today’s article. Check it out!

Would you add something purple to this list?

What is Associated With Purple?

A color of kings, purple was the most expensive dye for centuries, hence why it is seen as a superior and supernatural color—only a few people could afford to wear it.

Purple is associated with power, wealth, and prestige, but also with wisdom and imagination. To this day, royalty, religious figures, and creatives often wear this color.

On top of that, purple is often one of women’s favorite colors.

A Visual List of Things That Are Purple

Here’s an extensive list of things, plants, foods, and animals that are naturally purple.

Purple Things

1. Purple Jade

Purple jade pendant in a golden necklace
Purple jade

Purple Jade: Also known as lavender jade, this variety of Jadeite is quite rare, and its shades can range from lilac to deep purple. In many cultures, it’s a symbol of beauty and strength.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst stone
Amethyst stone

Amethyst: A unique crystal, this purple thing is a purple-colored variant of Quartz.

3. Galaxies

Purple starry night

Galaxies: A galaxy is a compilation of stars, dark matter, and interstellar dust that appears to be blue or purple. The color you will see depends on whether that galaxy contains a lot of “infant” stars which are relatively young and hot and as a result seem bluish in color. On the other hand, old stars appear to be reddish.

4. Lepidolite

Purple lepidolite stone
Purple lepidolite

Lepidolite: First called lilalite because of its color, this mineral has high levels of lithium and can be found in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Russia, and Western Australia. Lepidolite can be pink, red, or purple.

5. Charoite

Purple charoite gemstone
Charoite gemstone

Charoite: This purple gemstone is extremely expensive because it can only be found in the Chara River region in Russia. Beyond that, charoite is a beautiful purple stone with an unusual swirling, fibrous appearance.

6. Sugilite

Purple Sugilite gemstone

Sugilite: While there are sugilite stones in yellow, pink, and red, the purple shades are more common. Besides, this rare mineral is massive and can be found in Japan, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Australia, and India.

Purple Plants

7. Lilac

Purple lilac flower
Purple lilac flower

Lilac: One of the purple things in nature, this bloom of tiny flowers has a light purple color.

8. Violet

Violet flowers
Violet flowers

Violet: This gorgeous flower is named after its color: violet, which is one of the seven colors of the rainbow, and between blue and ultraviolet in the spectrum of colors.

9. Lavender

Purple lavender field

Lavender: Beautiful, fragrant purple flowers mostly used in aromatherapy and known for their calming properties.

10. Jacaranda

Purple jacaranda flowers
Purple jacaranda

Jacaranda: A beautiful tropical tree with bright purple-colored clustered blooms, native to Asia.

11. Hellebore Flower

Black hellebore

Hellebore Flower: Also known as Lenten rose for its resemblance with rose-like flowers that bloom around Lent, this purple flower is a gorgeous winter flower species that bring winter colors to yards.

12. Campanula Bellflower

Purple campanula bellflowers
Purple campanula bellflowers

Campanula Bellflower: This perennial plant spans several sizes and colors, including a beautiful shade of purple.

13. Tulip

Purple tulips
Purple tulips

Tulip: A beautiful bulb flower, tulips come in different colors. Purple tulips are associated with royalty.

14. Geranium

Purple Geranium flowers
Geranium flowers

Geranium: Also known as cranesbill, this magnificent purple-colored flower blooms in the summer.

15. Lupin

Purple lupine
Blue lupine

Lupin: Also known as purple swirl, this beautiful purple plant blooms in the late spring and early summer.

16. Aster

Violet asters
Violet asters

Aster: This flower has brilliant purple petals and a yellow core. It resembles a mini sunflower.

17. Hyacinth

Purple hyacinths
Purple hyacinths

Hyacinth: Another beautiful purple thing, hyacinths are fragrant flowers whose purple variant has a rich violet hue.

18. Foxglove

Purple foxglove
Purple foxglove

Foxglove: Featuring magnificent, cone-shaped, bright purple flowers, it is one of the most beautiful purple things.

19. Orchid

Purple orchid flower
Purple orchid flower

Orchid: A flowering plant with deep purple, odd-shaped, showy flowers found in tropical regions.

20. Giant Onion Flower

Purple Giant Onion flowers
Giant Onion flowers

Giant Onion Flower: Also known as allium giganteum, this ornamental plant is the tallest of all decorating onions growing up to 5-6 feet.

21. Hollyhock Flower

Purple Hollyhock flower
Hollyhock flower

Hollyhock Flower: Gorgeous and impressively tall, hollyhocks can grow up to 9 feet tall!

22. Petunia

Purple petunia flowers
Purple petunia flowers

Petunia: With over 20 species spanning several colors and hues, the purple variants sometimes have a deep color.

23. Fuchsia

Pink and purple fuchsia flowers

Fuchsia: Native to South and Central America, this striking flower has many varieties and colors, including purple and fuchsia. It’s one of the prettiest purple things in nature.

24. Pansy

Purple Pansy flowers
Purple Pansy flowers

Pansy: With face-like center markings, the pansy is a beautiful purple flower that also has a number of other varieties and colors.

25. Anemone

Purple anemone flower
Purple anemone

Anemone: Known for its springtime blooms, this flower has a beautiful purple variant that ranges from lilac to plum.

26. Wisteria


Wisteria: An ornamental plant, this species of climbing vines has a beautiful, powder purple color.

27. Morning Glory

Purple Morning Glory flower
Purple Morning Glory

Morning glory: Also known as purple morning glory, this species has different shades of beautiful purple flowers.

28. Summer Lilac

Purple Butterfly bush flower
Summer Lilac

Summer Lilac: As one of the butterflies’ favorite flowers, summer lilac, also known as butterfly bush, is a fragrant and fast-growing plant native to China.

29. Verbena

Purple Verbena flowers
Purple Verbena flowers

Verbena: A velvety purple flower grown in gardens and used as a tea for its medicinal properties.

30. Canterbury Bells

Purple Canterbury bellflowers
Purple Canterbury bellflowers

Canterbury Bells: This beautiful bell-shaped flower is very popular in Europe and Noth America for its gracious looks. The flower has different varieties: pink, white, purple, and blue.

31. Bell Heather

Purple Bell Heather
Purple Bell Heather

Bell Heather: As one of the top 5 most nectar production, bell heather is an excellent flower for pollinators, but not so much for people with allergies.

32. Columbine

Purple columbine flowers
Purple columbines

Columbine: Typically found in meadows, this plant has rich purple and white flowers with spurred petals.

33. Ornamental Cabbage

Purple ornamental cabbage
Purple ornamental cabbage

Ornamental Cabbage: Also known as flowering cabbage, this plant has wavy edges with bright purple centers.

34. Clematis

Purple clematis flowers
Purple clematis

Clematis: Also known as leather flower, this vine flower can grow up to cover fences, pergolas, and more. Its varieties include shades of blue, pink, red, white, and purple.

35. Crocus

Purple crocus flowers
Purple crocus flowers

Crocus: Native to North Africa and the Middle East, this gorgeous purple thing in nature is named after saffron because this spice is made of the stigmas from one of its varieties.

36. Lisianthus

Purple Lisianthus flowers

Lisianthus: Also known as Eustoma, these plants are mostly found in warm regions and have pretty purple flowers.

37. Pasque

Purple pasque flowers
Purple pasque flowers

Pasque: Named after its springtime blooms, this plant has individual, dark purple, bell-shaped flowers.

38. Lily of the Nile

Purple Lily of the Nile Flower
Purple Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile: This ornamental flower native to Africa is typically blue, white, or purple in color. In Greek, its name means flower of love.

39. Scabiosa

Purple scabiosa flower
Purple scabiosa

Scabiosa: Native to Europe, this purple flower is nectar-rich and therefore very attractive to insects. On top of that, the scabiosa has peculiar looks with its cushion-like center, making yards even prettier with its purple and white charm.

40. Delphinium

Purple delphinium flowers
Purple delphinium flowers

Delphinium: With spiky blooms in a towering stem, the delphinium comes in a wide range of colors, including shades of pink, yellow, white, red, and purple.

41. Teasel

Purple Teasel flowers
Purple Teasel flowers

Teasel: An invasive wildflower with prickly stem and leaves, its purple flowers are in the form of a head.

42. Coneflower

Purple coneflowers
Purple coneflowers

Coneflower: Heat and drought tolerant, the coneflower is a gracious flower which color may range from pink or red to orange or yellow. It may also be white, but its most common color is purple.

43. Alloclavaria Purpurea

Purple Alloclavaria Purpurea Mushrooms
Alloclavaria Purpurea Mushrooms

Alloclavaria Purpurea: Commonly known as purple coral, this fungus has many cylindrical purple spindles that grow up to 4.7 inches.

44. Ascocoryne Cylichnium

Purple Ascocoryne sarcoides mushroom
Ascocoryne cylichnium

Ascocoryne Cylichnium: Ascocoryne Cylichnium is a fungus with a gelatinous dark purple body. It may have a disc or cup shape growing up to an inch across, pushing up against and so distorting one another.

45. Cortinarius Hercynicus

Purple Cortinarius hercynicus mushroom
Purple Cortinarius hercynicus mushroom

Cortinarius Hercynicus: Mostly found in Europe, this fungus has a deep purple color and a round-shaped cap.

46. Cortinarius Violaceus

Purple Cortinarius violaceus mushroom
Purple Cortinarius violaceus mushroom

Cortinarius Violaceus: Also known as violet webcap, this purple mushroom is native to the Northern Hemisphere and grows up to 6 inches across.

47. Purple Basil

Purple basil leaves
Purple basil leaves

Purple basil: A fragrant herb with purple-bronze leaves, it tastes like licorice and is used in food and medicine.

48. Purple Carnation

Purple carnation flower
Purple carnation

Purple Carnation: Although it comes in a number of colors, carnation also has a beautiful purple variety. In the meaning of the flowers, purple carnation symbolizes capriciousness.

49. Purple Zinnia

Purple Zinnia flowers
Purple Zinnia

Purple Zinnia: Belonging to the same genus as the sunflower, the zinnia is native to the American continent and may be lilac, red, orange, yellow, chartreuse, white, and purple.

Purple Foods

50. Onion

Red onion
Red onion

Onion: A common purple thing, onions have a bright purple color, and they are used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

51. Açai Berry

Purple Açai berries
Açai berries

Açai Berry: This grape-like fruit is native to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and is an inch-long. It’s rich in antioxidants and fibers.

52. Blueberry

Purple blueberries

Blueberry: This blue to purple fruit is rich in antioxidants and low in calories, making it one of people’s favorite fruit when on a special diet.

53. Red Belgian Endive

Purple and white Belgian endive
Belgian endive

Red Belgian Endive: Related to the chicory, this vegetable has white leaves with dark red-purple edges.

54. Purple Carrot

Purple carrots
Purple carrots

Purple Carrot: Purple carrots have anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants that may improve heart health and reduce inflammation.

55. Eggplant


Eggplant: A spongy, nutritious vegetable used in cooking various dishes, they are mostly purple.

56. Sweet Potato

Yellow sweet potatoes with purple skin
Sweet potatoes with purple skin

Sweet potato: This tuberous root vegetable with a purple outer skin is one of the most nutritious purple things in nature.

57. Beet Root

Purple beetroot

Beet Root: Commonly known as beet, this vegetable has a deep purple color and its juice was used to color wine in the 19th century.

58. Purple Broccoli

Purple broccoli
Purple broccoli

Purple Broccoli: Purple broccoli is packed in vitamin C and fibers, among other nutrients. It is often used for garnishes because of its bright purple color.

59. Fig


Fig: A sweet fruit with tiny seeds and an edible purple outer skin relative to Asia.

60. Red Grape


Red grape: Used for wines, jams, and jellies, they have a reddish, purple color.

61. Jabuticaba

Purple jabuticaba fruit
Jabuticaba fruit

Jabuticaba: This Brazilian fruit has deep purple skin and whitish-transparent flesh. Its tree has an unusual look when blooming because jabuticaba blossoms from the trunk of its tree.

62. Jambul

Purple jambul fruit
Jambul fruit

Jambul: Native to Asia, jambul has a reddish-purple color when fully ripe. It’s a sweet and slightly acid fruit that turns the tongue purple.

63. Plum

Purple plum fruit

Plum: A fibrous fruit with a stone at its core, it has a dark purple outer skin.

64. Purple Corn

Purple corns
Purple corns

Purple Corn: Native to South America, purple corn is common in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

65. Himalayan Black Salt

Purple Himalayan black salt
Himalayan black salt

Himalayan Black Salt: Also known as kala namak, this rock salt is mostly used in South Asia and has a pungent smell. When ground into a powder, its color ranges from purple to pink.

66. Purple Passionfruit

Purple passionfruit
Purple passionfruit

Purple passion fruit: A sweet-tart fruit from Brazil with tiny seeds, it has a dark purple outer skin.

67. Blackcurrant

Blue black currants
Black currant

Blackcurrant: This sweet berry is known for its dark purple, almost black color. It is used to make jams and drinks.

68. Mangosteen


Mangosteen: A tropical fruit known for its exotic, creamy purple outer skin and sweet-sour taste.

69. Cauliflower

Purple cauliflower
Purple cauliflower

Cauliflower: Rich in vitamin A, it is a vegetable that sometimes grows bright purple heads.

70. Purple Yam

Purple yam roots
Purple yam

Purple Yam: While some yams may be plain white, most are usually vivid purple.

71. Blackberry

Blue blackberries

Blackberry: A small edible fruit with a glossy black color that turns purple when reflected on light.

72. Elderberry

Blue elderberries

Elderberry: Mostly used for medication, these small berries have a rich dark purple hue.

73. Oak Leaf Lettuce

Purple oak leaf lettuce
Oak leaf lettuce

Oak leaf lettuce: A reddish-purple hue makes this lettuce species one of the things that are purple.

74. Shallot

Purple shallots

Shallot: A bulb plant of the onion family, it sometimes has a reddish, purple hue.

75. Purple Bell Pepper

Purple Bell Peppers
Purple Bell Peppers

Purple bell pepper: A species of bell peppers with dark purple skin covering its bright green flesh.

76. Artichoke

Purple artichoke

Artichoke: Edible thistles that grow purple buds and are one of the things that are purple.

77. Purple Daikon Radish

Purple Daikon radish
Purple Daikon radish

Purple Daikon Radish: With vivid purple skin, purple Daikon radish has a bright white to pale violet flesh.

78. Purple Kale

Green and purple kale
Purple curly kale

Purple kale: Used for both ornamental and culinary purposes, this vegetable has a rich, deep purple color.

79. Asparagus

Purple asparagus
Purple asparagus

Asparagus: Unlike its green and white counterparts, purple asparagus is high in sugar and less fibrous. Its taste however is very similar.

Purple Animals

80. Gouldian Finch’s Chest

Gouldian Finch
Gouldian Finch

Gouldian Finch’s Chest: One of the unique purple things, the male, is known for its purple chest.

81. Lilac-Breasted Roller

Purple breasted roller
Purple breasted roller

Lilac-Breasted Roller: An African woodland bird that lives on dead trees and has bright purple feathers on its chest.

82. Purple Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Purple red-eyed tree frog
Purple red-eyed tree frog

Purple Red-Eyed Tree Frog: The red-eye tree frog is a green frog, but they change color due to several things, from humidity, temperature, mood, and even to blend in.

83. Purple Gallinule

Purple Gallinule Bird
Purple Gallinule

Purple Gallinule: A swamp hen of the crane family, this long-legged bird has beautiful purple feathers.

84. Mandarin Duck

Purple and orange Mandarin duck
Mandarin duck

Mandarin Duck: A perching, medium-sized duck. The males are popularly known for their brilliant purple-colored chests.

85. Hummingbird Violet Sabrewing

Purple hummingbird violet-sabrewing bird
Hummingbird violet-sabrewing

Hummingbird Violet Sabrewing: Violet sabrewing is a large hummingbird native to southern Mexico and Central America. It can grow up to 6 inches long, but only the male has violet feathers.

86. Violet-Backed Starling

Purple Violet-backed starling bird
Violet-backed starling

Violet-Backed Starling: Also known as Plum Starling or Amethyst Starling, this little bird has an alluring purple plumage.

87. Purple Lubber Grasshopper

Purple Lubber Grasshopper
Purple Lubber Grasshopper

Purple Lubber Grasshopper: This purple grasshopper has red antennas and is 2 inches long. Black dots cover its wings.

88. Purple Grenadier

Purple Grenadier Bird
Purple Grenadier

Purple Grenadier: Another beautiful purple thing in nature, this East African bird has a beautiful purple underbelly.

89. Purple Martin

Purple Martin bird
Purple Martin

Purple Martin: The largest swallow species, this bird has a blue-black plumage that looks purple when reflected in the light.

90. Varied Bunting

Purple varied bunting bird
Varied bunting

Varied Bunting: A beautiful species of songbirds, the males have beautiful patterns on their predominantly purple feathers.

91. Purple Honeycreeper

Purple Honeycreeper Bird
Purple Honeycreeper

Purple Honeycreeper: A small bird found in tropical regions, it has beautiful bluish-purple feathers.

92. Siamese Betta Fish

Purple betta fish
Purple betta fish

Siamese Betta Fish: This freshwater fish native to southeast Asia is known for its brilliant colors, including purple. It usually grows to a length of about 2.4 to 3 inches.

93. Violet-Crowned Woodnymph

Purple Violet-crowned Woodnymph bird
Violet-crowned Woodnymph

Violet-Crowned Woodnymph: Also known as the purple-crowned wood nymph, this hummingbird had purple feathers on its crown, chest, and back.

94. Stylophora Milka

Purple Stylophora Milka coral
Milka coral

Stylophora Milka: Also known as birdnest coral, the stylophora milka is native to the red sea. Besides, this purple coral has a striking finger-like appearance.

95. Purple Firefish

Purple firefish
Purple firefish

Purple Firefish: Also known as the elegant firefish, this dartfish species is native to the Indo-West Pacific and has a whitish to yellowish body with purple to red longitudinal bands.

96. Purple Starling

Glossy starling
Glossy starling

Purple Starling: Also known as the purple glossy starling, this bird has a predominantly purple plumage.

97. Purple Nudibranch

Purple and orange nudibranch
Purple and orange nudibranch

Purple Nudibranch: Nudibranch is a shell-less snail that eats sponges, coral, anemones, fish eggs, and other nudibranchs.

98. Splendid Sunbird

Purple splendid sunbird
Purple splendid sunbird

Splendid Sunbird: A sunbird that feeds on nectar, it has purple feathers on its crown and chest.

99. Purple Emperor

Purple Emperor Butterfly
Purple Emperor Butterfly

Purple Emperor: Male purple emperor butterflies have a purple-blue sheen caused by iridescence and a wingspan of 3 inches.

100. Black Cap Basslet

Purple fish called blackcap basslet
Blackcap basslet

Black Cap Basslet: This deep water species is found in the Caribbean and has a striking appearance: vivid purple body and jet-black cap.

101. Purple Lionfish

Purple lionfish
Purple lionfish

Purple Lionfish: Also called zebrafish, this venomous fish is native to the Indo-Pacific and is harmful to humans.

102. Violet Ground Beetle

Purple violet ground beetle
Violet Ground Beetle

Violet Ground Beetle: Also called rain beetle, this nocturnal insect has a rich, dark purple color.

103. Janthina Janthina

Purple sea snail called janthina janthina
Purple sea snail

Janthina Janthina: Another name for this animal is the violet sea snail, and it has an electric purple color.

Things That Are Purple in Nature

As said, purple is one of the rarest colors in nature. Still, we think we did a fantastic job putting together this massive list with the 103 naturally purple things.

Did we forget something? Let us know in the comments!

We promise to continually update this article as we come across more naturally purple things.

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