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Favorite Color Purple: What Does It Say About You

Is your favorite color purple? Then you probably have a purple personality!

Colors say a lot about you.

Nearly every person in this world has a favorite color. This preference is closely aligned with the most profound aspects of their personality.

In this article, we will talk in detail about the purple color personality and its traits.

While you may not have all the character traits of a personality color purple, if purple is your favorite color, the qualities below will resonate with you.

Also, you may find you exhibit some of the negative traits, particularly when you are stressed.

Favorite color purple personality
Favorite color purple personality

Favorite color purple: What does it say about you?

If your favorite color is purple, you have what we call a purple personality, or if you prefer, a purple character.

That means you have most of the purple personality traits, which are deeply related to the meaning of the colors.

What does it mean if your favorite color is purple?


People who like purple color are charismatic and compassionate. They have a certain power and stability, and are naturally intense and authentic, making them stand out in the crowd.

Their energy and calmness come from red personality and blue personality – purple is the mixture of these two colors.

Unsurprisingly, these aspects of your personality draw others to you. It’s the perfect balance between two powerful words.


More often than not, you’re introvert rather than an extrovert. And although people might see you as shy, you’re an insightful person with an independent spirit.

You enjoy being by yourself and values individuality.

But having a personality color purple means you are sensitive and very supportive. You may prefer to be alone, but you’ll never let a friend in need.

Purple lavender field


As a humanitarian, you strive to help others and make this a better world. But so much supportiveness might come with a price – people often take advantage of your kind heart.

Because you’re a hypersensitive person, worrying too much about others will only make you more emotional.

As a purple color personality, you have an intuitive soul and are a little psychic. Spiritual growth or the occult tend to draw your attention.

You’re not a person that worries about fitting in. You even like the unconventional, but that might give you a heightened sense of self-importance.

Because of that, people might perceive you as arrogant and conceited. Sometimes even moody.


Your creative way of thinking inspires those in your social circle. You’re the idealistic and daydreamer who travels into the future – always a better future.

In essence, you tend to look at life through rose-colored glasses, and sometimes, you’re immature like a pink personality.

Being a personality color purple means you are creative and imaginative. From the passionate writer to the thoughtful painter, you are the visionary spirit who creates and innovates.

Favorite color purple personality infographic

We created an infographic for a person with a favorite color purple.

Favorite color purple personality

If your favorite color is purple, your innermost desire is…

Emotional stability!

As an intuitive person, you’re sensitive to other people’s problems. Emotional stability is key to a harmonious life.

You might want to do some meditation to help you balance your emotions.

If you don’t like purple…

  • You’re a practical and down-to-earth person.
  • You’re a person who enjoys living in society and happily adheres to the rules.
  • You’re conservative and inflexible with your ideas.
  • Purple might be a color that intimidates you.

Facts about purple

  • Because purple has always been rare in nature, and therefore it was an expensive dye centuries ago, purple things used to be considered royal.
  • Purple is a secondary color that is complementary to yellow.
  • Purple is the meeting point between warm red and cool blue and consists of many shades in between. Because of this, purple retains both warm and cool properties. On the one hand, it is considered warm at the magenta and maroon end and cool at the violet end.
  • The United States Military awards purple hearts to soldiers wounded in battle.
  • Only two national flags have purple in them – Dominica and Nicaragua.
  • Purple is simply a mix of blue and red, whereas violet is visible in the light spectrum.

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Favorite color purple personality

Rhonda L Broker

Thursday 20th of January 2022

So much of the purple personality hit on target. So interesting how color can truly define a person.