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What Does Your Green Aura Mean?

A green aura is a refreshing, vibrant sight. But what does a green aura mean?

We’ll explain what this exciting aura color can mean, how different shades of the color can change the meaning of a green aura, and what challenges and opportunities you may face with a green aura.

Green Aura Meaning

Imagine a green aura like the fresh shoots of a plant in the springtime: the old is being wiped away, leaving a clean slate rife with exciting new beginnings. 

A green aura tends to be synonymous with growth and change. It’s a magnetic color, attracting manifesting energy to help bring new goals and projects to fruition, like the green color itself.

It’s also synonymous with health and healing. If your aura is green, expect renewal, abundance, and a fresh new perspective on the horizon. This energy is what you’re drawing into your physical reality.

If you’re recovering from a physical illness or injury, this is an excellent omen for your immediate future. Healing is coming.

Green aura meaning

A Green Aura’s Ties to the Heart Chakra

The chakras connect your physical body and your spiritual energies.

As such, the heart chakra is the fourth chakra. The green aura chakra gives these different energies a way to express one’s inner being.

If your electromagnetic field is reflecting a green aura, that’s a sign that your heart chakra is open. 

That means your fourth chakra energy is flowing freely, and it’s the energy center of personal growth and healing. This chakra brings a strong sense of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Different Shades of Green Aura

There are plenty of varieties of green aura, which will impact the meaning of your aura. Your aura will rarely be a single, pure shade of green, so factor in each shade when you do your reading. 

Still, those in the green spectrum value harmony, creativity, family, and finding balance in life.

Emerald Green or Light Green Aura

Light green or emerald green is a highly spiritual aura color. It’s the color of purity, meaning you’re on the path towards enlightenment.

But this isn’t the type of spirituality that means keeping your head in the clouds. 

The color emerald is all about embracing reality and allowing the universe to follow its own flow, accepting that whatever happens will be for your ultimate benefit. 

You’re open to possibilities and should face new challenges without friction, force, or resistance.

However, those with light green auras may have a hard time taking criticism because it feels like an attack. 

When you’re so tapped into your internal life, it can be easy to take everything personally.

Dark Green Aura

A dark green aura may be a combination of colors: green aura combined with black. 

The green energy is being reflected out but also held within, indicating you’re learning how to love and be loved in return. 

While you may crave connection with others, this exact intimacy you’re yearning for might also strike fear in your heart.

Those with dark green auras may have an image of their “perfect” life and find that reality isn’t measuring up to these lofty standards. 

See this as an important opportunity to let go of your imagination’s exacting standards and seek out activities that ground you in your current reality. 

Meditation can be an effective way to accomplish this. This can also be an opportunity to look inward, to problem-solve, and to help reality align to what you want.

Lime Green Aura

This common color usually signifies a blend of green and yellow aura, since these two auras blend well together. This indicates positivity, creativity, imagination, and abundance.

Lime green auras tend to have a deeper need to be creative than most other green auras. They need creativity as part of their daily life.

Doors always seem to be open for these people because creativity is such a crucial part of solving life’s dilemmas. Some call it luck.

Turquoise aura meaning

Turquoise Aura

This aura tends to consist of the color blue mixed with green. These are spiritual seekers who want to take big spiritual steps. 

They’re healing, have a strong intuitive ability, and are wise above all else. These people tend to be open to making big moves and live very dynamic lives. 

They’re excellent at creating the kind of world they want to manifest, wherever they find themselves.

Turquoise auras love to influence and help people, but in quiet ways. They’re not necessarily extroverted or particularly outspoken. The most influential thing about them is their strength of will.

These people may find it hard to discover their path in life. From the outside, they may seem aimless because of how sensitive they are to the needs of the world around them. 

But they’re far from aimless. They may just need a little extra time to find their footing in life.

The Connection Between a Green Aura and Your Personality


Green aura personalities live life with the ebbs and flows of their feelings. Having a sense of connectedness with others is important to them. 

They’re highly intuitive and use that intuition to help people see things they can’t see themselves. 

They’re also often clairsentient, meaning they have a psychic sense of knowing how others are feeling.

Curious and Investigative

Green auras tend to love true crime, crime podcasts, and sussing out the truth of a matter. They’re insatiable in their thirst for knowledge of all kinds.

Health and Growth-Conscious

Green auras tend to be passionate about taking care of their health and the health of those they’re in charge of. 

They often work in health care, including alternative wellness fields like massage therapy and acupuncture.

Careers and Hobbies

In addition to their propensity to end up in the health care field, green auras also often make great freelancers and self-employed people. 

This is because of their willingness to learn and their level of comfort with new beginnings and growth. They don’t do well in positions where they may feel stagnant.

Common hobbies for people with green auras include:

  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Ceramics
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Learning new languages
  • Watching documentaries
  • Learning new skills
Woman under green light

What Makes an Aura Turn Green?

Our auras change color throughout our life. If your aura happens to be green at a given time, that means you’re in complete harmony with yourself and have a strong sense of calmness.

You’re in touch with your emotions and your own intuition. You’re ready for new beginnings and to take the next steps in your path in life.

Challenges of a Green Aura

High Expectations for Themselves and Others

People with green auras may inadvertently come off as judgmental or as thinking they’re better than other people. They may have a hard time realizing not everyone is asking for their advice.

Being Their Own Worst Enemy

Green auras don’t tend to have a lot of enemies, but they do often get in their own way. They’re their own worst critic and can constantly place limits on their own success or potential without meaning to.


Green can be a color of deep insecurity from being rejected. This is especially true if your green aura centers around your heart. 

This can be a sign of needing love or partnership. It can lead to people-pleasing and investing in unhealthy relationships. 

If this is true for you, it can be a sign that your heart chakra is imbalanced or blocked.

How to Interact with Someone with an Aura Green

If you’re drawn to someone with a green aura, that may mean you’re in need of healing. 

These highly intuitive people use their intuition to help people see things they can’t see themselves. 

Because they have a natural ability to heal, they may be a good person to seek out for advice or support while you’re undergoing a healing journey.

People with green auras make great collaborators on projects or new endeavors. Get ready to jump in with both feet.

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