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What Does Your Rainbow Aura Mean?

Auras can have all sorts of colors. Most people’s auras have one or two colors; it’s rare to see more than that. 

But sometimes, you’ll see someone with a whole rainbow of color in their aura. But what is the meaning of a rainbow aura?

A rainbow aura is one of the rarest to see because it has so many components. A lot has to come together for it to appear. Here’s what to do if you encounter this phenomenon and how to make sense of a rainbow aura’s meaning.

Rainbow Aura Meaning

A rainbow aura indicates a dynamic energy embodied. The person surrounded by lots of colors is likely experiencing a lot of change all at once.

This is usually a healthy aura because it indicates there’s a healthy flow of different emotions, energies, and different things manifesting in your life.

It’s a sign that the individual is able to handle multiple energies and shifts at once, which can be an overwhelming but beautiful thing to behold.

It’s likely no surprise that a rainbow aura correlates to every chakra since each of the main aura colors relates to a different chakra. A rainbow aura indicates a person’s energy is freely flowing.

Rainbow aura meaning

The Connection Between a Rainbow Aura and Your Personality

Someone with a rainbow aura will generally feel confident and won’t mind being seen and experienced by others. 

They’re balanced – they don’t need to be the center of attention, but they also don’t mind it. In fact, they tend to share it, as this is one of the friendliest, most gregarious auras.

This aura is emblematic of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Rainbow auras are very curious and open to innovation, taking risks, and trying new things. They’re great buddies to take along on a road trip or an impromptu adventure as they are filled with positive energy. 

They’re brimming with genuine curiosity about the world around them and everything it has to offer (and everything they can offer the world!), and have a positive attitude toward life.

This willingness to try new things can also extend to other areas of life, like in their career, creative projects, personal life, or relationships. 

They tend not to put all their eggs in one basket. They’re highly motivated (thanks to their confidence), put themselves into everything they do, and face the results with an open acceptance that’s free of misgivings, expectations, or rules.

However, this wide-eyed optimism doesn’t mean they put everything they have into any 1 thing. Instead, they’re feeling out their options and choosing which paths to invest more into based on their intuition.

What Makes an Aura Turn Rainbow?

Every aura color represents something different, so a mix of colors in one aura is a sign you’re going through a lot of big changes and shifts in this phase of life.

This dynamic energy is often seen with people going through big life changes, such as marriage, a big move, or a significant school/career change. 

A rainbow aura is a multicolored energy field that is an excellent tool to have by your side during these transition points. It’s there to teach and guide you.

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Challenges of a Rainbow Aura

While a rainbow aura is a wonderful thing to have by your side, being open to so many different energies can occasionally backfire. 

With so many shifts around you, it can be hard to find clarity or keep your bearings. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or to get swept away entirely.

When that happens, it’s often beneficial to take a pause, weigh your options, prioritize, and seek greater awareness.

How to Interact with Someone with a Rainbow Aura

People often take on a rainbow power, all hues on the visible color spectrum, at the beginning of a new relationship, while they’re balancing a budding romantic connection with other themes of life. 

These additional colors can also represent the energy of other people as empathetic people take on the energy of those around them. So don’t be surprised if you see this aura in someone you’re excited about!

That said, try to keep things exciting and dynamic for your rainbow aura. Get curious, ask questions, and seek what they’re interested in. 

If they have an idea for a new adventure or endeavor, hop on board! If that’s not possible, at least help them weigh the pros and cons of all the possibilities at their disposal. They might be feeling a bit more overwhelmed than they initially let on.

While the infinite possibilities of a rainbow aura can be intoxicating—after all, it’s an array of colors in one person’s energy field, try not to get too attached to this aspect of their personality. 

A lot of a rainbow aura is more situational than personality-based. No one can keep all their options open forever. 

Eventually, this person will have to choose where to put their time and energy. When they do, be there to support and cheer them on.

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