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What Does Your Blue Aura Mean?

If you’ve discovered that you or someone you know has a blue aura, you might be wondering about what having a blue aura means.

Understanding what your aura color means, can be a powerful self-discovery tool.

By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert on what it means to have a blue aura, what challenges those with blue auras face, and what to do if you meet someone with a blue aura.

Blue Aura Meaning

A blue aura can mean a variety of things. But in general, it tends to mean its holder is calm, confident, intuitive, and has excellent clarity in communication, like the meaning of the color blue itself.

Those with blue auras may have access to special energies to help them achieve success, including psychic capabilities. They’re also peaceful and calm, quietly self-confident.

A blue aura either means you’re exceptionally spiritually developed or that you’re in a phase of spiritual development in your life. Be ready to embrace this.

Blue auras indicate someone is a healer with strong psychic and intuitive abilities – whether they’ve refined these abilities or still have yet to learn how to wield them.

Blue aura meaning

A Blue Aura’s Ties to the Throat Chakra

The chakras connect your physical body and your spiritual energies.

As such, the throat chakra is the fifth chakra. It’s often known as the tip of the spear since it’s the energy point where the lower chakras rise, combine, and seek ways to express themselves.

The blue aura chakra gives these different energies a way to express one’s inner being.

If you have a blue aura, that’s a sign that your fifth chakra is open. That means your fifth chakra energy is flowing freely, and it’s able to express itself.

The throat chakra manifests itself through your voice and how you express yourself. It’s closely tied to expanding yourself into who you’re meant to be, finding grounding in your spirituality, and feeling self-confident.

Different Shades of Blue Aura

There are plenty of shades of blue your aura can be, and each one has a specific meaning. Your aura will rarely just be one shade of blue but a combination of colors instead, so factor each shade into your reading.

Especially take note if one attribute or shade is stronger or more prevalent than the others. This will tell you more about your aura and what’s going on in your daily life.

You can then assess the overall meaning of your aura based on all the shades you see.

Light Blue or Sky Blue Aura

  • Communication
  • Intuitive
  • Positive energy
  • Communication skills are fully open
  • Gifted intuitive and psychic
  • Primed and connected with the spirit world

True Blue or Royal Blue Aura

  • Open-minded
  • Intuitive
  • Fully open to different possibilities and ideas
  • Accepting attitude
  • Able to find many new, open doors that were previously closed to you

Bright Blue Aura

  • Connected to the spirit world
  • Strongly connected to heaven, the other side, and the spiritual realm
  • Can be attained through a careful and diligent meditative practice

As long as you maintain your current spiritual energy flowing, you’ll always have this enduring connection to other worlds.

Dark Blue Aura

  • Distrust
  • In limbo
  • Struggling with some kind of deep distrust, typically a distrust in your future that may not be apparent to you yet
  • Can reflect an inability to accept a specific truth

A dark blue aura is often a sign of distrust resulting from a strong need to control your life or a specific situation. This can create a limbo in your spiritual development.

Turquoise aura meaning

Turquoise Aura

  • High-level energy healer
  • Sign you’ve reached a high level of healing capabilities
  • May be able to channel a higher healing energy

Bordering green on the color spectrum, a turquoise aura is associated with the immune system, which could mean your personality skills are ideal for a career as a healer.

Healers often see their aura change from green to turquoise (or manifest as a combination of both colors) when their capabilities have reached a new height.

If you have a turquoise aura, congratulations! Keep up the great spiritual work. But don’t let it go to your head, or you risk losing it.

Cloudy (Grayish) Blue Aura

  • Opaque
  • Shadowy, obscure energy
  • Perhaps lacking purity of heart and mind
  • Going through a challenging period beset with suffering
  • Insecurities might be the source of this color
  • Misunderstanding or rejecting your sensitive traits
  • Fear of one’s own inner strength, often due to lack of self-awareness and understanding
  • Fear of expressing oneself plainly and truthfully

The Connection Between a Blue Aura and Your Personality

Those with blue auras have extraordinary creative energy and may thrive in artistic and spiritual careers, including:

  • Singer
  • Writer
  • Healer
  • Medium
  • Teacher
  • Spiritual leader

Personality-wise, those with blue auras tend to be deep thinkers and calm, exuding inner peace. In times of emotional stress or challenges, their calmness tends to take over instead of giving way to stress and anxiety.

This results from a natural inner balance emanating from deep inside you, keeping you from being knocked off-center.

What Makes an Aura Turn Blue?

Our auras change color many times throughout our life. Usually, a blue aura is the byproduct of serious spiritual work.

Lots of time and effort with a diligent emphasis on spiritual growth has established a powerful link between your soul and the divine world.

You may have activated this or simply allowed it to grow as you’ve focused on your spiritual development throughout your life. It can also be an innate gift.

Woman under blue light

Challenges of a Blue Aura

Those with blue auras may fear their psychic powers or struggle to find ways to effectively use them for the good of others.

Shouldering a sense of responsibility for their own healing and leadership potential can be stressful. As they find their place as a leader, some of this internal pressure may let up, but they’ll still need to carry the burden of leading and guiding others.

They may also struggle how to become the best communicator possibly. While a blue aura can be a sign of realized potential, it can also be a sign of potential that has yet to be tapped into.

How to Interact with Someone with an Aura Blue

If you meet someone with a blue aura, the first thing you probably want to do is befriend them. Those with blue auras make fantastic friends because they have a strong sense of empathy.

If you’re looking for someone to take charge and support you through the hard times, you need a friend with a blue aura.

However, expect a lot of communication out of your friendship. Try not to get impatient with this. Instead, embrace it and welcome it as it comes.

Those with blue auras are excellent at maintaining intimate, spiritual friendships that can last a lifetime. However, this takes time, energy, and work to cultivate. Don’t shy away from this emotional investment.

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