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What Does Your Purple Aura Mean?

Your aura reflects your current energetic state. Many of us have colors in our auras, our bubbles of energy, that appear consistently, or at least more often than others. Understanding what your aura color means, can be a powerful self-discovery tool.

If you often see purple in your aura (or if it’s recently appeared in your energy field), you may be wondering about a purple aura’s meaning.

Those with purple auras are uniquely intuitive and spiritual. Here’s what you need to know about the meaning of a purple aura and how to handle it.

Purple Aura Meaning

If your aura is purple, you’re probably keyed into your own intuition and know how to trust it.

This is a highly valuable skill, especially in today’s world where many people don’t know how (or are hesitant) to look inward to find answers to life’s questions.

It’s no wonder that the crown chakra, which is associated with intuition, is tied to a purple aura.

However, there’s more to a purple aura than just strong intuitive abilities. Location matters. Dull purple in a muscle aura can indicate a muscle strain.

If it appears around your head, it can indicate you’re feeling low. And heartbreak can appear as purple in the heart chakra.

Purple aura meaning

Different Shades of Purple Aura

Here’s what the most common purple shades in auras mean.


If you have a lavender aura, you are:

  • Active imagination
  • Astral travel
  • The color of the dreamer
  • Lives more in spiritual realms than the physical one
  • Can have their head in the clouds
  • A rich inner world filled with fantasies and mystical thoughts

Bright Purple

  • Related to the third eye chakra, which is tied to intense intuition and reasoning
  • The most common aura color for those with strong artistry and psychic abilities
  • In a good space spiritually
  • Close to experiencing equilibrium and open awareness

Keep in mind that bright purple energy may not be indicative of your current emotional state. But it’s a sign that your spiritual nature is following a higher purpose and more balanced reasoning.

Dark Purple

  • You have obstacles to overcome
  • Something might be getting in the way of your intuition
  • You’re currently in the perfect opportunity for growth

A dark purple aura may not mean trouble. Instead, it can be a sign that you’re ready to take the plunge into making changes in your life that will lead you to greater happiness and fulfillment.


  • Intuitive
  • Deep thinkers
  • Associated with the pituitary gland
Indigo aura meaning

The Connection Between a Purple Aura and Your Personality

People with purple auras are very tapped into their emotions. They’ve usually been through the depths of emotion and have come out of those low lows having become highly sensitive, intuitive, and more introverted as a result.

However, they’re prone to indecision. They tend to prefer to think things through thoroughly instead of acting impulsively. While this is generally a good thing, they can have trouble when it comes time to take action.

Purple auras radiate positive energy, are very genuine, and have a low tolerance for superficiality or pretension, including in relationships. They crave deep soul connections.

This preference for keeping things deep takes a lot of energy and can lead to burnout (in yourself and in those you interact with).

We recommend engaging in a lot of self-care and investing energy in a lot of creative outlets to stay charged. This can maintain the balance between intuition and grounding.

What Makes an Aura Turn Purple?

Our auras change colors throughout our life. Some people are born with natural purple energy.

These tend to be the type of people who seek out spiritual things of their own volition – people with robust meditation practices and rich inner lives.

But a purple aura can also be attained and cultivated. If you’re a person who’s gone through very low lows and come out of them having conquered those feelings, that can turn your aura purple.

Engaging in spiritual practices like meditation and creative projects can also bring about a purple aura. The common denominator is tapping into something bigger than yourself.

Challenges of a Purple Aura

Worry and Rumination

People with purple auras excel at calculating risk, but that also means they’re great at fretting over the worst-case scenarios in any given situation.

Self-Sacrifice to a Fault

It’s possible to lose your identity through sacrifice for the sake of others. People with purple auras often need to work on strengthening their solar plexus chakra, developing confidence, and building healthy boundaries with others.

Picking Up on Other People’s Energy

Purple auras often identify as empaths because they feel the emotions of others so acutely. However, this comes with challenges and it can be tricky to find balance when you’re this type of person.

It’s easy to feel like you know what’s best for people because you feel their emotions so acutely. But it’s important to learn to let other people make their own decisions and, sometimes, mistakes.

Need Careers that Give Them More Than Just Money or Status

Purple auras aren’t self-promoters by nature. Instead, they enjoy studying, delving deep into subjects that interest them, and specializing in one field. 

That’s the best way for them to thrive. They make great scholars, artists, and experts in a specific field. If they’re stuck in a desk job that feels meaningless to them, they tend to struggle.

Woman under purple light

How to Interact with Someone with a Purple Aura

Set Boundaries

If they try to give unwanted advice, don’t let them; they may not realize they’re picking up on your energy as strongly as they are.

Share Your Creativity with Them

If you’re both creatives, you’ll have a lot to talk about. There’s a lot to learn about intangible things from a purple aura, and art is full of intangible things. Collaborate on a project.

Don’t Be Surprised if the Tarot Cards Come Out

Engage with them in a way that uses their spiritual energy; they love that. Your conversations with them might get deep, so be prepared!

Embrace Your Role

You might be the friend to encourage them to stay grounded, take risks, and try new things. Lean into this role.

In a friendship dynamic, purple auras tend to be the planners and thinkers, while they may surround themselves with more action-oriented types.

We hope you enjoyed reading about purple auras. Be sure to share this article with your friends!