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16 Rose Color Meanings to Help You Pick the Perfect Bouquet

In today’s article, we’ll tackle the rose color meanings and symbolism.

Colors have meanings and multiple symbolism in every culture and are often used as a form of expression. 

There are moments when we may not want to use words when expressing our emotions. In these moments, using flowers is an appropriate substitute, and roses are popular flowers and classic ways to deliver messages. 

With a wide range of colors, rose flowers are suitable for family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Knowing the meaning of the color of roses gives you an idea of what rose to give whom.

Rose color meanings may vary depending on the shade of the color as well as the culture. 

That’s why understanding the meaning of the colors of roses allows you to send the right message without ambiguity.

Not only that, but understanding rose color meanings may aid you in selecting that beautiful bouquet for whatever purpose you have in mind, from gifting a loved one to placing a perfect bouquet on the dinner table for a burst of energy.

Rose Color Meanings

Below are the meanings of rose colors and how they can be used. However, if you want to gift a different flower than a rose, check out our guide to the language of flower color meanings.

Red Rose Meaning

Red roses bouquet and a heart ribbon

Rose meanings may vary depending on the shade. However, for this specific color, different shades of red are used in conveying varying degrees of passion.

Still, ultimately, red roses are used in conveying the simple message of ‘I love you,’ and they’re by far the most popular rose colors[1].

Of course, there are different types of love. Still, suppose you want to deliver a message that says passionate love, desire, or physical attraction. In that case, red roses are the best choice of flowers to use. 

You can gift red roses to your partner on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any day you wish to make them feel special and wanted.

Burgundy Rose Meaning

Burgundy rose color meaning
Burgundy roses

Burgundy is a sophisticated color that is often used in place of red. Burgundy roses mean unconscious beauty and have a much stronger symbolism than red regarding passion and desire.

Gift burgundy roses to someone you’re absolutely crazy about to express how passionate you are.

Also, these roses are usually used as wedding decorations because of their powerful symbolic meanings.

Pink Rose Meaning

Pink rose color meaning
Pink roses

As a common rose color, pink represents gentleness, purity, innocence, and platonic love. It can be given to someone you admire, a platonic friend, or even your co-workers.

Pink is also used to symbolize breast cancer awareness as it is sometimes used to wish good health and wellness.

There are different shades of pink, which naturally have different rose color meanings ranging from gentleness to gratitude.

Dark Pink Rose Meaning

Dark pink rose color meaning
Dark pink roses

Dark pink roses are typically used in expressing gratitude and appreciation. It also symbolizes grace and joy. Pink roses can be given to someone you deeply care about or admire whose feelings you do not want to hurt.

Generally, dark pink roses can be used in the absence of pale pink roses if the message you want to send is not ambiguous. Of course, a written note to express your feelings will make things less complicated in this case.

Still, like the color pink itself, this rose color also represents sweetness and romance.

Peach Rose Meaning

Peach rose color meaning
Peach roses

Peach is the best choice of color for a soft and understated look. The color represents modesty, gratitude, sincerity, and admiration.

You may send peach roses to people you feel deep appreciation for, those you admire, or to say “thank you.”

It can also be sent to friends, colleagues, and neighbors to show sympathy or condolence.

Salmon Rose Meaning

Salmon rose color meaning
Salmon rose

Salmon is between orange and peach with a touch of pink. It is a soft and gentle color that can be gifted to a romantic partner, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

Salmon are also used as symbols of excitement and enthusiasm. This makes it an excellent gift to show someone you appreciate and admire in an innocent way.

Ivory Rose Meaning

A wedding bouquet of ivory roses

As popular bridal roses, ivory roses represent grace, charm, thoughtfulness, and fascination. They are often referred to as cream roses as well.

Ivory roses are pretty similar to white roses, so it is easy to confuse one for the other.

Understanding the meaning of the color of roses may help make clear the uses of both the white and ivory rose.

It is perfect to gift people you admire or care about with no romantic feelings attached.

White Rose Meaning

White rose
White rose

White is the color of clarity, innocence, and purity.

These white flowers can be used in place of many other colors such as pink, blue, and red, which makes them suitable for conveying different messages.

White roses can convey eternal loyalty and young love, but also are also lovely flowers to have on the dinner table because white is a relaxing color.

In some places, white roses are used to express condolence and are given to those who have lost a loved one. This is why it is essential to understand rose color meanings across different cultures and religions.

Green Rose Meaning

Green rose color meaning
Green roses

In the meaning of the colors, green symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and fertility.

As such, gifting a beautiful bouquet of green roses reveals your positivity, excitement, and cheerfulness for dear one’s new beginning.

Not only that, but it also reveals your good health wishes to a dear one as green is an excellent healing color.

Also, because of its relation with growth and wealth, it means you wish them good luck and prosperity in a business deal or career.

Yellow Rose Meaning

Meaning of the yellow rose
Yellow rose

This bright color, yellow, is most suitable for friends, family, and colleagues, but never a romantic partner as there is no romantic love, passion, or romantic emotions attached to the color.

These beautiful yellow flowers convey happiness, joy, and friendship and are the perfect gift for any happy occasion.

That’s why yellow roses are used to show that you care about someone and wish them the best. It is also used to show cheerfulness and optimism.

Orange Rose Meaning

Orange rose color meaning
Orange roses

Orange is a blend of yellow and red and can convey a little of both rose color meanings.

Its close affiliation with yellow makes orange roses an excellent gift to convey joy, happiness, appreciation, and good luck. But because of the bold and softened red, it also symbolizes pure love.

The wild child of the rose family, orange roses, can be used to deliver the message of romance and passion, which is why some opt for orange roses as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Nevertheless, these flowers are an excellent gift to family, friends, and colleagues as well.

Purple Rose Meaning

Purple rose color meaning
Purple roses

Purple rose meanings are often centered on royalty and elegance. Back in the Victorian era, the purple color was worn by kings, queens, and people of power.

Because purple things are rare in nature, this color was used to distinguish the royals from the commoners.

You may gift purple roses to people you adore, value their opinion, or express your fascination. It can also be given on special occasions as it may stand out and make the receiver feel special.

Lavender Rose Meaning

Lavender rose color meaning
Lavender roses

Lavender roses are lighter shades of purple roses. This color, although very similar to purple, means completely different things.

Lavender roses are gifted to people you fall in love with ‘at first sight’, so unlike purple roses, it is used in conveying love and charm.

When you give a person, it means you are enthralled by their beauty, and you wish to get to know them more.

Blue Rose Meaning

Close up of blue rose
Blue rose

Blue roses are used to represent mystery, love, and desire.

Blue is the color of the never-ending sky and mighty sea. The calm hues of blue make it perfect as a symbolism of charm and uniqueness. After all, blue things are rare in nature.

You may gift blue roses to someone you feel a strong desire for or friends to wish them luck and charm.

Black Rose Meaning

Black rose over white background
Black rose

In rose color symbolism, black roses symbolize a wide range of things that include mourning and the end of a relationship.

Black roses are rare and unique. This makes them the perfect symbolism for mystery. As such, black roses are often used for Halloween decorations.

However, black also has many positive meanings, and that’s why black roses can stand for courage and power.

Multi-Colored Rose Meaning

Rainbow rose color meaning
Multi-colored roses (Rainbow roses)

Rainbow roses or multi-colored roses are a group of roses with the same type of multiple colors on their bloom or petals.

Their rainbow colors naturally exude happiness and fun, making these colorful roses a perfect birthday gift. They can also be given to friends, family, a romantic partner, or anyone really.

Because of their multitude of colors, they convey multiple emotions simultaneously. They are perfect for giving when you have a lot to say.

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