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March Birthstone Color and Meaning

Are you a March born? In today’s article, you will learn more about your birthstone and everything the March birthstone color means to you!

According to ancient traditions, birthstones are a collection of gemstones representing a month and enhancing one’s personality.

Every birthstone has unique traits and energies with a natural influence on the person born under it.

That’s why surrounding yourself with it can help you experience additional advantages in multiple aspects of your life.

Today’s article will talk about the birthstone of March, how it relates to the personality of a March born, what the March birthstone color means, and how to use it to attract positive energies. 

Blue aquamarine is the March birthstone color
Aquamarine is the March birthstone color

March Birthstone

The birthstone color of March is aquamarine. Like other gemstones, the March birthstone color greatly complements the traits of those born in this month.

Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone derived from “aqua marina,” which means seawater. The color of seawater, namely the blue color, comes to one’s mind when you look into the gemstone of March.

Like those born in March, the symbolism of aquamarine has been associated with the ocean since ancient times. The stone is a reflection of the calmness and serenity of the sea.

During Roman times, the march gemstone symbolizes healing and relaxation. Roman physicians used to soak aquamarine in water to aid treatment of poisoning, overeating, bloating, and other stomach diseases. 

The patient had to drink the water the march stone was soaked in.

March birthstone color is also connected to clear speech, higher intellect, and wisdom.

In addition, seafarers used to wear aquamarine for protection and safe voyages. According to legends, mermaids wear these blue stones as adornments hence the reason why it’s associated with good luck.

An aquamarine gemstone

Aquamarine used to be a popular gemstone for bridal gifts as some associate these colored stones with lasting love and marital happiness. 

This beautiful stone is also used as a symbol in Tarot and used as a meditation aid to improve emotional wellness. In modern times, soothsayers often used the March stone to tell people about their future.

A variety of the mineral beryl, aquamarine makes a good pairing with people born in the third month of the year. 

March borns are known for their calmness, spirituality, and ability to get attuned with their emotions. 

These people always seek balance in life, especially their emotional life, making aquamarine crystal their perfect birthstone.

The calming energies of this stone match those born in March; it supports their inner peace, intuition, and dreamy nature. 

This birthstone can help their personality shine through while aligning their spiritual and emotional life. Also, it can soothe hypersensitivity and shield your energies from being influenced negatively.

March Personality

March Borns value their peace, and you may find them calm, quiet, and secretive. People born under the March gemstone are also very compassionate and loving.

They prioritize romantic relationships and tend to fall in love easily. The aquamarine birthstone signifies love and is often used as gifts on couples’ 18th and 19th anniversary to renew their spark of love.

March borns are dreamy, affectionate, and young at heart, and it’s no wonder their birthstone represents eternal youth.

People born in this month also tend to be very expressive about how they feel. They love music, arts, nature, and love being in beautiful and peaceful spaces.

Blue aquamarine gemstone watercolor

Like the ocean, the people with this gemstone are dreamy and deep. They have a large compassionate heart, and they easily love and let people in.  

However, they tend to make hasty decisions when choosing romantic partners. They give their all in romantic relationships and may find themselves on an emotional rollercoaster as it’s difficult for them to know when to move on.

March born are very empathetic, and most times, they make emotional decisions rather than logical ones. Also, Arieans born in March often get angry quickly and are pretty stubborn.

March Birthstone Color Meaning

The March birthstone aquamarine symbolizes serenity, hope, purity, peace, and protection. Aquamarine is also Pisces color.

The birthstone for March, aquamarine, is popularly known for its healing properties. This gorgeous stone was used to treat different sorts of illnesses, including poisoning and stress.

Hand holding blue aquamarine gemstones

March birthstone color is the color of loyalty and good luck. This stone is available in a few blue shades, often ranging from pale and light blue to a deep blue with a touch of green color resembling the sea.

The most admired color of aquamarine is sky-blue, and the symbolic meaning of this color is faithfulness and heavenly grace.

Because the birthstone march shares colors with the sky and water, this gemstone embodies eternal life.

The march stone harmonizes the wearer’s energies and is also connected to the throat chakra. Whether you are an Aries or a Pisces, all people born in March can wear the aquamarine stone to complement their zodiac sign.

How to Enhance the March Birthstone Color Energies

As a March baby, things that bring calmness and serenity soothe your energies best. That’s why aquamarine is a gemstone every March born ought to have in their birthstone jewelry box

March born will always be soothed and calmed by their particular rock. Wearing aquamarine jewelry will bring them joy and happiness.

Aquamarine stone is associated with the throat chakra, so you can wear it as a neck pendant during interviews or presentations to help with communication and eloquence. 

An aquamarine gemstone necklace

This fairly durable stone (7.5-8.0 on Mohs Scale of Hardness) will compliment your spring and summer wardrobes, so wear it as rings, bracelets to keep you hopeful, calm, and in control of whatever situation you may find yourself in. 

If you are in a hot-tempered situation, keeping aquamarine gemstone close can keep you relaxed and calm.  

You can also wear this stone during romantic dates to spark feelings of love and help you understand your emotions better. 

Lastly, you can wear your special birthstone for casual outings to improve your overall happiness and create a balance in your life. 

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