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Candle Colors Meaning: How to Use Each Type and Color of Candle

Here are the candle colors meanings so you can harness the practice of spell-casting!

Colors are an essential part of our lives that signifies things like emotions, people, culture, and in this case, spells.

Burning candles is an effective practice that is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual world and enhance psychic powers.

We must learn the different candle colors meanings to perfect candle magic as one of the ways self-illumination is achieved is by lighting other colored candles.

Colors for candles are not selected randomly. A lot of spiritual significance is placed upon choosing a candle for a specific purpose, and their meanings are based on the color magic principles.

Candle symbolism in worship is used in different cultures and religions, but in this case, knowing the meaning of the colors of candles adds specificity to the roles of the candles, which makes meditation and spell-casting more precise.

Knowing the meaning of colored candles and applying them in rituals and meditations are crucial to achieving a high spiritual state.

Burning white candle
Learn about the candle colors in this article!

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic mixes the different elements; fire, air, water, and earth with colors, oils, and herbs to create spells. However, the key element here is fire.

This fire acts as the transformational element required for all the changes you wish to see after performing your spell.

Fire changes everything, and even though many attribute it to destruction, it is not the only thing capable of. For example, controlled bush fires help to prepare the environment for fresh, new trees and vegetation. Without fire, we will never be able to prepare our meals.

Candle magic is performed to cast spells. Knowing the candle colors meanings helps you understand which color of candle you would need to use for the spell you want to cast.

For example, you may use a red-colored candle if you’re going to cast a love spell or a yellow-colored candle if you are looking for a job.

Black and red candles

The transformational property of fire and its ability to amplify and release energy need to be channeled into colored candles when burnt.

That’s why the colors of the candles should be specific to the spell you want to cast. Repeat with us: Knowing the meaning of the colors of candles will help me with spell-casting.

To perform candle magic accurately, you need to make your intentions clear and pure. Pick a candle color that best fits your wish and voice it out.

You may add herbs, oil, or gemstones to create a more balanced ambiance, but most importantly, you must know the meaning of the colors of candles. Let’s get to them!

Candle Colors and Days of the Week

Every day of the week, Sunday through Saturday, has its own magical correspondences such as deity associations, colors, planets, crystals/gemstones, and herbs.

These magical correspondences for each day all have the same sort of vibrations, meaning they work in harmony with one another.

As a result, you can strengthen your magic and consolidate the punch of your charms by combining these multiple items together in spell-work.

Here are the seven candle colors of the week:

  • Sunday: gold and orange
  • Monday: silver, white, and gray
  • Tuesday: red and autumn shades
  • Wednesday: yellow and gray
  • Thursday: purple and deep blue
  • Friday: light blue, green, pink, copper hues
  • Saturday: maroon, dark shades, black
Magic potions and varied candle colors

Types of Spell Candles 

Depending on the spell you want to cast, some types of candles might make more sense to use than others. Check below the main types of spell candles you can use:

  • Double action candle: a double-action candle is essentially two spell candles in one – a black candle to reverse and remove negativity and a colored part to bring what you desire – always burn the candle starting with the black side.
  • Reversible: to reverse a spell, especially one placed on you with evil intentions. A reversing candle can also be used for other types of reversals, such as bad fortune or luck.
  • 7 Knob: mainly used for sympathetic magic, which is a great way to bring emotional healing, prosperity, love, or any other magic goal you can think of.
  • Colored figure: to represent a particular person.
  • Adam and Eve: to strengthen the passion and to bind your love with each other. Use this candle to keep your love strong. 
  • Witch candles: to manifest, set intentions, express affirmations, and pay tribute to faith or lost loved ones. 

How to Use Each Type and Color of Candle Based on Your Purpose

These types and color combinations are just a portion of the possibilities you can use during spell casting.

  • Pink and green double-action candle: Draw abundance of love and prosperity.
  • Red and black reversible candle: reverse evil spells cast on you.
  • Yellow 7 knob candle: Bring happiness to your life.
  • White-colored figure: Draw peace and bless a person you love.
  • Red Adam and Eve Candle: Bring passion and heat up a relationship.
  • Red witch candle: To empower whatever affirmation you want. Be sure to write it on a white piece of paper and place it underneath the candle.
Purple candle on bathtub edge

Candle Flame Meanings

According to Grove and Grotto’s The Candle Signs Dictionary, flames’ color has as many meanings as the candle color:

  • Blue candle flame: it symbolizes the presence of a spirit. This can be an angel, fairy, or other highly evolved spiritual entity.
  • Red or yellow candle flame: it means that mundane energy, not spiritual, fuels the burn and can also be powerful.

Meanings of the Candle Colors

Here’re the meanings of the candle colors in no particular order. Happy spell-casting!

White Candle Meaning

White is often seen as a ‘pure’ color as well as where every other color originates. It symbolizes consciousness.

In spell-casting, you may burn white candles if you seek protection from harm, purification, or healing.

A white candle can be used in the absence of other colored candles as white colors contain the energy of the colors that originate from them.

Further out, white is also used by those who seek new beginnings and order in their lives.

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White candle color meanings

Gray Candle Meaning

This colored candle is used during the pondering of complex matters because it is a neutral color.

Also, a gray candle tends to remove and block every form of negative energy without repercussions during your mediation.

It can also represent balance, encourage stability, and help develop psychic abilities. In magic, this color often sparks confusion.

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Gray candle color meanings

Black Candle Meaning

A black-colored candle does not and should not represent evil or harm. Instead, it should be used in rituals or spell-casting to protect from harm.

Like the color black, the black candle generally symbolizes protection by way of absorbing negative energy and then repelling them.

It can also be used for banishing, binding, and shape-shifting spells.

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Black candle color meanings

Red Candle Meaning

Red represents a wide range of things like love and danger. It also represents lust, courage, anger, energy, fertility, and physical pleasure.

Burning red candles for meditation helps you connect to the physical world, which involves pleasure, desire, success, and joy.

You may burn red candles for love, personal power, respect, and to cleanse negative attitudes.

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Red candle color meanings

Brown Candle Meaning

Brown candles are used when you need to cast spells or perform rituals for balance, reconnection, or rediscovery of lost friendships and family ties; and eliminate chaos.

It also represents grounding and earthly sentiments because brown is the color of the earth. This signifies balance and connection with mother nature. The land is solid therefore balanced and strong.

Brown also offers money and home protection as it is connected with worldly earthy things. Protects practical matters.

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Brown candle color meanings

Orange Candle Meaning

An orange-colored dress is often a hit or miss depending on who wears it.

This is not necessarily because it is not suitable to be worn, but because the wearer needs to be able to. This is why wearing orange-colored clothing is often seen as daring just like the color orange itself.

This also goes for burning orange-colored candles. You need to be bold to do so as it means you require aggressive and instant change, powerful like the fire.

This can be used to achieve success in weddings or businesses as your boldness creates excellent opportunities.

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Orange candle color meanings

Yellow Candle Meaning

Yellow is a vibrant color, and as such, it is burned when you seek something energetic. It symbolizes the mind, memory, and intelligence.

When you meditate with a yellow candle, you could increase your logical imagination as well as accelerate learning.

This color represents the sun, where all forms of energy are linked. Therefore, yellow-colored candles can be used to break mental barriers.

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Yellow candle color meanings

Gold Candle Meaning

Gold represents wealth and good fortune. Because of this, those who seek power, success, protection, and fortune/wealth should burn gold candles.

It is the symbolism of pure light; therefore, there is no hindrance to its connection to the universe. It can also be burned if you seek enlightenment or happiness.

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Gold candle color meanings

Copper Candle Meaning

The color copper symbolizes fertility. You should burn a copper-colored candle if you seek growth in your career or business.

Burn a copper candle if you want an enhancement or promotion in your line of work, as well as if you meet a roadblock while pursuing your passion.

Copper candles may be as effective as gold candles when you burn them to increase wealth, however, copper is more down to earth than other metal shades.

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Copper candle color meanings

Silver Candle Meaning

Silver candles are burned by those seeking to get broader intuition. It plays a massive role in telepathy.

It is believed to have lunar/feminine connections and cosmic energy and, as such, helps to improve reflection during meditation and removes negativity.

Also, silver candles are often used to cast spells involving dreams and clarity because silver color enhances clairvoyance, increasing awareness and perception.

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Silver candle color meanings

Green Candle Meaning

Green is the color of vegetation, rich and in abundance. Therefore green candles are burned to seek prosperity and emotional healing.

You may want financial success and wealth in your business; burn green candles during your meditation.

The belief that green candles symbolize wealth can be traced back to when success is determined by how bountiful one’s harvest is. Green candles can also be used to facilitate healing and spiritual growth.

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Green candle color meanings

Blue Candle Meaning

Blue represents calm energy with a lot of reserved power underneath, just like the ocean. There are many shades of blue, each has its own uses.

A light blue candle is burned by those who seek inspiration, guidance, and emotional healing.

A dark blue candle is used to cast spells involving happiness, harmony, joy, and peace. Royal blue candles are used in rituals that seek to find the truth and enhance communication.

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Blue candle color meanings

Purple Candle Meaning

The color purple is a bright and satisfying hue; hence, it is used to redirect negative energy.

It is also believed by some to be connected to the third eye. This means that those who meditate while burning purple candles seek to expand and broaden their spiritual knowledge.

When you cast spells with purple candles, you may get the chance to connect with the spiritual realm, gain spiritual protection or find hidden meanings to spiritual ambiguity.

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Purple candle color meanings

Pink Candle Meaning

Love, friendship, and faith are all represented by the color pink. Many shades of pink are bright and are often used to express universal love. They also carry a positive feminine energy.

Burning pink candles can be used in casting spells for attention. It can also be used to cast love spells. Anyone who casts spells using a pink candle must be ready for the devotion that may come afterward.

Rituals performed using pink candles are also used for spiritual healing purposes.

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Pink candle color meanings

Wrapping Up on the Candle Colors Meanings

Candle magic is easy and uncomplicated. Knowing the meaning of the colors of candles gives you a well-rounded idea of how to perform rituals.

The significance of candle colors meanings to perform candle magic cannot be overemphasized. As such, importance should be placed on learning every color and how it can be used.

Generally, knowing the meaning of the colors of candles facilitates the opening of a passageway to connect the physical to the spiritual.

The meaning of colored candles combined with knowledge of candle magic provides the perfect recipe for spell-casting and rituals.

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