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June Birthstone Color and Meaning

If you were born in June, today’s post is for you! We’ll talk about your birthstone and how you should use the June birthstone color to your benefit!

As you might know, birthstones are a group of gemstones where each precious stone represents a person’s birth month. Each birthstone has individual qualities and energies that directly influence the person born under it.

That’s why wearing this healing gemstone can help you experience additional benefits in many aspects of your life. Besides, these gemstones make perfect gifts!

We’ll talk about the birthstone of June, how it relates to the personality of a June born, what the June birthstone color means, and how to use it to channel good energies into your life. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

June Birthstone

The birthstone color for June is not one; they are 3! If you are born in the 6th month of the year, you are lucky to have pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite as your birthstones.

Pearl is the iridescent birthstone of June

With their captivating appearance, pearls are unique gemstones because they are found within living creatures, unlike other stones found deep in the soil. They grow in the tissue of living mollusks, and as expected, they are scarce, but there are cultured pearl farms around the world.

Mollusks produce pearls by depositing layers of calcium carbonate around microscopic irritants that get lodged in their shells, usually not a grain of sand, as commonly believed.

Natural pearls have whitish, unblemished surfaces, which explains why they have been associated with honesty, innocence, and purity since ancient times.

Ancient Chinese folklore claims that dragons carry pearls in their mouths; hence, they are associated with wisdom and power. Also, some legends from the Middle East believe pearls are teardrops from heaven and are considered sacred stones.

In addition, pearls were thought to have beneficial properties like relieving indigestion and depression and improving eyesight. Also, this stunning June birthstone was said to bring long life and prosperity.

Because of its beauty, the Greeks referred to pearls as the hardened tears of joy that Aphrodite cried as she was born from the sea.

Moonstone is the iridescent birthstone of June

The second gemstone of June is the moonstone with its dynamic appearance, which is mainly found in both igneous and metamorphic rocks in India and Sri Lanka. 

It is famous for its iridescent sheen and is the most preferred stone for June in Germany and other Scandinavian countries. Some of the finest moonstones have a special glow and show a blue sheen against a colorless/white background.

Moonstone is associated with passion and fertility, and according to Hindu lore, these stones form from solidified moonbeams. Also, the gem was historically used as a talisman for the soul and mind.

It is associated with beautiful dreams and represents love, passion, and fertility. Furthermore, moonstone was known as the travelers stone because it protects travelers during voyages.

Alexandrite is the color-changing birthstone of June

Alexandrite is the 3rd June gemstone and is famous for its stunning display of color changes. This stone has a green color in sunlight (or fluorescent light) and displays the color purple or red under incandescent light (or artificial light). 

Alexandrite got its name from Czar Alexander II of Russia as it was discovered in the Ural Mountains in the 19th century. It was a precious stone among the Russian royalty, and now it is so rare and expensive that only a few can get their hands on it.

This stone is relatively modern compared to other stones and has just a little folklore connected to it. However, alexandrite is associated with intellect and is known to bring good luck for the wearer.

The June birthstone color meaning is clearly seen in the persona of people born in this month. People born in this month are creative, intuitive, and hopeful.

Their opaque stones signify purity and can help calm their nervous feelings. Pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite also bring love and luck to those born in June.

June Personality

Like the magical changing alexandrite, June borns have a changeable nature and personality. Their moods aren’t always stable; they can be clingy and fun one minute and be detached and bored the next.

More often than not, they tend to be clingy and get too attached to people they are in a romantic relationship with.

People born this month have high intelligence and a high dose of self-esteem. They are also talkative, love to argue, and are easily influenced. June borns are also inquisitive and communicate their feelings well.

Pearl is the iridescent birthstone of June
Pearl is one of the June birthstones

June babies constantly adapt to any situation; they love innovations and easily blend in with different kinds of people.

They are social butterflies who draw in anybody, and they are big in loyalty and friendship. June borns are also very loving and emotional, and when they are hurt, it takes time to recover.

They are, however, very optimistic about the future; they are full of ideas and have the potential for great things.

People born in this month also have great intuition; they are always connected with their inner voice and can quickly tell when something is off with someone. On the flip side, they judge others rapidly.

Pearl, the gemstone of June, can help them reconnect to the truth, moonstone can improve their intuition, and alexandrite helps their personality shine through.

Moonstone is the iridescent June birthstone

June Birthstone Color Meaning

June birthstone color ranges from the opaque pearl to the milky moonstone color and the color-changing alexandrite. 

All June birthstone colors are beautiful in their own way and have symbolic meanings, so if your know someone born in this month, a piece of birthstone jewelry would be the perfect gift.

The most common color varieties of pearl are white and black. Still, some can come in other colors, including gold and silver, depending on where it is gotten. The iridescent pearl is associated with purity and honesty because of its calming white color.

Moonstone often appears milky white or gold that often resembles the moon. However, there is also an array of colors for the moonstone, including pink and orange. This June birthstone color is believed to be a bearer of good luck and good dreams.

Alexandrite is a color-changing gemstone

Alexandrite is a color-changing stone hence its association with pleasure, happiness, and other feelings that come in different shades. Wear alexandrite to feel some magical characteristics ascribed to its color-changing ability if you love magic.

How to Enhance the June Birthstone Color Energies

June is a month of passion and celebration, and what better way to channel your energy and celebrate yourself than with your birthstone. 

With three birthstone options, you have the choice to select any one or more of your beautiful stones. You can have a stone that fits your mood, wardrobe, and budget.

Bride holding white pearl earrings

The finest pearl earrings are a timeless wardrobe item and are especially loved by women since it’s a symbol of natural beauty. This is the traditional birthstone for June, and as the gem of the sea, this stone brings elegance to any look. 

Pearls are also known for their calming properties, so you can wear them to keep your spirits relaxed and serene.

Moonstone brings calming energies that are good for inner peace and balance. 

They are often worn as rings for their medical properties and attune the wearer to the moon’s rhythms. Incorporate this gorgeous gemstone into your adornment for good luck.

If you want to wear the alexandrite stone, you may have to settle for synthetic because it’s pretty expensive and rare to find. 

White moonstone golden ring on female hand

You can wear it in your birthstone jewelry to heighten your senses and intuition. If you have an exam, a project, or an interview, wear the alexandrite stone to enhance concentration and intelligence.

Embracing your birthstones as a June born can bring good vibrations and good luck to your life. No matter the color or size, you can wear your birthstones to complement any attire and, in turn, complement your personality.

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