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Scorpio Color Palette and Meanings (Plus Colors You Should Avoid)

As a Scorpio, you will feel a lot like yourself and tap into good energies when your Scorpio color surrounds you.

While your favorite color can say a lot about your personality, your zodiac color helps you live your true essence.

In astrology, all zodiac signs have corresponding zodiac colors, and if you channel your shades the right way, they will awaken good emotions in you.

In the same breath, since different zodiac signs have other ruling planets and personalities, they do not attract the same power colors.

Your lucky zodiac color is specific to your sign and can influence how you feel, how you see yourself, and how others perceive you.

This article focuses on the eighth astrological sign, Scorpio, and why black is the perfect color for Scorpio.

Read on to understand your Scorpio sign and how black can bring out the powerful traits and effects that make you shine.

Also, you will learn that specific colors can also affect you negatively. Keep reading to learn which colors are unfavorable to your sign and why you should stay away from them.

Pssst: If your favorite color is black, you might want to learn how that can influence your personality.

Scorpio color black chart

Scorpio zodiac sign

Those born between October 23 and November 21 fall under the Scorpio sign.

Because of how intense and passionate you are, your astrological sign is often taken for a fire sign. However, you are a water sign which is intuitive, sensitive, and gets strength from the emotional realm.

You are often misunderstood and can come across as intimidating, and your symbol/spirit animal is the Scorpion.

And as such, you always strike when no one expects, and you never say what’s on your mind–at least, not at first. You rarely show your whole self because of your secretive nature.

On good days, you are calm, sensual, and ambitious. However, bad days have you feeling egotistical, jealous, and power-hungry.

You also make a good investigator because your curiosity is immeasurable, and you love to probe and unearth everything.

Your zodiac sign rules the bowels and the genital organs, which explains your sensual and seductive nature. You also strive for self-awareness and self-control as you always feel a need to control your emotions.

Pluto, the planet of transformation and destruction, and Mars, the planet of war, rule your water sign. While black may be a sad color for many people, it is the Scorpio lucky color.

Scorpio color black symbol

Scorpio color

There is no better Scorpio color than black, a color representing elegance, sophistication, and mystery, according to the meanings of the colors.

Black matches your compelling and mysterious personality, and it represents the depth you explore to look beyond the surface of everything.

The color black is also often associated with passing and rebirth, representing your darker perspective of life and your ability to transform yourself.

You can add black to your home or office décor color scheme to deter negative energy from your surroundings.

Another way to surround yourself with black things is by adding a lot of black to your wardrobe to pull off a mysterious and charming look.

Your zodiac color palette is made up of burnt orange, pomegranate, red, and violet—intense colors for an intensive person.

Scorpio color black sign
Black is the Scorpio color

Colors you should avoid

Your sign doesn’t vibe with light colors like pink, light blue, and yellow, so you can better steer away from them.

Pink is a delicate color that can stir up physical weakness. The color also represents a lack of self-worth and self-reliance, which will dampen your energies as a Scorpio.

Pink is also associated with inexperience and an unwillingness to take matters seriously, which is opposite your ambitious and passionate traits.

Blue is associated with depression in color symbolism which can make you feel unsettled and anxious. As a sign that stands for passion, a serene color like blue isn’t suitable for you.

Mars, the red planet

Also, light shades of blue can give off an air of self-righteousness, which isn’t a good idea for a misunderstood sign like yours.

As for yellow, it can make you seem more lighthearted and carefree than you actually are, and it is essential that you look the way you feel, otherwise, there could be misinterpretations by others.

These are the worst colors for someone with such fierce energy and a strong personality like you. Bold colors represent your soul and let your powerful energies flow better than the lighter shades.

Pluto, the light blue planet

Other zodiac colors

Planning on buying a friend a gift, say clothing, accessories, or a gemstone, but have no idea what color to choose? Well, if you know their zodiac sign, you might want to check their power color below.

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Friday 14th of April 2023

hmm my favourite colour is pink and I really like pastel colours and grey and gold hmmm


Thursday 22nd of September 2022

Hi. Just wondering 🤔 I am a Scorpio (12 Nov) and read that my color is black. I am also a dual prostate and colorectal cancer survivor, the colors are light and dark blue for these cancers. With September being prostate awareness month (light blue), so what are your views on colors I can use for cancer awareness? TIA


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Hi Scott, thanks for your message, and congratulations on beating cancer! You're a fighter! Regarding the colors, I would wear those blues for awareness, even though they may not suit your zodiac sign. If you feel a bit down, anxious or unsettled when doing that, you could balance their effect with other colors, like orange and violet. I hope it helps!