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Color Magic 101: The Ultimate Guide to Color Meanings

Color magic is a common practice by witches used in rituals to cast spells and manifest certain things in life.

The practice is carried out by using the energies and power of colors to invoke a magical response. Color magic should be used positively with no intention of causing harm.

To practice color magic, you must have a deep knowledge of color magic meanings, color correspondence, and the significance of using a magical color in spell-casting. 

Different colors have different meanings because of the various energy that is stored in their core. This energy is what is sought when performing color magic. For many, burning candles is an easy way to release energy from colors.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the basics of color magic symbolism and how you can use it in your favor.

Witchery scrolls, herbs, flowers, and candles
Your guide to color magic!

What is Color Magic?

Color magic is a practice by witches that involves using energy believed to be contained in colors for meditation, ritual, or spell-casting.

The release of the energy in a magical color opens a door that connects the physical world to the spiritual world.

You can use the energy from a single color by surrounding yourself with outfits and items of the same color with significant values.

Of course, we’ll have favorite colors that work best with our style and skin tone, but don’t be afraid to experiment with color magic.

You can also use combined energies from different colors by surrounding yourself with objects of different colors.

Alternatively, you can (and should) choose the right candle color when practicing spell-casting.

This helps generate different energies, but you must make sure that they smoothly converge and form a core to create the perfect balance to perform your ritual.

Your intention must be in correspondence with the purpose of the color or colors you surround yourself with to practice color magic. This is how witches harness power from different colors.

To perform color magic, you need a vast knowledge of the meanings of the different colors used.

The Meanings of Each Color

As mentioned earlier, different colors have diverse meanings and, as such, assorted intentions. This enables the specificity of rituals.

However, the most crucial thing when casting spells using color magic is you. Get clarity on what spell you want to cast, find the colors that have the potential you seek, and choose the one best suits you.

Here is a guide on the meanings of the different color spectrum:

Red in Color Magic

Red powder

The color red represents a wide range of emotions that include love, desire, anger, danger, passion, confidence, seduction, and lust, but red colors are mainly used to perform spells on love or seduction.

Perhaps you want to fall in love, get someone to fall in love with you, or spice up your love life? You may use red in your color magic.

Besides love and seduction, red can also be used if you sense danger and want to get a deeper insight or spiritual understanding of what is happening around you. This color is associated with the root chakra.

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Orange in Color Magic

Orange powder

Orange symbolizes success. It is a bold color that makes quite the statement. This color can be used to perform rituals that seek to bring sudden change, opportunities, or excitement into your life.

It is also a form of good luck charm as it often opens the mind to creativity.

Many suggest surrounding yourself with this color if you happen upon a roadblock in your career, if you want new job opportunities or if you seek to overcome writer’s block.

This color is associated with the sacral chakra, enabling it to help reconnect us with our emotions, facilitate emotional healing, and overcome addictions.

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Yellow in Color Magic

Yellow powder

Yellow is a bright and happy color that represents the sun.

This color is quite charming, and because seeing it can make people happy and light-hearted, it can be used in casting spells or performing rituals that involve subtle persuasion.

Yellow is connected to the third chakra. It can be used to improve mental balance as people with well-developed solar plexus chakra are more likely to be strong-willed, confident, and disciplined.

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Gold in Color Magic

Gold powder

The rich color of gold automatically associates it with financial wealth and success.

Burning gold-colored candles with essential oil of your choice can also open the path of spiritual awareness in your life, so while it truly plays a role in financial gain, there is more to the color than meets the eye. 

Paint your face gold, get gold linens or decorate your home in gold colors if you seek financial gain. However, if you seek justice, you can also use gold colors to cast spells or wear gold-colored shoes.

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Pink in Color Magic

Pink powder

If you don’t connect too well with red when performing your rituals, you may try pink candles, which symbolism love in a pure and proper form.

Pink also symbolizes nurturing and affection, which can also strengthen family bonds, friendship ties, and a general reconnection with all your loved ones.

You may also use pink colors to perform color magic for goodwill. The general practice is to burn pink candles, but you can go further by surrounding yourself with pink ribbons and pink flowers as well.

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Purple in Color Magic

Purple powder

When you think of purple, you think royalty. The rich color is often used to showcase power.

Therefore it can be used to cast spells for those who seek ambition, power, or success and recognition among people.

Purple is associated with the crown chakra, which means that it is used by some who seek to have a direct connection to the spiritual realms.

Purple colors facilitate the opening of the spiritual world. Still, it needs preparation because there is a need to balance the spiritual and the physical as a direct connection to the spirits can be overwhelming.

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Green in Color Magic

Green powder

The color green represents vegetation, richness, and fertility. This is a witch color as it is often used in rituals that involve fertility, physical, spiritual and mental growth, and healing. This color is relayed to our heart chakra.

Surrounding ourselves with green can improve our ability to love, forgive and develop empathy.

It helps you reconnect with your inner self, create a balance and build compassion, all of which are needed to live a peaceful, healthy, and stress-free life. Green can also be used for tree and plant magic.

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Blue in Color Magic

Blue powder

Blue comes in different shades, many of which are significant in performing magic. Blue is primarily associated with the sea, therefore, with water.

Water holds peaceful and calm energy that is often unforgiving when tampered with. Blue is linked with the throat chakra. This chakra, when adequately developed, allows us to be truthful, fair, and open.

The dark blue color is connected to the brow chakra that, if well developed, improves our psychic abilities, which in turn helps with developing emotional strength.

Light blue colors are associated with healing, protection, wisdom, understanding, and patience. Have your maid or tailor knit your newborn a blue cardigan or shawl for healing and good health.

Dark blue color can be used for spells or rituals that broaden our empathic knowledge, distress and remove emotional baggage to feel lighter and more balanced.

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Black in Color Magic

Black powder

Black is often associated with evil, but in truth, black is used by witches to ward off negative energy or harm from yourself or someone you love.

You may keep a black tourmaline in your purse or burn a black candle to get rid of anger, hate, or envy a person may have against you.

This eliminates the feelings of hostility or blocks the hate from affecting your personal life.

Black colors are mainly used when casting protection spells or for shape-shifting.

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White in Color Magic

White powder

Purity and truth are what the white color symbolizes. There is a lot of energy in this color as it contains all the colors in the spectrum.

White candles are burnt in the absence of other candles because they have the energies of every other color and can bring about the desired result.

As a color, white is used for rituals involving peace, unity, purity, and truth.

It is also simply used for creating a connection with the spirits and gain a firmer spiritual ground.

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Silver in Color Magic

Gray or silver powder

Silver is associated with many things that include clairvoyance, telepathy, astral and lunar energy, intuition, and dreams.

Using silver colors in magic means that you seek clarity and truth. Burn a silver candle and say the words that will make your tensions known.

A connection between the physical and spiritual opens your mind up to ambiguities and clarifies what may have seemed confusing.

This color also helps those who simply seek a connection to the spiritual realm to satisfy it without seeking any gains.

Brown in Color Magic

Brown powder

Brown is associated with the earth. The earth is solid and balanced; therefore, all spells carried out with a brown-colored item seek balance.

You can burn a brown candle or place some earth in your pockets to reconnect with nature.

Opening the pathway to the spiritual world is exciting and fulfilling. Still, you need a healthy dose of the physical world as well. This is what brown colors offer.

Brown colors also influence friendships and improve family ties as these are all matters of the world. 

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Wrapping up on Color Magic

As we mentioned above, color magic is a powerful practice used to cast spells.

If you want to practice color magic in your life, dive into the world of colors and let them bring you the energies you need to thrive.

For the basic candle magick spell, gather gemstones, visualize your goal, and light a candle. Wanna level it up? Then you can check on astrology placements to align your ritual with the right energy from the cosmos.

Finally, feel the energy being released and watch the magic happen. (Don’t burn down your apartment, k.)

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Debbie Green

Monday 31st of January 2022

To all who read this….You must have faith. There are greater forces at work than you can imagine. It will get better and each of your situations will improve whether it is what you intended to happen or not.


Friday 24th of December 2021

Thank you,I have learned a lot and will use the colors as described.