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What Does Your Brown Aura Mean?

A brown aura’s meaning can be confusing at first; it’s not one of the first colors you think of when you start reading auras.

But knowing the meaning of a brown aura is a crucial part of understanding auras as a concept, which is the energy field that surrounds the physical body of an individual.

In this post, we’ll explain what a brown aura means, the personality traits associated with it, and what to do if you meet someone with a brown aura.

Brown Aura Meaning

A brown aura is part of the rare set of aura colors that tends to more reflect a disturbance in your life than an accurate reflection of who you are as a person. 

A brown aura is often tied to a lot of traits that may seem negative at first blush – but remember, it’s tied to something going on in your life, not who you are as a person. 

Also, remember that aura colors can and do change with time.

Brown can be seen as clouding your “true” aura color – the one that reflects who you are, not what stage of life you’re in at any given time. 

Having a brown aura can be a sign that negative emotions are overtaking you or that your current goals aren’t aligned with your true purpose. 

Brown aura meaning

These may be leading you down a road that’s not for your ultimate benefit. This isn’t always a conscious decision. It’s often the result of feeling confused or lost in life or perhaps taking the easiest path.

Ultimately, though a brown aura tends to be tied to some kind of hardship, it’s also an opportunity. 

If your aura has a brown color, take this as a sign to stop your daily life and carve out some time for introspection to fully understand what this brown energy means. 

Is your life going the way you want it to? Are you pleased with how you’re spending your time and energy? If not, it might be time to make a change.

Different Shades of Brown Aura

Not all brown auras mean the same thing. Here are a few of the most common brown auras to help you make the most of your aura reading.

Powdery Cream Aura

A powdery cream (perhaps beige or the shade of a café au lait) can indicate that you’re struggling with some kind of obstacle or life change. 

Maybe you’re being thrust into a big move that you don’t feel quite ready for. Maybe you’ve found yourself unemployed when you didn’t expect it. 

Or maybe you can sense it’s time for you to make a big change that you’re hesitating to undertake.

Light Brown Aura

Those with light brown auras are highly organized and lead purposeful lives. 

While this is usually a good thing, when it gets too intense, it can give rise to compulsive, obsessive behavior. 

If your aura is light brown, take care to give yourself time to decompress and relax.

Tan aura meaning

Tan Aura

If your aura is tan, you’re in a state of overcoming. After mourning for a long time, you’re finally getting back to reality and are feeling ready to live in the present again. 

Those with a tan aura may not feel their best, but take heart – the worst is over!

Bright Brown Aura

A bright brown aura may be the shade of chocolate or a cup of coffee with a tab of cream. 

This indicates that you have a strong connection and coordination with nature and probably love to spend time outdoors. 

Let yourself prioritize this, as it’s a need in your current life.

Dark Brown Aura

This is one of the trickiest shades of brown auras. It generally indicates the person is stuck in bad memories of the past that continue to impact their current lifestyle. 

It can also indicate the person lacks control over their emotions.

If your aura is dark brown, this is a clear sign you need to take time for some soul-searching. Try to view this as an opportunity to make life changes.

The Connection Between a Brown Aura and Your Personality

One of the major highlights of a brown aura is a strong sense of insecurity. This is often directly connected to why the aura is brown in the first place.

They may be driven to overly focus on material things. This can be a result of greed, the desires of their loved ones, or feelings of fear or insecurity. Because of this, those with brown auras can become people-pleasers.

Those with brown auras may find themselves disconnected from their spirituality. It can be hard for them to maintain faith and hope, even though that’s exactly what they need at this point in their life.

However, there are also some very real positive traits that tend to go along with those with brown auras. 

These especially apply to people who have had brown auras for a very long time and are happy in their lives.

People with persistent brown auras tend to be generous, grounded, and genuine. They exude a deep richness and sensuality, as well as an ability to be fully present. They also have a strong work ethic.

Woman holding pineapple on her head

What Makes an Aura Turn Brown?

Our aura changes colors throughout our life. Those with brown auras rarely get into this position alone. It’s often caused by outside influences.

Brown auras are connected to the root chakra near the tailbone in the human body, our basest fundamental needs for safety, comfort, and security. 

Those with brown auras need meditative time to recharge. They also need a cozy, happy, safe home.

If your aura is brown and you’re looking for healing, take time surrounded by nature. Work with your hands. And give yourself simple, enriching moments each day.

Challenges of a Brown Aura

Brown is unique in that a lot of having this aura color is challenges. When most people overcome certain challenges, their aura changes color back to its “true” color.

But that’s not a bad thing! See this as an opportunity to grow, learn, and get more in touch with your truest self.

How to Interact with Someone with a Brown Aura Color

Keep in mind that people with brown auras certainly aren’t bad people. They can be great to have around. Don’t shun or avoid them.

Rather, they can represent people in need. Be there for them during this time of their life. Be patient with them. 

They’re likely to remember that you were there for them when they needed you most, and you can get to know them as their truest, best self emerges. 

This often becomes a very rewarding friendship. Encourage them, support them, and offer them spiritual guidance when appropriate. 

But if they continue to flounder, don’t let them drag you down with them.

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