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Angel Colors: What Do They Mean?

Angels often depict themselves in the form of color, and you can use angel colors to connect with your angels and God.

While the rainbow colors inspire us in many ways, some rays of sunlight may actually come from angels—you just need to read their colors.

Angel colors are based on seven light rays, and each has a different meaning. Some even believe angels communicate with us by sending butterflies in different colors or through colors in dreams.

This post gives you a deeper understanding of the angel colors and how you can use them to reach your angels.

If you feel stuck, lost, or need guidance but need to know how to contact your angels, we’re here to help. 

Our guide on understanding angel colors will give you the base you need to better comprehend angel colors and how to use them to strengthen your bond with your angels and God.

So, what do the angel colors mean? Keep reading to find out!

Pair of angel wings in front of a rainbow arc against a beautiful blue sky

Angel Colors And The Days Of The Week

Each day of the week is ruled by one of the seven archangels. Like zodiac colors, angel colors can help you align with your life purpose and overcome challenges. 

Here are the angels and their respective colors of the day:

Sunday – Michael, blue

Monday – Gabriel, white

Tuesday – Chamuel, pink

Wednesday – Raphael, green

Thursday – Zadkiel, purple

Friday – Uriel, red

Zaterdag – Jophiel, yellow

Angel Colors And Their Meanings

Each angel color carries a specific energy and vibration. 

Depending on which angel you want to contact, you’ll need to understand what each of the seven angel colors means and which guardian angel is associated with them, so you can call on the most suitable angel to help guide you and comfort you.


The angel color white represents new beginnings, like a blank page of a notebook ready to bring a unique story to life.

It doesn’t surprise us that white is the angel color associated with Gabriel, considered the angel of revelation and annunciation in biblical literature.

White also symbolizes the harmony of holiness and purity. Beyond that, white is linked to unity, sincerity, and peace and is considered a healing color.

In addition, white light is associated with divine protection and is usually used to purify your body and mind and deepen your connection with God and the angels. 

Archangel color: White is associated with the archangel Gabriel.

White clouds against a blue sky


The angel color red is the color of strength, power, and passion. 

Red strongly relates to the fire energy within us and is used when we need change and movement and to be our own warriors. 

The archangel color red is about offering wise service and providing you with wisdom, finding your power within, and self-reliance.

Archangel color: Uriel is the angel of wisdom, truth, and faith and is the angel that is called upon using the color red.


The angel color yellow represents joy, happiness, and spirituality. The angel color yellow unlocks your spirituality and allows you to access your inner wisdom and purpose. 

If you feel guided to follow your purpose or calling, you can use the bright color yellow. This archangel color also represents the wisdom of God.

Archangel color: Archangel Jophiel is seen as a ray of light and hope, as well as the positive side of everything. In truth, the beauty of life. Jophiel is the angel you’ll see when calling upon the color yellow.


The angel color green represents growth, financial gain, luck, and fertility. 

Green is an archangel color and is also closely linked to nature and, when invoked, helps you feel rested and rejuvenated and restores your life force energy. 

If you are looking to take better care of yourself, need to connect with nature, or need help with a financial situation, then green is the color that should be called upon. 

Archangel color: Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, is called upon when using green. 


Blue is an angel color of tranquility, peace, communication, and protection. 

When you’re looking for protection or need help communicating, you can call on the color blue and all the angels associated with this color. Many also consider the color blue the Holy Spirit.

Archangel color: Blue represents the archangel Michael, the captain of the holy angels who is the protector and defender of all things in the universe. 

White dove and colors of the rainbow against a blue sky


Purple represents compassion, mercy, transformation, and freedom. 

This angel color is used when needing wisdom for decisions, undergoing a soul transformation, or when you need to be more compassionate.

Archangel color: Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of mercy, freedom, and kindness and is the angel that will guide you when you use the color purple. 


The angel color pink is the color of love, selflessness, and kindness. Pink also represents Father’s heavenly care. 

As such, pink carries an important significance regarding self-love and unconditional love.

When you need healing, self-love, and unconditional love towards others, you can ask for angel help while visualizing the color pink.

Archangel color: Archangel Chamuel is the angel of pink and an angel that reminds us to embrace love and kindness towards others and ourselves.

Angel Colors In A Nutshell

White – Gabriel, the angel of revelation and annunciation

Green – Raphael, the angel of healing and wellness

Blue – Michael, the great captain of angels

Yellow – Jophiel, the angel of beauty

Red – Uriel, the angel of wisdom

Purple – Zadkiel, the angel of mercy and benevolence

Pink – Chamuel, the angel of pure love and peace

How To Use Angel Colors To Connect With Your Angels

Connecting with the angels is simple; all you need to do is call upon them. 

But sometimes, we may need some help to quiet our minds and get us in a clear energetic space to call upon the angels. 

So here are a few ways you can use angel colors to connect with your angels: 

Lighting Candles

Lighting candles helps improve your focus and centers your thoughts. Try going for the same color candle when communicating with a specific angel. Candles also clear stagnant energy. 

Burning purple candles on festive Christmas background


Crystals have vibrational energy, and before trying to communicate with the angels, you can place a few crystals in the room or around you. 

Use crystals that are the same color as the angel you are going to call upon. 

The crystals and your focus on the angel color will amplify your call to the angels and help you communicate with them.


Chakras are energy centers in our bodies, and each chakra is linked to an angel color. 

By focusing on the chakra linked with the angel you call upon, you can better focus your connection to them. 

You can also use crystals, yoga moves, or wear the angel color you’re trying to connect with to amplify your call to these spiritual energies.

Woman meditating while shining chakra colors for healing


Visualization is the easiest way to connect with the angels. Find a quiet place and take some time to pray and meditate. 

Once your mind is calm, you can picture the angel color and the angel you are calling upon; let go of everything you need help with, surrender to your angels, and let them guide and help you.

Final Thoughts On Angel Colors

Angels often depict themselves in the form of color, and you can use angel colors to connect with your angels and God. In this article, you learned about the angel colors and their meanings.

We hope you can now easily reach your guardian angel by focusing your energy on one of these colors. It can certainly grow your spiritual practice, enabling you to gain wisdom and so much more.

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