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What Does Your Black Aura Mean?

There are countless color combinations that can make a person’s aura, including the color black. Still, people often assume a black aura’s meaning is ominous and terrifying. And it can certainly be alarming to see. 

But the meaning of a black aura is less a harbinger of evil and more a call for care.

Black auras are rare but require a special kind of care when they come up. Here’s what you need to know about black auras when you encounter them.

Black Aura Meaning

It’s a common misconception that black auras are always a sign of dark or evil energy in your auric field.

While that can be true, usually when people talk about black auras, they’re actually talking about a very dark aura – which isn’t the same thing as a true black aura.

Darkness in colors, so very dark (but not black) auras can happen when someone’s energetic field is very low and their vibrations aren’t high.

True black auras are very rare. They tend to look like a void as if the person’s soul simply isn’t present. This can indicate an entity of darkness surrounding their physical body. 

However, it doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or have a dark soul, nor does it mean they’re broken beyond repair. It does, however, tend to mean they’re going through something very hard.

Black aura meaning

The Connection Between a Black Aura and Your Personality

Having a black aura doesn’t reflect your personality the way other aura colors do. Instead, this is an energy we all experience at some point in our lives. 

Having dark energy every so often doesn’t always mean anything terrible about who you are as a person. 

Remember, aura colors change all the time. They’re never constant. This is especially important to remember when we’re talking about very dark or even pure black auras. 

Just like you can change your mind, you can change your aura. Our energy is always changing.

Mental instability, an untreated personality disorder, or other illness can cause or accompany a black aura. But most of all, to have a black aura is to be human. 

Going through hardships, whether it be loss, grief, betrayal, abandonment, or other pivotal trials, can cause a black aura.

What Makes an Aura Turn Black?

Our aura changes colors throughout our life. They’re not like the astrological signs that stick with us for life. 

The most common reasons for having a black aura are having very low vibrations and going through something excruciatingly hard. 

You may be in a dark time in your life.

Remember, aura colors are always changing. If the color lingers for a long time, it may be a sign that the problem causing the black aura isn’t being addressed. 

This is a sign to get introspective and take action. It’s not a sign to beat up on yourself or panic.

Black aura meaning

Challenges of a Black Aura

The key challenge of having a black aura is handling whatever trials in life are causing your aura to lose its color. 

The only way to accurately identify the cause of your black aura is to do some introspection, perhaps get spiritual, and identify what’s causing your strife. 

Then, it’s your job to do whatever you need to recover – whether that’s taking time for yourself or making big changes in your life to help you feel joy again.

After having done that, you can try to incorporate other colors back into your aura. This can include lifestyle changes and work with different colors directly by surrounding yourself with your chosen color. 

Take care of your spiritual body, balance your chakras, and ask yourself what you need in order to thrive, not just survive.

How to Interact with Someone with a Black Aura

If you’re close to someone with a black aura or that has black in their energy center, stick by them. 

They’re probably going through a very trying time in their life and will need your support. 

Don’t blame them for their problems; now is probably not the time for a lot of tough love. 

Instead, they probably need a shoulder to cry on, a dependable friend to bring them a home-cooked dinner, and a listening ear as they figure out how to navigate whatever has caused their vibrations to stagnate and their aura to go dark. 

Gently guide them to help them address whatever they’re going through. Help them remember how to come back to themselves on the other end of their trials.

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