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What Does Your Indigo Aura Mean?

If you’ve recently encountered someone with an indigo aura, congratulations! They’re one of the rarest aura colors to find. But what does an indigo aura mean?

In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the meaning of an indigo aura. These intense, empathic individuals have plenty to discover about them.

Indigo Aura Meaning

Indigo is a unique color in the aura spectrum. If you have an indigo aura, you have a deep understanding of yourself and others.

These are powerful, driven, and creative individuals overflowing with empathy for everything and everyone in their sphere of influence. They’re often called “old souls” or “wise beyond their years.”

Indigo’s frequency has the second-highest vibrational energy of the visible color spectrum and relates to having deep intuitive gifts.

As such, an indigo aura is connected to the third eye chakra, the point right between the eyes, on the pineal gland. This connects to spiritual energies and insights and psychic abilities, making indigo somewhat of a mystical aura color.

Indigo aura meaning

Different Shades of Indigo

Light Indigo Aura

If you have a light indigo aura, that means you’ve fully embraced your spirituality and are feeling at ease with yourself.

People with this aura color are fearless individuals in their optimism and determination to make positive, lasting changes in the world. 

They may find themselves taking the role of healer or counselor to make this happen. They love deeply and have gentle energy.

However, they may struggle when their advice isn’t wanted or if they’re unable to find an outlet for their gifts (or if their counsel isn’t well-received).

Bright Indigo Aura

A bright indigo color energy indicates an individual brimming with creativity and a need for self-expression.

While the results of this need for self-expression can be a gift to the self and to the world (most incredible art is made out of a yearning for self-expression), it also comes with many challenges. 

It can be hard to find the right outlet to express oneself. And expressing yourself is a double-edged sword; it can feel cleansing, but it’s also very revealing and often feels vulnerable. 

The good and the bad must both be expressed, leaving one vulnerable to criticism and scrutiny. 

And, of course, it can be draining. People with bright indigo auras must take time often to recharge.

Dark Indigo Aura

A dark indigo aura can be a sign of having had a lot of negative experiences and emotions in life, often stemming from trauma or regret.

It can signal a depressed mood, low energy levels, or simply unhappiness. A person with a dark indigo aura may feel overwhelmed or trapped.

If dark indigo shows up in your aura, you may find yourself withdrawing from social activities and finding comfort in solitude. This can be a good thing. 

Sometimes introspection is exactly what you need to figure out what you want with this aura. It can be a vital catalyst for change.

However, it can also be a sign that you may be too self-absorbed. This aura color can be a call to give more time to the meek and needy.

Woman under indigo light

The Connection Between an Indigo Aura and Your Personality

Intuitive Nature

An indigo aura personality tends to have an easy time forming deep, lasting connections with themselves and others. 

They may have developed intuitive abilities at an early age, showing a capacity to understand situations before they came to fruition. 

They tend to demonstrate a deep need to leave their mark on the world. Because of this, they often find themselves in the role of peacemaker and mediator.

Art Aficionados

Indigo auras tend to easily pick up new skills due to their strong artistic and creative energies. 

They often deeply enjoy art, writing, and music, treasuring the fruits of others’ creativity because they have a natural understanding of the self-expression and deep emotions of others.

Close Ties to Animals and Children

Expect people with indigo auras to have a natural affinity towards animals and bonding with children. 

This is because they can easily absorb and understand others’ feelings and emotions, even when they’re communicated nonverbally. 

Children and animals feel comfortable about people with this aura because they feel fundamentally, effortlessly understood. 

This makes indigo auras well-suited to become healers, counselors, or to go into caregiving roles in life and at work. They often make fantastic parents.

Judgmentalism, Pessimism, and Overthinking

People with indigo auras can have unreasonable expectations of themselves and others, sometimes even bordering on cruelty. 

They have a firm idea of how things “should” be and have trouble adjusting when reality doesn’t match up.

What Makes an Aura Turn Indigo?

In the world of auras, light or vibrant colors tend to appear when we’re feeling happy and carefree. Dark or diffuse colors tend to arise when we’re feeling low.

If you’re seeking an indigo aura, consider incorporating the spiritual practice into your everyday life. Meditation, yoga, and pranayama breathing are all excellent options. 

These connect your mind to your body and help you feel more in tune with nature, yourself, and those around you.

Woman under indigo light

Challenges of an Indigo Aura

Extreme Sensitivity

Because people with indigo auras are very sensitive, they become overwhelmed easily. They can be prone to stress and anxiety if they don’t take measures to prevent them.

Confusion About Natural Gifts

Their natural empathic gifts can be mistaken for psychic power, which can be confusing.

A Hyperactive Imagination

People with indigo auras often want to escape reality through their own strong imagination, where they’re free from barriers and limitations. This can become unhealthy escapism if not kept in check.

How to Interact with Someone with an Aura Indigo

Stick to Your Guns

Indigo auras can be judgmental and rigid. Don’t let them boss you around. 

They’re good people to reach out to for advice when you need it, but if you catch them doling out unsolicited advice or feel talked down to, step away.

Embark on a Creative Adventure with Them

Indigo auras are often skilled artists and have a strong energy field, so they can be really good to collaborate with on creative or artistic projects. 

Seek them out when you want to create something beautiful.

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