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White Things: 103 Things That Are White in Nature

Most white things in nature are found in the wildlife. But, can you name 10 white foods or plants?

While white is a standard color in nature, it hardly ever is predominant. On the contrary, it often appears together with other colors, as we will mention below.

In today’s article, we will talk about things that are white in nature, meaning naturally white things. We hope you enjoy it.

Would you add something white to this list?

What Is Associated With White?

White is the color of purity, serenity, and cleanliness. It symbolizes new beginnings like the blank page of a notebook.

It’s a relaxing color that hardly ever is people’s favorite color despite being present in most people’s houses.

A Visual List of Things That Are White

Here’s an extensive list of white things, plants, foods, and animals.

White Things

1. White Light

White light shining on a light prism and turning into the rainbow

White Light: Many people consider the visible light to be white. The visible light is the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which includes gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwaves, and radio waves. As such, white light contains all wavelengths of the visible light spectrum.

2. Teeth

Black woman smiling and showing her white teeth

Teeth: Our teeth are white because of enamel, which is mostly made up of calcium phosphate, a naturally white mineral. However, the shade of white might vary per person. Oh, and by the way, teeth are not bones.

3. Pearl

White pearl in shell

Pearl: Pearl is a white gemstone produced inside a living mollusk. According to western astrology, Pearl is June’s birthstone.

4. Glacier

White glaciers

Glacier: Glaciers are white and because of the lack of air bubbles it appears to be bluish. These dense and persistent bodies of ice are the accumulation of crystalline ice, snow, rock, sediment, and often liquid water that originates on land and moves downslope under the influence of its own weight and gravity.

5. Bone

White human skull bone

Bone: Bones are white because of the presence of calcium, calcium phosphate to be more specific, calcium compounds usually refract the entire spectrum of light, just like everything else that is white.

6. Limestone

White gravel

Limestone: Limestone is a sedimentary rock made of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), usually in the form of calcite or aragonite, and can also be used as a white pigment.

7. Whitecap

Whitecap sea and turquoise water

Whitecap: Whitecap is the weakest point of a wave, the crest, which has broken into many bubbles and droplets. These particles scatter light, appearing to be white.

8. Moonstone

White moonstone rainbow is a beautiful gemstone

Moonstone: Moonstone is a white gemstone with a pearly and opalescent luster. Other colors also include gray, blue, peach, pink, green, brown, and colorless.

9. Cloud

White clouds against a blue sky

Cloud: Clouds are teeny tiny drops of water or ice crystals floating in the sky. They are so tiny they have turned into water vapor. When these droplets join others and become larger drops, gravity causes them to fall, and that’s the phenomenon we call rain. When rain happens in the presence of sunlight another phenomenon happens, the rainbow!

10. White Opal

White pineapple opal

White Opal: Opals can be black, gray, or white, the latter being the most common one. As such, white opals are the least valuable form of opal. Beyond that, white opals are one of the October birthstones.

11. Snow

White snow

Snow: Snow appears to be white because of the light that is scattered and bounces off the ice crystals in it. This light, which includes all colors, when reflected looks white. In fact, snow is translucent.

12. White Quartz

White quartz is a beautiful gemstone and crystal

White Quartz: Associated with the crown chakra, white quartz is a common mineral used to absorb negativity and disease-causing energies.

White Plants

13. White Rose

White rose
White rose

White rose: This is a woody perennial flower plant and one of the prettiest things that are white.

14. Calla Lily

White calla lily flower

Calla lily: originating from southern Africa, this plant produces pure white spathe and a yellow spadix.

15. White Tulip

White tulip
White tulip

White tulip: A large white flower has a colored scar at the base of the tepals.

16. White Hibiscus

White hibiscus
White hibiscus

White hibiscus: From a mallow family genus, this plant has white flowers trumpet-shaped.

17. Daisy

White daisies

Daisy: A perennial herbaceous plant having short creeping rhizomes and a white flower.

18. White Daffodil

White daffodils flowers

White Daffodil: The flower has large white petals and a small flat cup that’s yellow ringed.

19. Hydrangea

White hydrangea flowers

Hydrangea: White hydrangeas are common flowers in home gardens worldwide and are often used to decorate weddings.

20. European Heliotrope

White European heliotrope flowers

European Heliotrope: Native to the Mediterranean and western Asia, it is an annual herb that may grow as a roadside weed in some places. The white flowers are very small and white with a yellow center.

21. Jasmine

White jasmine
White jasmine

Jasmine: A white flower in the genus of shrubs and vines and an olive family member.

22. White Anemone

White anemone flowers

White anemone: A beautiful seasonal weather flower with white petals having a darker center.

23. Trumpet Flower

White angel trumpet flowers

Trumpet Flower: Are woody trees or shrubs with beautiful pendulous white, among other color varieties.

24. White Begonia

White begonia flower

White begonia: This white flower has perennial tender rows packed with smooth petals.

25. Moonflower

White moonflowers

Moonflower: A species of ipomoea having a white flower originating from North and South America.

26. White Cosmos

White cosmos flower

White cosmos: A herbaceous perennial plant having a white flower and a native to scrubs and meadowland.

27. White Hyacinth

White hyacinth flowers

White Hyacinth: Another beautiful flower from the lily family having an extraordinary white bloom.

28. White Alstroemeria

White alstroemeria flower

White Alstroemeria: Originally from the family of Alstroemeriaceae, this flowering plant has attractive white flowers.

29. White Foxgloves

White foxglove flowers

White foxgloves: A rare plant found in the wild that produces white flowers 3 inches long.

30. White Lilac

White lilac flowers

White lilac: A plant that’s 12 to 15 feet high, having white flowers with a fragrance.

31. White Lupine

White lupine flower
White lupine

White lupine: Originally from the Mediterranean, this plant has white flowers.

32. Dogwood Flower

White dogwood tree flowers

Dogwood Flower: Symbolizing rebirth, dogwood flowers are endemic to North America. These white flowers are planted as an ornamental in both public and residential areas and are the Virginia State flower.

34. White Wisteria

White wisteria flowers

White Wisteria: Most commonly known in its purple variety, white wisteria is a beautiful vine plant that appears in late spring and early summer.

35. Tuberose

White tuberose flowers

Tuberose: Originally from native Mexico, this plant has sweet white flowers that are scented.

36. White Marigold

White Marigold flowers

White marigold: one of the whitest marigold plants with ample blossoms ideal for brightening gardens.

37. White Waterlily

White water lilly flower

White Waterlily: One of the aquatic things that are white belonging to the genus nymphaea.

White Foods

38. Cauliflower

White cauliflower

Cauliflower: A type of vegetable reproduced by seed and one of the rare white things that are edible.

39. Onion

White onion

Onion: A vegetable ideal for spicing dishes and is found in various colors, e.g., white, red, etc.

40. Garlic

White garlic

Garlic: A special garlic white species in nature and originating from central Asia and northeastern Iran.

41. White Beans

White beans
White beans

White beans: Native to the Americans, this white bean has a slightly flattened oval shape.

42. Coconut Meat

White and brown coconuts

Coconut meat: One of the white things is this coconut meat that’s edible when fresh or dried.

43. Garden Asparagus

White asparagus

Garden asparagus: This plant can be white because it is grown without being exposed to light, preventing photosynthesis and therefore the production of chlorophyll.

44. Rice

White rice

Rice: This little grain is eaten on a daily basis by nearly half of the world’s population.

45. Celeriac

White raw celeriac

Celeriac: It’s a type of root vegetable cultivated for its whitish edible stem and shoots.

46. Milk

White glass of milk

Milk: Nutrient-rich liquid produced from a mammal’s mammary glands. Milk is one of the white things most consumed in the world.

White Animals

47. Leucistic Animals

White tigers

Leucistic Animals: Leucistic animals are not to be confused with albinism. While leucism is an abnormal condition of reduced pigmentation, albinism is the total absence of melanin.

48. Bali Myna

White Bali myna
Bali myna

Bali myna: The Indonesian medium-sized bird is among the prettiest white things in nature.

49. Albino Squirrel

White Albino Squirrel
Albino Squirrel

Albino squirrel: This particular squirrel is white due to a genetic aberration and is also the rarest.

50. Albino Crow

White albino crow
Albino crow

Albino crow: Among the white things in nature, this albino bird is unique.

51. Glasshouse Whitefly

Glasshouse whitefly

Glasshouse Whitefly: This sap-feeding insect lives mostly in house plants and greenhouse plants. It excretes a substance known as honeydew that may reduce the vigor of plants.

52. Ivory Gull

White ivory gull

Ivory gull: A small-sized white bird species found in the arctic in a circumpolar distribution.

53. White Ibis

White ibises on tree

White Ibis: These wetland birds are native to Central and North America. These large birds usually gather in huge colonies near water and eat mostly crayfish.

54. White Peacock

White peacock
White peacock

White peacock: This bird from the Phasianidae family is among the things that are white and beautiful.

55. Swan

White swan in foggy lake

Swan: This bird species is white and among the largest flying birds on earth.

56. African Spoonbill

White spoonbill

African spoonbill: This white long-legged wading bird is widespread across some African countries.

57. Arctic Fox

White Artic fox
Arctic fox

Arctic fox: This fox species is one of the cutest things that are white living in the arctic.

58. American Pekin

White American pekin duck

American Pekin: This duck is one of the white things that that is domesticated and raised primarily for meat. Originally, the American Pekin comes from China, which was a sophisticated breeder of ducks.

59. Ermine

White ermine

Ermine: Short and stoat, this weasel is circumpolar distributed with a white winter coat.

60. Arctic Wolf

White wolf

Arctic wolf: This medium-sized white wolf is a subspecies of grey wolf originally from Canada.

61. Sheep

White lambs

Sheep: These domesticated ruminant mammals are usually kept as livestock. Their color can range from pure white to dark chocolate brown. Sheep are probably descended from the wild mouflon native to Asia and Europe.

62. White Pigeon

White pigeons

White Pigeon: Generally seen as a symbol of love and peace, white pigeons are rare individuals that are released during weddings and events.

63. Mealy Bug

White Mealybug

Mealy Bug: These tiny bugs are mostly found in moist and warm habitats. Although uncommon, mealy bugs can spread viruses, especially species that prefer grapevines.

64. Cyphochilus Beetle

White beetle

Cyphochilus Beetle: With unusual bright white scales, the cyphochilus is native to southeast Asia. Its scales’ whiteness is caused by a thin disordered photonic structure, which scatters light of all wavelengths with the same efficiency, thus resulting in white coloration.

65. Cabbage White

White butterfly
White butterfly

Cabbage White: This quite unusual butterfly color belongs to the Cabbage White Butterfly. Curiously, the adults prefer purple, blue, and yellow flowers over other floral colors.

66. Albino Deer

White albino Fallow deer

Albino Deer: With a ghost-like appearance, the albino deer is mostly or completely white. Although its color is a genetic trait, it is extremely rare.

67. Great Egret

White great egret

Great Egret: Distributed across most of the tropical and warmer temperate regions of the world, the great egret builds its nests in colonies close to the water. This large bird has white plumage, yellow bill, and black legs.

68. White Park Cattle

White park cow

White Park Cattle: This rare breed of horned cattle is native to Great Britain and the earliest references to this breed date back to pre-Christian Irish epics.

69. Dwarf Hotot Rabbit

White hotot rabbit

Dwarf Hotot Rabbit: This domesticated rabbit has an entirely white coat with the exception of black circles around the eyes. Once fully grown, Dwarf Hotot rabbits weigh no more than 3.5 pounds.

70. Shagya Arabian

White horse running

Shagya Arabian: This horse breed developed in the Austro-Hungarian Empire is often gray, but it may be in other colors such as bay, chestnut, and white.

71. Samoyed Dog

White samoyed dog

Samoyed Dog: Gentle and friendly, the Samoyed dog has a thick all-white coat, that may also be cream in color.

72. Brahma Chicken

White brahma chicken

Brahma Chicken: This massive chicken was developed in the United States and has three recognized color varieties: buff, dark, and light. The light Brahma has a white base color.

73. Beluga Whale

White beluga whale

Beluga Whale: Also known as the white whale, the beluga has high-pitched calls and lives in the cold waters of the Arctic. Something particular about this whale is its round head. The life expectancy of a beluga whale is 35-50 years.

74. White Persian Cat

White persian cat

White Persian Cat: This long-haired cat may have a wide range of color variations, but its most common ones are white and cream. The Persian cat was imported into Italy from Persia around 1620 and not long after that its popularity spread across the world.

75. White-Tailed Ptarmigan

White tailed ptarmigan

White-Tailed Ptarmigan: In the summer months, the white-tailed ptarmigan is a speckled grayish brown with white underparts, tail and wings. Its plumage change to reddish-brown while more white feathers grow in the fall. When winter comes, this bird is completely white.

76. Grub

White worm larvae

Grub: Grubs are the thick larvae from beetles and may be creamy or white in color. The larvae are a natural stage in the beetle life cycle. In many species, these larvae increase in size as they eat more food.

77. White Koi

White butterfly koi fish

White Koi: The ogon koi has one solid color that can either be metallic or regular. This fish can come in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, cream, red, white, and platinum.

78. Sand Dollar

White sand dollars on sand

Sand Dollar: These flat sea urchins average one to four inches in size and have a petal-like pattern. The velvety spines of live sand dollars can appear in a variety of colors, such as violet, purple, blue, and green. However, deceased individuals are typically found with their empty skeleton devoid of all surface material and bleached white by sunlight.

79. Black-Veined White Butterfly

White black-veined butterfly

Black-Veined White Butterfly: This large butterfly (2 to 2.8 inches) has white translucent wings with black veins. It occurs in open forests, orchards, meadows, and grazing lands throughout Asia and most of Europe.

80. White Nudibranch

White nudibranch

White Nudibranch: This species of sea slug has an elongated shape with translucent off-white color and yellow edges. It is found on rocky and coral reefs.

81. Saanen Goat

White saanen goat

Saanen Goat: This Swiss breed of domestic goat has a short white coat and may be horned or not. The Saanen goat is Switzerland’s most productive milk. The country is famous for having the most productive milking goats in the world.

82. Maltese

White maltese dog

Maltese: This cute little dog grows up to 7 to 9 inches in height and weighs no more than 7 pounds. Besides, this dog has a silky white coat and is very playful.

83. Albino Alligator

White albino alligator

Albino Alligator: These ghost-like alligators lack the ability to produce melanin in their skin, giving them a yellowish-white color while their eyes have a pinkish hue.

84. Arabian Oryx

White Arabian oryx
Arabian oryx

Arabian oryx: This white antelope has distinct features and is originally from Arabian Peninsula.

85. Panda

Black and white panda
Black and white panda

Panda: Originating from south-central China, this black and white animal has a thick bi-colored coat.

86. Whooping Crane

White whooping crane

Whooping crane: This white bird is the tallest species found in North America.

87. Harp Seal

White harp seal

Harp Seal: Also known as Greenland seal, these mammals have pure black eyes, and while adults are gray, pups are white. They are distributed along the eastern coast of Canada and Greenland to north Norway.

88. Alpaca

White alpaca

Alpaca: Mostly white, this species is from the South American camelid mammal.

89. White Pomeranian Dog

White pomeranian dog

White Pomeranian Dog: This toy breed has a thick white coat and it may grow up to 6 to 7 inches, weighing no more than 3 to 7 pounds. It is a lively and playful companionship, although some owners report their barking as excessive.

90. Winter White Dwarf Hamster

White dwarf hamster

Winter White Dwarf Hamster: Also known as the Siberian dwarf hamster, this little mammal has a thick, dark gray coat that turns snow white as winter approaches. It is a popular pet in North America and Europe.

91. Emden Geese

White emden geese

Emden Geese: Dating back to the 13th century, the Emden is the oldest and heaviest goose breed in Germany. An adult male may weigh up to 26.5 pounds.

92. Snow Petrel

White snow petrel

Snow petrel: This bird is one of the white things in nature found in the south pole.

93. Polar Bear

White polar bear
Polar Bear

Polar bear: Found in the arctic, it’s the largest species and among the things that are white in nature.

94. White Hawk

White Hawk
White Hawk

White hawk: This bird is mostly covered in white feathers and mainly feeds on reptiles and mammals.

95. Arctic Hare

White arctic hare

Arctic hare: The hare species are one of the white things typically living in the arctic.

96. White Cockatoo

White cockatoo
White cockatoo

White cockatoo: This bird is endemic to the Indonesian island and is one of the prettiest things that are white.

97. Emperor Penguin

Black, white, and gray penguins
Black, white, and gray penguins

Emperor penguin: A black and white-colored penguin among the largest species found in Antarctica.

98. White Tern

White Artic tern
Arctic tern

White tern: The bird is found across the tropical oceans and has a beautiful white body.

99. Yellow-Crested Cockatoo

White cocktatoo

Yellow-crested cockatoo: A white plumage medium-sized bird with a retractile crest that’s yellow or orange.

100. Seagull

White seagull

Seagull: Gray or white large-sized birds having black markings on the head and wings.

101. White Leghorn

White leghorn chicken

White Leghorn: Originally from Tuscany, this chicken breed may have about ten color varieties, including white, black, and brown. Leghorns lay on average about 280 white eggs per year.

102. White Eggs

White eggs

White Eggs: Many breeds of chicken lay white eggs, the most popular include White Leghorn, Andalusian, Polish, Ancona, Egyptian Fayoumis, Hamburg, and California White.

103. Snowy Owl

White snowy owl

Snowy Owl: Also known as the Arctic Owl, this large, white bird has largely white plumage. Males tend to be lighter than females, which have dark brown flecks.

Things That Are White in Nature

As said, white isn’t as popular in nature as most of the spectrum’s main colors. Still, we think we did a great work putting together this huge list with the 103 naturally white things.

So, did we forget something? Please, let us know in the comments!

We promise to continually update this article as we come across more naturally white things.

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A bathtub, sink & toilet. White hair & beard. (Santa Claus, LOL!!) A kararte kimono & belt. A classic mens' white shirt. Standard bedsheets. Lampshades are usually white. Paper bowls & styrofoam cups. The White House, LOL!! A blank Word document (computer screen). Elephant ivory. Piano keys. Frosting (on cinnamon rolls). Ski lipbalm that leaves a cool white film. White lipstick. Amino acid supplement pills. Aspirin. A sheet of paper. A night cap (hat). What is that already, like almost 100 more?? LOL! I'm gonna have to refresh this page after *drum roll* a very WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! (White snow star Christmas oranments!) :D

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