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13 Best Healing Colors for You

Looking for healing colors? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of the best colors for healing!

Healing colors have always been used to relax, change the mood, and alter people’s perceptions of things and spaces.

According to color therapy, many colors have healing properties so the use of colored light, for example, affects both the physical and etheric bodies.

Through light therapy and a number of color treatments, people worldwide use the healing energy and power of colors to cure physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

But this isn’t new. In the history of color, researchers have found multiple ancient societies that used colored light, for example, to heal their people.

In today’s article, we’ll present healing colors below that have their meaning intertwined with their color meaning and symbolism, which isn’t a surprise.

Despite the emotional responses to color being diverse in different cultures, it all comes down to color psychology.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about healing colors.

Hands praying holding light with healing colors

Note: always consult your doctor before beginning any therapy. This article is only intended for informational purposes not to prescribe any medical solutions or to replace your healthcare professional.

13 Healing Colors That Will Make a Splash

Here’re the best colors for healing sorted by the chakra colors. Enjoy!


Red is known as a fiery and passionate color.

It stimulates energy and vitality, which is why red represents the root chakra located at the base of the spine.

The red chakra is in charge of stability as it gets its power from the earth and radiates the energy to different parts of the body–just like caffeine, red gives you an energy boost.

Red should not be used for patients suffering from high blood pressure as it often stimulates an increased release of adrenaline which causes an upsurge in pressure rushing through the blood vessels.

However, it is prescribed red for paralysis, physical exhaustion, and chronic rheumatism.[1] It has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of constipation and cancer.


There is a lot to learn about the healing powers of orange, one of the most beautiful warm colors. This bold color stands for courage and adventure.

As such, it is highly energetic to the physical body and is often associated with the strong desire to achieve specific goals.

Beyond that, this color heals by charging the auric field, increasing carnal energy, and boosting the immune system.

This is because the color represents the sacral chakra (known as orange chakra), which governs desire, creativity, and emotional well-being.


Such a welcoming color, yellow is frequently used in color healing therapy.

For instance, the yellow chakra, called solar plexus because of its fiery color, contains so much energy that it is often the source of a person’s confidence and purposefulness.

Yellow is a healing color that helps you redirect your energy to positive thoughts stimulating radiance, relaxation, and warmth.

As one of the most cheerful colors of the rainbow, yellow is the perfect color to relieve depression, treat asthma and infections. Not only that, but yellow is also stimulating to our mental faculties, bringing mental clarity.


Green is the color of the vegetation. It represents nature, growth, fertility, and mother earth.

Because of that, it is the perfect color for healing and meditation as it often helps one get connected with self and encourages positive thoughts.

It represents the green chakra (heart chakra) which, when balanced, makes it easy to give and receive love as well as clear one’s mind of unhealthy thoughts and relax muscles. This chakra also helps to soothe conditions of anger and distress.

Beyond that, the green color is often used in color therapy as it helps to soothe the nerves.


Blue is one of the most calming colors for healing, and as such, it is used to relieve pain, especially when undergoing deep tissue and bone cell work. It is also used in mental healing as it helps to expand one’s inner vision.

A favorite color for many, blue is associated with the throat chakra (also known as the blue chakra).

Besides, it is suitable for curing insomnia as it is relaxing and reduces blood flow. Use the color blue to calm hyperactive children and pacify nervous instability.


This is the color of the third eye or brow chakra, also known as indigo chakra. This color is closely associated with intuition and understanding.

It broadens one’s perspectives and allows you to view issues from a place of deep knowledge. Balancing this chakra makes you more clear-sighted, highly intuitive, and orderly.

It is also one of the healing colors used in treating headaches, migraines, and sinus problems.


Purple is one of the healing colors that is placed high in evoking feelings of enlightenment, spirituality, consciousness, and transformation of self.

It is a royal and regal color often associated with power and elegance. It represents the crown chakra (also known as purple chakra).

It is associated with a solid connection to the spirit, which benefits people who want to gain a deeper meaning to life and self-awareness.

The healing powers of purple lie in forming a connection to the spirit, clearing the head of disturbing thoughts, and opening the third eye.

It is said Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that you can increase the power of meditation ten-fold by meditating under the gentle rays of the color violet, as found in Church windows around the world.

Also, because it is such a soothing color, purple has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s no surprise purple is often used in color healing therapy.


The color black is associated with bouncing off negative energy. It helps in absorbing different colors as well as their energies. And as such, it is used as protection because it traps energies and closes them off.

Beyond that, black is used to achieve inner peace and swallow negative energy that comes from anxiety and emotional turmoil.

It is one of the healing colors used in calming surrounding energy while activating the conscious mind.


Together with purple, the color white is associated with the crown chakra, which symbolizes purity, truth, and reflection.

This color is often worn by brides in western societies as it symbolizes purity and honesty.

Besides, white is one of the best colors for health as it charges the energy field and allows the entering of white light, which boosts the human body’s productivity.


Nurturing and tender, pink is a cheerful color that is used for emotional healing. It awakens emotional stability, delight, compassion, and love.

Beyond that, this color attracts not only kindness but also compassion, which is sure to put sweetness back into your life.


As one of the most calming cool colors, teal is a beautiful mixture of green and blue. It increases clarity and stimulates red blood cell regeneration. It also reduces infections by boosting immunity.

It is a bright color that helps to purge your mind of negative thoughts, allowing the flow of pure light to release emotional baggage.


Very similar to white, this color has a calming and soft energy. It can be used in place of white, especially when choosing hospital colors.

The color cream has such an ambiance that it is one of the most suitable colors for health.

Also, cream charges your cells to untwist mental and emotional knots and release calming energy.


The color of the earth, brown, has a stable and grounding energy that symbolizes physical strength, support, and stability. It gives you a connection to the land–the mother earth.

Having a strong energy, brown eases stress and anxiety. It also helps to reduce the physical and emotional strain. This makes it one of the most perfect therapy colors for treating hypertension.

How to Use Healing Colors Therapy

Colors have been used since time immemorial as a form of therapy. Often, some colors are used to represent specific forms of diseases, so the idea of using colors to treat them is pretty effective.

In hospitals, there are specific colors that should be used in painting the walls, as well as specific colors of clothes worn by doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel. These colors for healing may include blue, teal, white, and green.

Hospitals and Pediatric Clinics

Doctor holding syringe for child in a blue room

The healing powers of colors cannot be overemphasized. In fact, science has proven that the use of certain specific colors in hospitals boosts the patients’ moods, which in turn hastens their recovery.

Red can be used to treat patients suffering from conditions like anemia. In contrast, yellow is used to cure infections like bacteria.

Colors like blue, teal, and yellow are some of the best colors for healing, especially in pediatric clinics, as children appreciate such colors’ soothing and uplifting nature.

Yoga Studios and Meditation Rooms

Woman meditating while shining chakra colors for healing

Certain therapy colors help to boost one’s awareness during mediation. However, the colors used here should be specific to the type of meditation you want to carry out.

It is wise to go for therapy colors like white, light blue, or pale yellow as a general rule. They are most effective in keeping your mind calm enough to create a physical-spiritual connection.

For yoga studios, pink or purple are the best colors to use as you would want to avoid physically stimulating colors like red or orange. Beige, gray, blue, and light brown are also good colors to consider.

Wrapping Up on Healing Colors

It’s undeniable the effects of colors and their direct connection with emotions and physical state.

From encountering a colorful butterfly to lightning a candle, colors bring far more than visual joy. 

They bring a full bag of emotions and healing properties that can work wonders when you’re feeling blue (pun intended) or a bit under the weather. You just have to embrace them.

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