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Pink Things: 50+ Things That Are Pink in Nature

Besides flowers, can you name other pink things in nature? Like animals or foods? Today’s article will provide you with a list of over 50 things that are pink in nature.

Pink is an incredibly positive color that charms with ease. Let’s put its social connotations aside and talk about how often it comes up in nature.

After all, how many pink animals do you know?

For that reason, we’ve listed over 50 things that are naturally pink—so no artificial alterations.

Also, this article is divided into a visual representation of naturally pink things, followed by a list of pink animals, plants, and foods.

We hope you enjoy it!

What is associated with pink?

Pink is associated with unconditional, romantic love. This nurturing color is calming and energizing at the same time.

Nowadays, it is considered a feminine color in Western societies, but that hasn’t always been the case. Before WWII, pink was a boy’s color.

Pink is also the second-most common favorite color for young girls, after blue.[1]

A visual list of things that are pink

Pink things

Here’s the list of animals, foods, plants, and other things that are pink.

Pink animals

  • Pink Katydid: As a result of a genetic mutation, this bug has a rare pink color.
  • Pink Robin: Originally from southeastern Australia, this bright-colored robin has a body majorly covered in pink.
  • Pink Orchid Mantis: This colorful pink insect is perfect for camouflaging and mimicking an orchid flower.
  • Amazon River Dolphin: Classified in the family Iniidae, this pink dolphin hails from the amazon river.
  • Flamingo: It is a beautiful pink, wading bird that belongs to the family Phoenicopteridae and is distributed globally.
  • Pink Manta-Ray: This rare colorful manta is one of those pink things usually found in warm temperate, tropical waters.
  • Pygmy Seahorse: This tiny sea creature is pink in color with a fused jaw that typically sucks food into their tubular mouths.
  • Axolotl: Originally from Mexico’s lakes, this amphibian can turn into various colors that include pale pink when mutated.
  • Galah Cockatoo: This pink and grey bird is found in Australia and is the only species that belongs to the cockatoo family’s genus, Eolophus.
  • Pine Grosbeak: This species is among the largest in the finch family and typically has a pink plumage among other contrasting colors.
  • Pink sea anemone: This is a predatory marine animal that is pink in color, usually attached to a hard surface by its base.
  • Roseate Skimmer: A dragonfly originates from the Americas and one of those things that are pink and come from the family libellulidae.
  • Small Elephant Hawk-moth: This species was discovered in Europe, western Asia, and North Africa and is from the family of Sphingidae. It is a unique pink thing from nature.
  • Hairy Squat Lobster: A small-sized pink lobster found in the waters of Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
  • Pig: A domesticated animal pink in color, having a large head with a long snout, often kept for meat.
  • Pink Dragon Millipede: This pink millipede is spiny and also toxic. It is also among the largest species of its genus.
  • Roseate Spoonbill: A gregarious wading pink bird comes from the spoonbill and among those pink things in the ibis family.
  • Nudibranch: One of those marine things that are pink, colorful, soft blooded by nature, and globally found in saltwater.
Pink Grasshopper
Pink Grasshopper

Pink foods

  • Radish: An edible pink root vegetable from the family Brassicaceae, originally from Asia.
  • Natal plum: A shrub from native south Africa that produces pink fruits that are edible and useful in jelly manufacturing.
  • Mandacaru fruit: A Brazilian evergreen plant that produces pink tasty fruits containing white flesh rich in starch.
  • Lychee: A tropical tree native to southeastern china that produces small rounded pink fruits having white flesh.
  • Riberry: An Australian native, medium-sized coastal rainforest tree that’s 30 meters high and 90cm in diameter.
  • Dragonfruit: This plant is originally from northern South America, and the cetacean family produces edible pink fruits.
Pink dragonfruit

Pink plants

  • Lotus: An aquatic plant and one of those pink things colorful from the family Nelumbonaceae.
  • Pink carnation: A herbaceous perennial plant with pink flowers and comes from a species of Dianthus.
  • Pink rose: Among the pink and beautiful things is this woody perennial plant from the genus rosa family.
  • Cherry blossom: A pink flower from a tree that produces small edible and unpalatable fruits.
  • Pink Chinese cedar: Among the Things that are pink and deciduous is this tall tree that produces pink flowers and fruit in a capsule.
  • Tulip: This colorful flower comes from the genus perennial herbaceous bulbiferous geophytes.
  • Azalea: This plant comes from a genus of shrubs having pink flowers and one of those things that are pink and originally from Asia.
  • Begonia: A genus of perennial pink flowers and one of those pink things native to tropical and subtropical climates.
  • Butterfly Bush Pink Delight: A pink shrub originating from the Netherlands and considered among the best colored flowered varieties.
  • Calla Lily: A plant species from the family Araceae and native to southern Africa with colorful flower varieties, e.g., pink, white, etc.
  • Chrysanthemum: Flowering plants native to northeastern Europe and East Asia and has pink, white, yellow flowers.
  • Pink hibiscus: This plant is a genus of flowering plants and one of those beautiful Pink things in nature, precisely from a tropical climate.
  • Hydrangea: A colorful plant native to Asia and the Americas and comes either deciduous or evergreen.
  • Meadowsweet: A perennial herb belonging to the Rosaceae family found in damp meadows.
  • Orchid: A colorful family of flowering plants with various lovely colors, e.g., pink, blue, purple, etc.
  • Peony: This plant belongs to the deciduous perennial scrubs or herbs and has flower colors ranging from pink, white, red, and yellow.
  • Primrose: This is another beautiful flowering plant with scented flowers in pink and other colors.
  • Rocktrumpet: A genus of tropical and subtropical vines originally from Brazil and comes in pink and various other colors.
  • Snapdragon: This plant has pink flowers that resemble the face of a dragon that opens its mouth when squeezed.
  • Stargazer: One of those beautiful things that are pink is the hybrid lily that typically grows at a fast rate.
  • Zinnia: A genus from the sunflower family and a native to North America, this flower has colorful petals.
  • Cosmos: They are herbaceous perennial plants with colorful flowers having simple leaves arranged in opposite pairs.
  • Pink delphinium: This colorful garden flower has the deepest pink tone with deeply lobed leaves.
  • Dahlia: A genus of bushy perennial plants has pink colors native to Mexico and Central America.
Pink fluorite gemstone
Pink fluorite

Pink things

  • Pink lake: A pink salty water lake in Australia resulting from green alga or a high brine prawn concentration.
  • Pink fluorite: Among one of the rarest gemstones and pink things to find, that’s often used to organize your thoughts.
  • Rose quartz: A pink gemstone that is a symbol of universal love, also one of those rare Pink things in nature that restores trust and harmony in relationships.

Things that are pink in nature

While this list of naturally pink things isn’t as long as many other lists we have here on the site, such as red or yellow, it gives you a pretty good idea of animals, foods, and pink things there are out there.

Did we forget something? Let us know in the comments!

We promise to continually update this article as we come across more naturally pink things.

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