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Meaning of the Color Royal Blue And Its Symbolism

Royal blue is the color of sophistication, trustworthiness, and royalty

As part of the Color Meaning Series, we’ll discuss the symbolism and meaning of the color royal blue.

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Summary of the meanings of the color royal blue
Royal blue color meanings

Where can we find the meaning of the color royal blue?

Royal blue is a vivid shade of blue that can be used in the most varied situations—after all, this deep blue is a highly versatile color.

Needless to say but this rich blue is a brilliant color that can be easily used for a tasteful pop of color in your design.

The color royal blue is mostly used in logos, formal attire, and interior decor, thanks to its obvious association with royalty. Besides being a regal color, royal blue has many other meanings, as we will see in this article.

Whether you want an intense web design project or fashionable interior decor, royal blue is your go-to color if you want to make a statement in your design.

Today, we’ll talk about the symbolism and meaning of royal blue, its physical effects, and beautiful color combinations–all about the fashionable royal blue.

Royal Blue Color Codes

HEX #4169E1

RGB 225, 71, 88

CMYK 71, 53, 0, 12

HSL 225, 73, 57

HSB 225, 71, 88


Brief History of Royal Blue

The term “royal blue” dates to 1810 when clothiers in Somerset, England, won a competition to create a new dress for Queen Charlotte.

Royal blue became an incredibly popular color as Queen Charlotte loved it so much that she incorporated this vivid blue into her entire wardrobe, although it was a darker color before the 1950s and was redefined with the advent of computer RGB color charts.

Besides that, royal blue has two variations, queen blue and imperial blue, which are medium tones of this regal color.

Royal blue is an official color used in the flags of American Samoa, Cayman Islands, the European Union, Galicia, Georgia, Israel, New Zealand, Texas, Tuvalu, and the United Kingdom.

Psychological Meaning of Royal Blue

Royal blue pattern with golden crowns

Royal Blue Color Meaning

Here’s some insight into the meaning of royal blue, according to color psychology.


While many people often confuse imperial blue, navy blue, and royal blue, they have subtle differences and are unique. Royal blue is brighter and more saturated than navy blue and contains purple and red undertones.

No matter where it appears, it adds an instant dose of cool sophistication thanks to its roots in English royalty.


The royal blue color meaning varies as it can evoke a feeling of trust and feeling safe like blue makes us feel. It is a non-polarized color that makes us feel safe in its presence.


Alternatively, the royal blue color means tranquillity, like the peaceful feeling a clear blue sky evokes on a hot summer’s day or the gentle waves of the vast blue ocean glistening in the sun.

So, royal blue is a peaceful and relaxing color that is perfect for a bedroom, for example.


Another royal blue color meaning includes being reliable and dependable. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many famous company logos are mostly blue as it makes people feel that they are trustworthy and highly competent.

Because of its formality, it instills a feeling of honesty. A feeling that you can count on it.

Woman wearing a fashionable royal blue outfit
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While the meaning of royal blue can also symbolize compassion and a safe space to be emotionally vulnerable in, it is also linked to depression and singing “the blues.”

This sense of profound sadness or depression may be linked to a loved one who is very sick or dying, as their face will turn blue.

Even though royal blue is simply a vivid shade of blue, it has a not-so-pronounced sadness vibe because it is a vibrant, rich color.


Other negative royal blue color meanings include being cold, clinical, or impersonal, like a hospital room that feels uninviting, or being fragile, and not feeling capable of withstanding emotional turmoil or a difficult period in your life.


Furthermore, royal blue could also indicate that a person is ultra-conservative, traditionalist, authoritative, and weak-minded.

Appetite Suppressant

The meaning of the color royal blue can also be negative as it is linked to poisonous food and can be rarely found in nature, so blue-hued paint should be avoided to decorate kitchen walls or dining areas as it is an appetite suppressant.

Elegant royal blue fabric

Colors That Go With Royal blue

While royal blue is an incredibly peaceful and welcoming color with its vibrant red undertones, it should ideally not dominate a room and be harmonized with complimentary or analogous colors.

So, here are the best fabulous colors that go with royal blue to create a soothing or bright living space with a bold contrasting palette.

Royal blue and yellowwhile these colors complement each other perfectly to create a vibrant, happy living space, they are bright hues that need to be used sparingly. So, the best bet would be: 60% to be painted in a neutral color, with 30% royal blue and 10% yellow colored accessories.

Royal blue and ivory/whiteare a perfect color combination as they harmonize well and have a peaceful effect, so it’s perfect for novice decorators or graphic designers seeking a clean look. Simply mix royal blue furniture with brilliantly white accessories and ivory or warm neutral-colored walls.

Royal blue and hot pink – this bold pairing creates a vibrant living space as they both have red undertones. Hot pink provides an uplifting pop of color and summertime energy when matched with bright colors like royal blue. So, it’s the ideal combination for happy playrooms.

Royal blue and orangeis a vibrant combination that makes a statement, especially if you pair royal blue painted walls with bold orange furniture. After all, orange is true blue’s complementary color. However, if you prefer a more harmonious look, mainly use neutral colors accented by royal blue and orange décor items.

Blue couch with red and orange accents in a white living room

Royal blue and gold – complement each other greatly, especially when combined with a neutral white color to create an elegant web design or living space that exudes sophistication. You can pair royal blue painted walls with white furniture and gold accessories like gilded frames or scatter cushions.

Royal blue and brownnatural wood colors pair beautifully with royal blue, and it’s a great color pairing for nature lovers who want to bring the outdoors in. While honey-brown wood shades make royal blue more striking, darker shades create a more dramatic effect.

Royal blue and teal – is the perfect combination if you want a fun yet stylish look. However, use a predominantly neutral color as a foundation (60%), then add 30% royal blue and 10% teal-colored accessories like bed throughs, or scatter cushions.

Royal blue and greenis a soothing color combination, especially if you pair bright royal blue with tranquil, light shades of green like olive, or sage, in a bathroom with wooden furniture. Simply paint the walls in a muted green color and accessorize with beautiful royal blue accessories.

Most Common Uses of the Color Royal Blue

  • Formal Attire
  • Logos
  • Make-up
  • Fabric/clothing
  • Interior design

Royal blue means: sophistication, trustworthiness, and royalty
Effects of royal blue: relaxing, calming, comforting, and depressing
Positive traits: calm, honest, and reliable
Negative traits: cold, dependable, and authoritative