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Orange Things: 50+ Things That Are Orange in Nature

Here’s a list of orange things you can find in nature.

Orange is a dynamic color that is quite rare compared to its warm counterparts–yellow and red.

Still, we managed to put together this list with incredible things that are naturally orange, meaning nothing with artificial alterations.

Namely, we will cover orange animals, foods, plants, and random things in nature. Enjoy!

What is associated with orange?

Orange is often associated with warmth, adventure, and change. The color of fire always warns us about the evolution of the seasons. In the same breath, it demands dynamism and an open-minded outlook in life.

Despite its positive associations, orange is one of the least favorite colors of the spectrum.

A visual list of things that are orange

Orange things

Here’s a massive list of animals, foods, plants, and random things that are naturally orange.

Orange animals

  • Monarch Butterfly: One of the most popular butterfly species, it has orange wings lined with artistic black lines.
  •  Baboon Tarantula: Also known as King Baboon Spider, it has a dark orange, almost brown color.
  •  Japanese Spider Crab: A giant sea crab native to Japan. It has a mottled, bright orange body.
  •  Red eft: This species of newts has bright orange skin and is one of the most beautiful orange things in this world.
  •  Cock-of-the-Rock: Regarded as the national bird of Peru, this large bird has brilliant orange feathers.
  •  Orange Spiny-tailed Lizard: Found in rocky areas, this lizard is known for its black patterned orange skin.
  •  Orangutan: They are great apes that live in the rainforests and have long, orange-brown hair.
  •  Clownfish: Also known as anemonefish, they have a bright orange color with white stripes.
  •  Ginger cat: Another of the orange things in nature, it is known for its fluffy orange-brown fur.
  •  Red fox: The largest fox species, it is known for its reddish-orange fur and black stockings.
  •  Venezuelan troupial: Venezuela’s national bird known for its bright orange feathers and black wings.
  •  Bengal tiger: One of the popular things that are orange is this large predator tiger with mellow orange fur and black stripes.
  •  Eurasian Bullfinch: A medium-sized, round bird known for its bright orange underbelly area and black wings.
  •  Irish setter: A breed of gundog with a long, silky, red-orange fur that feathers in certain areas.
  •  Goldfish: A small, freshwater, indoor aquarium fish with a bright, golden-orange color
  •  Flame robin: Native to Australia, this beautiful bird has bright orange feathers from its neck to its underbelly.
  •  Corn snake: Another orange thing, this North American snake has bright orange scales and subtle brown patterns.
  •  Golden poison frog: One of the unique things that are orange, this species’ colors vary from bright yellow to a brilliant orange.
  •  Julia butterfly: This is a brush-footed butterfly native to Brazil. It has a bright orange color with black patterns.
  •  Mexican Silverspot Butterfly: Found in Northern US, this orange-colored butterfly is one of the orange things in nature.
  •  Orange Bishop Bird: Also called red bishop or orange bishop, it has a brilliant orange plumage and black crown.
Orange fruit

Orange plants

  •  Bird of paradise: Bird of paradise is a popular houseplant, or garden addition in warmer climates, producing beautiful orange flowers reminiscent of flying birds.
  • Chrysanthemum: A flowering plant species with various colors, the orange Chrysanthemum is one of the prettiest things that are orange.
  •  Orange lily: The orange variant of this flower species is bright and fragrant.
  •  Ranunculus orange: Also known as Persian Buttercups, this rose-like flower has large, beautiful, glowing orange petals.
  •  Orange Bulbine: This plant grows in clumps and has slender flower stalks with bright orange buds.
  •  Orange Alstroemeria: This is a species of lilies with brilliant orange flowers that look like orchids.
  •  Orange Lantana: A flowering shrub plant with tiny, flaming orange flowers that grow in clusters.
  •  Marigold: Also known as French Marigold, these plants have brilliant orange blooms and are edible.
  • Gerbera: Commonly known as the African Daisy, this species of daisies has bright orange blooms.
  •  California poppy: A Californian flower featuring classic bright orange petals and used for ornamental and medicinal purposes.
Orange pumpkins during Halloween
Orange is one of the Halloween colors

Orange foods

  •  Papaya: Also called Pawpaw, this juicy, delicious fruit has a creamy, bright orange, edible flesh.
  •  Kumquat fruit: A small, sweet and sour fruit of the citrus family, it has a bright orange color.
  •  Persimmon: This is an edible Asian fruit with bright orange skin and juicy pale orange flesh.
  •  Apricot: A small, tart fruit shaped like a peach, it has fibrous orange flesh.
  •  Santol fruit: A round, tropical fruit with juicy, cotton-like flesh with a pale orange color.
  •  Orange bell pepper: A big bell-shaped, orange-colored pepper used in salads, soups, and sauces.
  •  Pumpkin: A round vegetable of the squash species, it has thick, bright orange skin.
  •  Orange: A juicy, citrus fruit named after the color orange featuring a bright orange skin and pulpy orange flesh.
  •  Habanero Peppers: A very hot and spicy, bright orange pepper, it is a popular orange thing.
  •  Butternut squash: One of the most unique orange things, this squash has tan skin and bright orange flesh.
  •  Tangerine: One of the things that are orange is the juicy orange-colored hybrid citrus fruit.
  •  Clementine: Another hybrid citrus fruit, it has bright orange skin and a tangy, bright orange flesh.
  •  Salmon flesh: The salmon fish’s edible flesh is known for its bright orange and sometimes reddish-orange color.
  •  Carrot: A crunchy root vegetable with a bright orange color, it is used in salads and juices.
  •  Aji Amarillo: One of the hottest orange things, this pepper species has a bright orange color.
Bichromatic Tourmaline Crystal Gem
Bichromatic Tourmaline Crystal Gem

Orange things

  •  Maple tree leaves during fall: The Maple tree leaves take on a bright orange hue during fall.
  •  Fire: One of the wildest orange things, its flames, is created by combustion and has a bright orange color.
  •  Sunset: This is the time of day when the sun goes down. The sky takes on a bright orange hue.
  •  Carnelian: One of the most precious orange things is this reddish-orange, semi-precious stone.
  •  Sunstone: Top on the list of things that are orange, it is a glittery gemstone with a pale orange color.

Things that are orange in nature

As said, orange isn’t one of the most common colors in nature. Still, we think we did an amazing job putting together this massive list with the 50+ naturally orange things.

Did we forget something? Let us know in the comments!

We promise to continually update this article as we come across more naturally orange things.

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