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Blue Butterfly Meaning And Symbolism

When you see a blue butterfly, you may wonder if it has a special meaning, and the short answer is; yes, it does!

Blue butterflies are very special, and coming across one of these delightful creatures means one thing; you, too, are special. 

For many, butterflies are fascinating and symbolic creatures that send powerful visual messages. 

However, their message often depends on the butterfly colors

In this guide, we explain the blue butterfly meaning and what it means for you when you come across them.

So, what does a blue butterfly mean? Read on to find out!

Blue butterfly background
Have you seen a blue butterfly? Here’s what it means!

Blue Butterfly Meaning in the Bible

Butterflies have a symbolic meaning in many cultures and religions, including Christianity. 

One of the fascinating things about butterflies is their lifecycle, and as such blue butterflies hold deep spiritual meanings in Christianity.

The lifecycle of butterflies is associated with rebirth, reincarnation, and spiritual awakening. 

Some Christians believe the blue butterfly represents the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, which is similar to the Egyptian belief that butterflies represent resurrection.

The blue in butterflies is thought to convey the joy, hope, and ephemeral beauty of the world. 

For this reason, they are sometimes released into the sky during life-changing Christian occasions like weddings, memorials, and funerals.

Butterflies are also considered visitors from the afterlife; they are like a messenger sending signals to guide you. 

Blue butterflies flying over water

If you see a blue butterfly after a loved one passes, the butterfly is there to help you find closure and be at peace with their death. The blue butterfly symbolizes that life can be beautiful even after death.

Also, blue butterflies have a spiritual meaning because of their connection with the vast sky and the large blue waters. These areas of blues are calming and open one up to life’s energy flow.

Meaning of the Blue Butterfly

Butterflies have metaphoric and symbolic meanings depending on the culture. It is believed that the stages of butterflies’ growth represent the human journey, especially on a spiritual level. 

Butterfly symbolism is also related to their color because each color has its distinct meaning.

Seeing a blue butterfly such as the Blue Morpho (one of the largest butterflies in the world) is a sign of good omen, joy, and immense fortune. 

Some believe the blue butterfly is a wish granter, so if you cross paths with one, it’s an opportunity to make a wish. 

When you see one, think about something you really want, listen to your innermost thoughts and ask for it. Something great is about to happen in your life.

Morpho Blue butterfly on dandelion

One of the most popular symbolisms of the blue butterfly is new beginnings. Blue is the color of the sky and ocean, and both of these natural treasures represent vastness and new possibilities. 

In color theory, the color blue is also associated with calmness, and blue butterflies are a sign of hope for whoever is embarking on something new.

In addition, blue is a stable color that signifies peace, confidence, reliability, and faithfulness. Seeing a butterfly reaffirms all these qualities in you and tells you that you’re on the right path.

Blue butterflies symbolize spiritual transformation and growth because of the way they start as caterpillars that cannot fly and then undergo metamorphosis to become beautiful insects with delightful wings. 

Blue butterflies also symbolize changes, reincarnation, and the passage of time.

Another blue butterfly meaning is freedom. Many cultures consider the wings of butterflies a representation of new possibilities. 

So seeing one may be a sign to let go of what’s weighing you down and chase what you want.

The blue color is a precious hue representing honesty and communication as it is the throat chakra color.

So, seeing this color on butterflies is a sign to stay connected with yourself, other people, and your surroundings through communication. 

If you encounter a blue butterfly, it may mean you need to improve your communication style, not just with others but yourself. 

Pay attention to how you speak to your loved ones, colleagues, and yourself. Seeing a blue butterfly may also be a sign to improve or fix your relationships through communication.

Blue morpho butterfly
Blue morpho butterfly

Blue butterflies point to birth and rebirth and may suggest that you are about to enter a new phase of your journey in life. 

The color blue in butterflies is thought to symbolize a change in luck for whoever comes across it. 

Meanwhile, some people believe seeing a blue butterfly means the death of a loved one is approaching or a recent death occurred. 

For this reason, some people fear seeing a blue butterfly, but it only symbolizes life after death and serves as a reminder that life is temporary and change is inevitable.

Blue Butterfly Symbolism

In Native American cultures, blue butterflies are spirit animals that carry change from summer to winter. 

They also believe blue butterflies carry prayers and wish in their wings to spirits in the sky. 

According to this folklore, people used to catch butterflies, whisper their wishes, and release them so they could take their prayers to the Great Spirit.

In Chinese culture and in Feng Shui, blue butterflies are seen as a symbol of good luck, joy, beauty, freedom, love, and happiness. When a blue butterfly visits you, look forward to great news that will make you happy.

Meanwhile, some cultures also believe that blue butterflies are deceitful and malicious. 

Also, blue is sometimes associated with sadness, and seeing a blue butterfly may be a sign of hope and that you’re not alone in what you’re currently experiencing.

Blue Ulysses swallowtail butterfly
Blue Ulysses swallowtail butterfly

You may wonder what it means to come across butterflies with blue and other colors, like blue and black, blue and yellow. 

Blue and black butterflies signify a need for introspection and self-reflection. It’s also a sign that you are about to experience a significant change in your life. 

Blue and yellow butterflies symbolize personal transformation, hope, beauty, and the mystery of life.

Light blue butterflies are a reminder to be at peace with yourself, remain calm, and look for value in your current situation.

Chances are you smile or feel something in your heart when you see a blue butterfly in real life. 

That’s because that beautiful butterfly is there to lift your spirit and encourage you to see the beauty in the world and, most importantly, in yourself. 

Butterflies also symbolize finding your creativity and encouraging others to find theirs.

A Few Species of Butterflies That Are Blue

  • Karner Blue Butterfly (Lycaeides melissa samuelis) – usually around wild blue lupine
  • Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho didius) is one of the largest morpho species
  • Blue-Banded Eggfly (Hypolimnas alimena) is found in Asia and Oceania
  • Ulysses Butterfly (Papilio ulysses) is the emblem for tourism in Queensland, Australia
  • Periander Metalmark (Rhetus periander) is a species widely found in the Amazon
  • Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus) is estimated to have 96% population loss due to habitat loss
  • Blue Monarch Butterfly (Tirumala petiverana) is found in tropical Africa
  • Adonis Blue (Lysandra bellargus) is the rarest blue butterfly in the UK

Final Thoughts on Blue Butterfly Meanings

In conclusion, the blue butterfly symbolizes many beautiful things. 

It’s rare to come across these beautiful creatures but when you do, keep in mind that it’s a symbol of transformation and a sign that good things are coming your way. 

It’s also a sign to introspect, improve your communication and be joyful in the present moment. So slow down to listen to the message the blue butterfly is trying to tell you.

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