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White Things: 50+ Things That Are White in Nature

Most white things in nature are found in our flora. But, can you name 10 white animals or foods?

While white is a standard color in nature, it hardly ever is predominant. On the contrary, it often appears together with other colors, as we will mention below.

In today’s article, we will talk about things that are white in nature, meaning naturally white things. We hope you enjoy it.

Would you add something white to this list?

What is associated with white?

White is the color of purity, serenity, and cleanliness. It symbolizes new beginnings like the blank page of a notebook.

It’s a relaxing color that hardly ever is people’s favorite color despite being present in most people’s houses.

A visual list of things that are white

White things

Here’s an extensive list of animals, plants, foods, and things that are naturally white.

White animals

  • Bali myna: The Indonesian medium-sized bird is among the prettiest white things in nature.
  • Albino squirrel: This particular squirrel is white due to a genetic aberration and also the rarest.
  • Albino crow: Among the white things in nature, this albino bird is unique.
  • Ivory gull: A small-sized white bird species found in the arctic in a circumpolar distribution.
  • White peacock: This bird from the Phasianidae family is among the things that are white and beautiful.
  • Swan: This bird species is white and among the largest flying birds on earth.
  • African spoonbill: This white long-legged wading bird is widespread across some African countries.
  • Arctic fox: This fox species is one of the cutest things that are white living in the arctic.
  • Ermine: Short and stoat, this weasel is circumpolar distributed with a white winter coat.
  • Arctic wolf: This medium-sized white wolf is a subspecies of grey wolf originally from Canada.
  • Arabian oryx: This white antelope has distinct features and is originally from Arabian Peninsula.
  • Panda: Originating from south-central china and has a coat that’s black and white.
  • Whooping crane: This white bird is the tallest species found in North America.
  • Alpaca: Mostly white, this species is from the South American camelid mammal.
  • Snow petrel: This bird is one of the white things in nature found in the south pole.
  • Polar bear: Found in the arctic, it’s the largest species and among the things that are white in nature.
  • White hawk: This bird is mostly covered in white feathers and mainly feeds on reptiles and mammals.
  • Arctic hare: The hare species are one of the white things typically living in the arctic.
  • White cockatoo: This bird is endemic to the Indonesian island and is one of the prettiest things that are white.
  • Emperor penguin: A black and white-colored penguin among the largest species found in Antarctica.
  • White tern: The bird is found across the tropical oceans and has a beautiful white body.
  • Yellow-crested cockatoo: A white plumage medium-sized bird with a retractile crest that’s yellow or orange.
  • Seagull: Gray or white large-sized birds having black markings on the head and wings.
White swan in foggy lake

White foods

  • Cauliflower: A type of vegetable reproduced by seed and one of the rare white things that are edible.
  • Onion: A vegetable ideal for spicing dishes and various colors, e.g., white, red, etc.
  • Garlic: A special garlic white species in nature and originating from central Asia and northeastern Iran.
  • White beans: Native to the Americans, this white bean has a slightly flattened oval shape.
  • Coconut flesh: One of the white things is this coconut meat that’s edible when fresh or dried.
  • Garden asparagus: This plant can be white when blanched or kept out of sunlight.
  • Celeriac: It’s a type of root vegetable cultivated for its whitish edible stem and shoots.
  • Milk: Nutrient-rich liquid produced from a mammal’s mammary glands. Milk is one of the white things most consumed in the world.
White daisies

White plants

  • White rose: This is a woody perennial flower plant and one of the prettiest things that are white.
  • Calla lily: originating from southern Africa, this plant produces pure white spathe and a yellow spadix.
  • White tulip: A large white flower has a colored scar at the base of the tepals.
  • White hibiscus: From a mallow family genus, this plant has white flowers trumpet-shaped.
  • Daisy: A perennial herbaceous plant having short creeping rhizomes and a white flower.
  • White Daffodil: The flower has large white petals and a small flat cup that’s yellow ringed.
  • Jasmine: A white flower in the genus of shrubs and vines and an olive family member.
  • White anemone: A beautiful seasonal weather flower with white petals having a darker center.
  • Trumpet Flower: Are woody trees or shrubs with beautiful pendulous white, among other color varieties.
  • White begonia: This white flower has perennial tender rows packed with smooth petals.
  • Moonflower: A species of the ipomoea having a white flower originating from the north and south America.
  • White cosmo: A herbaceous perennial plant having a white flower and a native to scrubs and meadowland.
  • White Hyacinth: Another beautiful flower from the lily family having an extraordinary white bloom.
  • White Alstroemeria: Originally from the family of Alstroemeriaceae, this flowering plant has attractive white flowers.
  • White foxgloves: A rare plant found in the wild that produces white flowers 3 inches long.
  • White lilac: A plant that’s 12 to 15 feet high, having white flowers with a fragrance.
  • White lupine: Originally from the Mediterranean, this plant has white flowers.
  • Tuberose: Originally from native Mexico, this plant has sweet white flowers that are scented.
  • White marigold: one of the whitest marigold plants with ample blossoms ideal for brightening gardens.
  • White Waterlily: One of the aquatic things that are white belonging to the genus nymphaea.

Things that are white in nature

As said, white isn’t as popular in nature as most of the spectrum’s main colors. Still, we think we did a great work putting together this huge list with the 50+ naturally white things.

So, did we forget something? Please, let us know in the comments!

We promise to continually update this article as we come across more naturally white things.

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