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Leo Color Palette and Meanings (Plus Colors You Should Avoid)

You probably already know that Leo color is orange. After all, Leo is the star of the zodiac show.

While your favorite color can say a lot about your personality, your zodiac color helps you live your true essence.

Surrounding yourself with your personal zodiac color can evoke positive emotions in you. Ruling the world is easy for a Leo who isn’t afraid to wear bright colors that complement your personality.

As established by color psychology, hues and shades can play a vital role in how people perceive you and how you perceive the world.

Surrounding yourself with the right color will prove to be beneficial because it lets you be yourself fully. It will match your energy, spirit, and personality, thus channeling your true, authentic self.

In this article, we explore the relationship between Leo and the color orange.

Beyond that, this article focuses on Leo Lucky Color and how you can use it to channel positive energy.

You will learn how the color complements your zodiac sign, how to use that to your advantage, and what colors to avoid.

Pssst: If your favorite color is orange, you might want to learn how that can influence your personality.

Leo color orange chart

Leo zodiac sign

You are born under the Leo zodiac sign if your birth date falls between July 23 and August 22. Leo is ruled by the sun, which is literally the center of the universe—much like the Leo personality.

Also, being a sun sign, you have a fiery spirit. Your Leo nature will command attention and takes pleasure to be in the center stage. You love to lead, talk, and receive respect from others.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It has a lion symbol, and its ruling element is fire. Like a lion, you are a born leader, brave, and ready to dominate your area. Lions are not to be messed with, and so are Leos.

Leo is connected to organs like the cardiac system and back. The color of Leo is orange, a flattering shade that draws attention, like you.

Leo color orange symbol

Leo color

As said, Leo color is orange. An astrological sign influenced by the sun deserves such bright fiery and bold color. You can channel the characteristics of orange into doing great things for yourself.

Orange is made from a combination of red and yellow, which are both fire and sun colors. As a Leo, you are the star of the show; you are charming and passionate. The orange color is exactly what you need to express your true self.

Don your lucky color for an extra boost of good fortune in your life. Go for different shades of orange to absorb different energies from each hue.

Highlight your decor with orange things by selecting beautiful burnt orange throw pillows, for example, or other home décor accents to inspire you.

Also, add some fiery pieces to your wardrobe, wear your color for luck when going to a business meeting, taking an exam, or making a public speech. Doing this also allows you to open your orange chakra.

In the meanings of the colors, orange is associated with optimism, great for someone who loves to get things done.

In the same breath, orange is linked with adventure, spontaneity, but also with exhibitionism, meaning you should surround yourself with orange things, but be careful not to let that go to your head.

To complete your Leo color scheme, add some gold and royal purple.

Gold empowers your warm heart and strengthens your positive spirit. At the same time, purple gives you the wisdom to balance the negative traits of your primary color.

Leo color orange sign
Orange is the Leo color

Colors you should avoid

You shouldn’t add pastel shades like pink, blue, and beige to your zodiac color palette as a Leo.

The color pink is associated with immaturity, inexperience, and somehow weakness, opposite the leadership trait you possess. You should not wear pink because it will do nothing to enhance your personality.

As a Leo, your personality trait is warm. Exposing yourself to blue, especially the cool ones, triggers frigidity and coldness. Also, blue evokes emotions like aloofness which doesn’t capture the vibrant personality of a Leo.

Beige can be drab, uninteresting, and unadventurous. This is entirely opposite to your bold, brave, and positive traits.

Sun, the yellow and orange star

Other zodiac colors

Planning on buying a friend a gift, say clothing, accessories, or gemstones, but have no idea what color to choose? Well, if you know their zodiac sign, you might want to check their power color below.

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