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Pisces Color Palette and Meanings (Plus Colors You Should Avoid)

As a Piscean, you can draw good energies from your unique Pisces color.

While your favorite color can say a lot about your personality, your zodiac color helps you live your true essence.

Colors are known to affect mood and even convey messages. Green makes people feel refreshed, and yellow symbolizes happiness, according to the meanings of the colors

Color psychology even gets more interesting in astrology as every zodiac sign has its own power color.

This basically means your star sign vibes with unique colors that can guide your intuition, mood and awaken your spirit. This article focuses on the connection between Pisces and its power color, aquamarine.

If you are a Piscean, you will learn why aquamarine is the best for your personality and how its characteristics complement your astrological sign.

Meanwhile, some colors may also be antagonistic to your star sign. So read on to know about these colors and why they are unfavorable for your zodiac sign.

Once you know your lucky and worst colors, it will be easy to surround yourself with colors that attract the right energies.

Pisces color aquamarine chart

Pisces zodiac sign

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. It’s the twelfth zodiac sign and belongs to people born between February 19 and March 20.

If you are a Pisces, there’s a high likelihood you are very imaginative, creative, and spiritual. Your zodiac is a water sign which makes you very sensitive and intuitive. You feel things deeply and tend to have a strong gut reaction.

As a Piscean, you may find yourself drawn to creating/consuming art because it’s the best medium to understand and express your emotions.

You are also full of compassion, empathy, and it’s normal for Pisceans like you to feel other people’s joys and burdens with the same intensity you handle yours.

You have a big heart.

Your zodiac symbol is two fish facing opposite directions, which symbolizes how you feel, especially when you need to make decisions. Your Pisces lucky color is aquamarine or seafoam green.

Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune, a mysterious planet that was once mistaken for a blue fixed star centuries ago.

Neptune’s illusory, magical and psychic attributes earned its connection with you—an ever imaginative Piscean. Pisces rules the feet, toes, body fat, psyche, and lymphatic system.

Pisces color aquamarine symbol

Pisces color

When you think of aquamarine, the color of the ocean, the home of fishes, it’s obvious to see why it’s the color of Pisces.

Aquamarine is a powerful Pisces color that will invigorate your energy and make you feel right at home.

Dreamy, glamorous, and escapist; a water-like color suits you best, and that is aquamarine. You live your life going with the flow, and like a fish, aquamarine is the color that makes you feel safe and happy.

Try using aquamarine and ocean colors in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room to create an ocean-like surrounding for a calming effect. Add green plants around the house to power your energies.

Whenever you need a boost of creativity or have an important meeting or event to attend, wear seafoam green to boost your confidence and high spirits.

Your zodiac color palette is also made up of pastel shades and light colors like blue, gray, and watery shades of green, just like the surface of the water on sunny and dull days—these are good colors for Pisces.

Pisces color aquamarine sign
Aquamarine is the Pisces color

Colors you should avoid

You should avoid bold colors, mainly dark red and black.

As a Piscean, you have drama-filled tendencies and feel everything intensely; red will only exacerbate your emotions, which will be a lot harder to process. After all, it is the color of passion.

Red also provokes the strongest emotions from all of the colors of the spectrum, and for a sign with a lot of deep emotions, it isn’t recommended for you.

In color psychology, black is symbolic of sadness and introversion. If you are planning a momentous occasion, wearing the color black will not help you get into your positive vibes or support your dreamy nature.

Pisces is very receptive, so using the wrong colors will have a significant negative influence on you.

Neptune, the blue planet

Other zodiac colors

Planning on buying a friend a gift, say clothing, accessories, or gemstones, but have no idea what color to choose? Well, if you know their zodiac sign, you might want to check their power color below.

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